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Silvia Ledesma

Associate Professor
Image Processing Laboratory, Physics Department School of Science
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Country of origin: Argentina

Photo of Silvia LedesmaWhat I do.
My two main activities are teaching and basic research. As a professor, I teach mainly undergraduate students pursuing a degree in physics. I am also involved in activities concerning the popularization of science and educational outreach. My research activity is focused on image processing for different applications. One of the latest subjects I have worked on concerns the optical simulation of quantum algorithms using linear optics.

What I find exciting.
Optics provides a wonderful tool for creative experiments to illustrate different physical laws for different audiences, ranging from children to advanced students. I enjoy when these people are excited by these experiments and become curious about the world around them. In my research activities, it's exciting when my creativity is challenged during the different steps of the research process. Promoting and organizing teamwork is also part of the job I enjoy very much.

What I wish someone had told me.
Just like in any other activity, you need to have a great deal of optimism and determination. You should have long term ambitions but you should also set concrete, delimited goals for yourself on a day to day basis, so that you will have a sense of achievement and self confidence that will allow you to move forward. Choose both a subject you like and a working environment that you find comfortable, for you will probably spend long hours at work and it is very important that you enjoy it.