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Markéta Zíková

PhD Student in Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague; Professional Staff Member in Research and Development, Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences

Markéta Zíková

Country of Birth: Czech Republic
Country of Residence: Czech Republic
Educational Background: MS, Physics of Nanostructures, Czech Technical University in Prague

Website: LABONIT and Department of Semiconductors, FZU ASCR, v.v.i.
Research Gate:
Markéta Zíková

From my childhood I was always interested in how things work and what are the connections between what I do and what happens. I could say that nature itself inspired me to attend technical university where I was astonished by optics and nanotechnology, which led to my current scientific position.

I am a member of a technological team. We prepare small 3D semiconductor objects called quantum dots that could be used as light emitters or detectors. We also measure their properties and interpret the results to enhance the structure parameters. In addition, we have just established a new research laboratory for the preparation of thin nitride layers, which is a contemporary challenge for technologists. This lab is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. Together with my colleagues, I will be responsible for the structure design and preparation. We will also perform various measurements.

I am finishing my PhD this year so I still feel like I am starting out. After school when you specialize in a specific topic it is always nice when somebody says “Don’t be afraid. You have learned a lot, but it takes time to get the experience.” I believe that this kind of support can help to overcome a tough time.

Science and research need both genders to cooperate because men and women think differently, as we can see every day. And only the combination of different attitudes and ideas can lead to outstanding results. Also the work in STEM is diverse and exciting, and you never get bored by your job— it simply becomes your hobby.

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