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Marta C. de la Fuente

Optical Design Group Leader
Indra Systems, Spain
Country of origin: Spain

Photo of Marta C De La FuenteWhat I do.
I have been involved in optical design ever since I joined Indra Systems back in 1987. Prior to that year, I didn't have any training in this field, and so I had to start from scratch with the most basic concepts: learning primarily from books and papers, as well as courses abroad. Now I am leading several research and development projects in my company, which allow me to keep myself updated with cutting-edge technologies in electro-optics and defense applications support, as well as management skills. I am also leading a small optical design group of young physicists who are tremendously enthusiastic about learning. Hence, an important part of my daily routine involves dedicating time to making things easier for them and helping them grow professionally. All in all, I enjoy the diversity my work brings.

What I find exciting.
I continue to do design, which is something I love and always will. Developing a system from specifications, optimizing the configuration, and finally measuring it in the lab is something incredible and very gratifying to me. However, I find that working with young people and sharing their excitement for learning is even more rewarding. I feel that their support toward me is equal, if not greater, than my efforts to help them learn.

What I wish someone had told me.
Learn from the best, be open to opportunities, and be ready to take on challenges. Imagine yourself in five or ten years time: where you want to be, and what you wish to be doing. Make these things happen!