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Simonetta Grilli

Simonetta Grilli

Simonetta Grilli
Research Scientist,
Istituto Nazionale di Ottica Applicata
(CNR-INOA), Italy

Country of origin: Italy

My interest in optics is a continuous evolution. The possibility to play with such beautifully coloured bright light emitted from lasers was the first reason that I was attracted to optics. Lately, the possibility of manipulating light by interferometric techniques inspired my launch into the current adventure towards the implementation of methods for optical characterization of materials and devices and for material engineering at nanoscale dimensions. The fascinating shape of interferometric fringe patterns is unsurpassable.

I am really grateful to Dr. Pietro Ferraro who was my mentor and offered me the possibility to acess the field of optics and interferometry. He is still guiding my career toward interesting frontiers.

I think that the possibility of using light to reconstruct microscopic features or to build nanoscale structures is really fascinating thanks to the potential applications that those possibilities ave in different areas of life. Moreover, I like the opportunity to conduct exciting experiments and to discover new things, and also to face some challenging fights with the interpretation of the results that are not always easy to understand.