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Malini Olivo

Stokes Professor of Biophotonics, National University of Ireland, Galway;
Adjunct Professor, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; Adjunct Professor, National University of Singapore; Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, A*STAR; National Cancer Centre Singapore
Country of birth: India

Educational background: PhD Biomedical Physics, University of Malaya/University College London, UK; BSc (Hon) and BEd (Hon), University of Malaya

Marita PaaschA typical work day
In a typical day, I am involved in research in medical diagnostics and therapeutics using novel nano-biophotonics strategies, specifically in the area of early cancer photo-diagnostics and photomedicine. I also teach biophotonics and medical physics courses at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels, and I mentor and supervise post-graduate students in biomedical photonics and nano-biophotonics applications in nanomedicine.

What I enjoy most
I enjoy mentoring and grooming amateur researchers to become serious researchers or academics who are passionate about applications of photonics in medicine. I love imparting the love for science, excitement of discovery, and pursuit of excellence in scientific research.

Words of wisdom
There are so many possibilities to apply biophotonics in biomedical research. It is an absolutely fascinating and thrilling multidisciplinary field that crosses traditional scientific disciplines to make new discoveries to improve quality of life. This makes my research pursuits worthwhile, as I can see science being translated from the laboratory bench to the bedside.  All those long hours and tireless efforts are worthwhile if it makes a lifechanging difference to a person. I wish someone had shared what a major impact my field of research could make for the man on the street, not only for the distant future but also for the immediate future. This realization gives meaning and serious urgency to my research work.