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Revital Shechter

Chief Scientist Officer and Co-founder, Ornim Medical Ltd., Israel

Revital Shechter

Country of Birth: Israel
Country of Residence: Israel
Educational Background: PhD, MS, Physics, Planar Optics Elements with Emphasis on Elements for Augmented Reality, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel


I studied physics and mathematics in high school, but the most significant step and push towards becoming a physicist was the three years I taught optics in the Israeli Air Force.

Ornim Medical is a medical device startup I co-founded ten years ago. The company is dedicated to developing non-invasive (optical based), continuous, bedside solutions for monitoring perfusion in the brain. Currently I am the chief scientist, involved mostly with the next generation product. Until two years ago I was head of R&D, in charge of product development from an idea to an FDA cleared medical device. But, like many entrepreneurs, I was also involved in formulating the business plans, planning the budget, and raising the funds.

The biggest challenge I faced was more of a career challenge. I cofounded Ornim with two other women. Trying to raise funds for a startup company is always a challenge, but it is more so for women. We decided early in the process to address the financing community by addressing all questions and issues raised in the most professional manner, but developed inside-jokes to help us overcome the hardships along the way, which accounts for the dozens of witch dolls that can be found when visiting Ornim offices in Israel today.

To young women starting out I would advise to try to focus on an area and environment of work that excites them. Doing a job that makes you want to get up in the morning is a wonderful thing. Follow your dreams, there is no better time than now!

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