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Ning Wang

Graduate Student, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
Country of Birth: China

Educational Background: PhD, MS, Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA; BS Optical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Ning WangI like trying and exploring different things. Working in the field of engineering, I brainstorm various novel ideas and technologies every day, which makes my life exciting and colorful. As a PhD student, my primary responsibility is to work on my PhD project, publish high-quality papers, and finish my PhD degree. My PhD project focuses on terahertz detection technology which is a
hot and fast-growing research area; we are trying to build highperformance detectors by analytical and experimental studies.

There are different obstacles and challenges in my research; the most common one is how to make my ideas and devices work. It is common to experience failures during research, and discussing with my advisor and colleagues is a good way to fix problems and get new ideas. Also, thanks to my family and my friends, their encouragement is a big motivation.

Interest is the best motivation to start a career, and optimism and hard work are the best aids to accomplish it. Keep yourself active and energetic in your field of interest, you can make it.