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Renu Tripathi

Assistant Professor of Physics and Optics, Delaware State Univ.
Country of birth: India
Country of residence: USA

Educational background: MS in applied optics; PhD in optics, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

Renu TripathiA typical work day.
I perform pedagogical responsibilities and conduct research. I teach courses on electromagnetic waves, optics, and lasers; mentor and supervise students; conduct research on nonlinear optics, optical coherence tomography, and photonic information processing; and write research proposals to secure funding to support students and advance my research.

What I enjoy most.
The freedom of innovative thinking, coupled with the opportunity to transform and apply new ideas to challenging problems.

Words of wisdom.
Get a perspective on the value and applications of a fi eld when considering new research areas for your career. There are many opportunities, and exciting interdisciplinary areas of research within the broad discipline of 'Photonic Science and Technology,' especially those relating to real-life applications.