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Shila Ghosh

BP Poddar Institute of Management & Technology, India

Shila Ghosh

Country of Birth: India
Country of Residence: India
Educational Background: PhD in Engineering

My biggest inspirations are the problems and challenges I face. But I was first inspired by my father who was an engineer and knew I had a keen interest in physics. My teachers in school and college nurtured this interest and developed my understanding of optics. And so I pursued my Masters in Applied Physics and then my PhD in Engineering in the field Optical Communication.

As Professor and head of the Department of Electronics and the Communication Engineering Department, I teach optical communication and optoelectronics. I advise PhD scholars in the field of optical communication and networks.

My biggest career obstacle occurred when I switched to research work. After I completed my masters, I started working in industry, but lacked enthusiasm for my job. I struggled at first because I began my research work in the field of optics without a fellowship. After almost one year, I received a fellowship and I was able to pursue my research with financial support.

I advise all young girls and women who are interested in STEM to take advantage of any and all opportunities. They should step forward and work in different fields of science and technology. They can also join organizations like SPIE to get all sorts of support. Being the chapter advisor I feel these activities not only enhance technical knowledge, but also help our society. Our chapter completed two solar projects in the cremation area and at an orphanage school in a remote village in our country. I am grateful to be a part of SPIE.

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