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Malgorzata Kujawinska

Malgorzata Kujawinska

Prof. Małgorzata Kujawinska
Professor of Applied Optics,
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
SPIE Fellow
2005 SPIE President

Who or what inspired your career choice? Holography was my inspiration to study optics. I also had a mentor, Prof. Romuald Jozwicki, who taught me how to combine physics and engineering.

What is exciting about your work? The possibility to manage and control light in order to code 2D, 3D, and 4D image information, which has potential applications in all areas of life. Also, discovering new things and working with wonderful, enthusiastic young scientists who are full of new ideas -- my doctoral students!

Knowing what you know now, what educational route would you recommend for aspiring optical scientists? A good foundation in physics and material science, as well as understanding of engineering can bring you solutions that can change the world. Interact with your colleagues from different universities and countries -- it will speed up your understanding and achievements.

Malgorzata Kujawinska was elected by SPIE Members to serve as the 2005 President of the Society. Kujawinska is a full Professor of Applied Optics at the Department of Mechatronics, Warsaw University of Technology and Head of the Optical Engineering Division at the Institute of Micromechanics and Photonics, WUT. She was visiting professor at National Physical Laboratory and Oxford University (UK), Alabama University in Huntsville (USA) and Univ. Franche-Comte (France). She earned a PhD in Optical Engineering and a DSc in Applied Optics from Warsaw University of Technology. Her technical interests include diffraction, interferometry, full-field optical metrology (interferometry, digital holography, moire for experimental mechanics and material engineering) MOEMS, optical methods for multimedia technology and machine vision. An SPIE Fellow since 1997, Kujawinska has served on the SPIE Board and chaired numerous committees. She has published more tan 140 scientific papers (including several book chapters) in journals and conference proceedings. She is a member of International Brotherhood of Holoknights, being the only "Lady of Holography".