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2016 SPIE Women in Optics Planner

Nerine Cherepy
Nerine J. Cherepy,
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
The international society for optics and photonics (SPIE) promotes a wide range of scientific and engineering topics critical for the advacement of clean energy, efficient use of resources, health, communications, space exploration, fundamental optics phenomena, safety and securtiy, while engaging scientists and engineers in that special domain where curiosity-driven science has a strong overlap with practical innovation. Since 2005, SPIE has highlighted the many faces of women in optics and photonics with its yearly Women in Optics planners. Within these pages, you will find examplesof your female colleagues, employing optics and photonics in their quest for knowledge and problem solving. As each of them is unique, let their stories inspire you to make the most of your own particular talents and interests to make the difference in the world that only you can make.

Women in Optics 2016-17 Planner

View the 2016-17 profiles by clicking on names, listed in alphabetical order, below:

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