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Inmaculada Pascual

Professor of Optics in the Optics Department at the University of Alicante, Spain
Country of Birth: Spain

Educational Background: PhD Optics and Holography, University of Valencia, Spain; MS Physics Science, University of Granada, Spain

Inmaculada PascualI discovered my passion for science when I attended a wonderful holographic exposition. I  became fascinated by the holograms and their reconstructed 3D images by laser. This inspired me and I saw clearly that optics and photonics research was what I wanted to do.

I teach Instrumental Optics at the University of Alicante and at the same time I lead a research team. I am currently investigating new holographic materials that can be used as holographic memories in optical storage information devices. During the last eight years I have been the head of the Optics department. Doing my best every day in all these activities is my goal.

Scientific research is an amazing way to be involved in a better world. It is necessary not only learn every day and be a hard worker, but also have a bit of creativity and imagination with a lot of patience in order to achieve good results. For me one of the most important skills is to have an open mind that allows you to adapt to difficult situations because of the economy or current trends. I think that it is the key to further progress day by day in this job. All is possible if you want it.