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Cristina Solano

Researcher and Outreach Activities Coordinator, Centro de Investigaciones en Óptica
Country of birth: México
Country of residence: México

Educational background: BSc in physics, National Univ.; MSc in applied optics, Imperial College; PhD in physics, Laval Univ.

Cristina SolanoA typical work day.
I am involved in the development of light sensitive materials for polarizing holography used in unconventional holographic elements. It is an interdisciplinary study involving the synthesis of polymers. For the last five years I have also been working on implementing science clubs and a small science museum within my institution for both children and teenagers.

(Cristina Solano picture third from left.)

What I enjoy most.
I have interesting work and a very nice family; it is important to have a balance between them. Every day is different, and I have the opportunity to travel and meet people of different cultures. In my work with children, although finding simple and interesting experiments involves a lot of work, showing them that science can be fun is a great and rather fulfi lling experience.

Words of wisdom.
Although life is not easy, you can always fi nd a way to do what you want. Believe in your own ideas and be open to opportunities.