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Juanita Saroj James Asirvatham

Research Associate, Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Juanita Saroj James Asirvatham

Country of Birth: India
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
Educational Background: PhD, Physics; MS, Physics; M.Tech, Nanotechnology


“Physics is the study of the present from the past for the future.” This term fascinated me when I first stepped into the college. I realized Physics can describe phenomena that we see or experience in everyday life. What could be more interesting than this? During my M.Tech Nanotechnology studies, I received a scholarship to pursue a research project based on optical characterization of semiconducting materials at CINVESTAV, Mexico. That experience encouraged me to develop as a researcher in the area of photonic materials and devices and gain specialist experience in related experimental techniques.

The generation of renewable energy is one of the most important challenges facing society today, and solar cells are an important part of the solution. My present work at Lancaster University is to explore novel photonic nanostructures to improve the efficiency and economy of solar energy production. Specifically, my work is related to fabrication, characterization, and testing of prototype Antimonide based quantum dot solar cells.

STEM is for creative thinkers! From my experience, I would say choosing a career in STEM will provide a lifelong professional development. An original approach to research with focus to match an area of societal importance is the secret of success. Apart from this, a woman should find a balance point between career and family, which is essential for greater achievements. Dream first, try next, and do your best!

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