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Louise Bradley

Associate Professor
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Louise Bradley

Country of Birth: Ireland
Country of Residence: Ireland
Educational Background: PhD, Trinity College Dublin


I was lucky to have a great lecturer in my first year in college. He really sparked my interest in physics and after that I wanted to know more. Later, when I had opportunities to work in research laboratories, I discovered I loved doing experiments and seeing the physics emerge from the measurements.

Most of my time is spent divided between research and teaching. I love working with my research students and post-docs defining new challenges, seeking solutions and gaining better understanding. My research is focused on using nanostructures to control and manipulate the interaction of light with matter, as well as using light to better understand the properties of materials. It is fun to teach the undergraduate students and hopefully foster their interest in research. The great thing about working in a university is that everyone there is studying or working on something they are passionate about.

I do wish that someone had advised me that not all projects will go as planned. If we always knew how things would turn out, it wouldn’t be research!

My advice to young women is to follow your interests and you will find that STEM is full of exciting possibilities.

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