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Thea Marcoux

Director of Marketing, Advanced Optics, SCHOTT, Germany
Country of Birth: USA

Thea Marcoux

You can trace my affinity for technical challenges back to my father's work as an electrical engineer. Through him I saw an excitement for science and technology, and I grew to appreciate what these men and women in engineering do.

As a marketer in the optics industry, I get to be a part of that energy as my team and I are really the final step in the development process. The engineers have done their part, overcoming unique problems to deliver some of the most amazing products made from glass-optical glasses that are advancing smartphone capabilities, ultrathin glasses that are flexible and can be stored on a roll, you name it. Now I have to take that very technical information and turn it into an engaging story that will get our customers' attention while also providing them with key specifications - and since SCHOTT is a global company with a portfolio of more than 120 optical glasses, special materials, and components, the SCHOTT Story I get to tell to our customers is pretty complex . That's the technical challenge that I face every day, and I love it.

The biggest challenge I've ever had to address was moving from the United States to Germany upon my promotion. In my position as the Director of Marketing, Advanced Optics I'm in charge of global initiatives, so operating out of our Mainz headquarters is both imperative and ideal. As a result, I needed to learn a new language and new culture while taking the reins at a new position. It wasn't easy but with patience, hard work, and help from friends, I've been successful in making the change.

Early on, I wish I had known that it is OK to make mistakes. It's how we learn. Growing professionally is just like growing as a person. It's a series of ups and downs, and if you are too afraid to stumble now and again you can never move forward. Be creative, try something new, and if it doesn't work it's OK, just try something else. Even advances in optical technologies-and in all sciences really-take trial and error. Being willing to take that risk and try something different takes courage, and it might just put you on the road to something amazing. You'll never know, however, unless you're willing to take that first step.