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Mary Turner

Mary Turner

Mary G. Turner

Technical Sales Manager,
Breault Research Organization, Inc.

Country of origin: USA

Just being an optical engineer is one of the most enjoyable jobs I can imagine. In my job with Breault Research Organization, I often provide training in the area of optics in general, usually related to providing an understanding of how to best use optical design and analysis software to achieve a requires system performance. As I conduct a class, my biggest thrills come when I can see the "light go on" for the students, indicating to me that the student now owns the material being discussed, it is not simply a rule or a formula. Additionally, I am able to travel all over the world, not only discuss the areas of optical and illumination engineering, but to have an opportunity to gain insight into other cultures, other educational systems and to see firsthand much of the history that I had previously read about in books.