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Karen Newman

Group Publisher
Laurin Publishing/Photonics Media, USA

Karen Newman

Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Educational Background: Journalism


I knew very early that I wanted to make my living as a writer, but as the daughter of an engineer and technical writer who spent most of his career solving manufacturing challenges, I have a real appreciation for the work of getting things made. When I took a job as an editor for a trade association, my career was truly born. I discovered a passion for magazine publishing and the joy of writing for an engaged and knowledgeable industry audience. From that time on, the STEM disciplines have been at the heart of the industries I’ve covered and the magazines I’ve produced.

Today, I work with a very talented group to produce four industry magazines, including Photonics Spectra, now in its 50th year. Electronic media has been a game changer for publishing, so we also produce the news, features, webinars, videos and podcasts that are accessed on Photonics.com. Founded by a woman, Teddi C. Laurin, Photonics Media is an inspiring vantage from which to observe the technological advances happening now that will reshape our lives.

Engaging with an industry and getting to know its people, organizations, science and technologies is always an exciting challenge. The tools and knowledge I gained in journalism school and in previous jobs have been useful in quickly adapting to the optics and photonics industry. The work of the people and organizations may change, but the effort of industry publishing is similar from job to job.

So many jobs today involve science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and for good reason. These disciplines are integral to how everything works, and people in STEM careers are creating our future. If you have always wanted to be a writer, consider combining STEM with journalism for very rewarding work.

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