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SPIE Committees

SPIE Committees

The collective talents of our Members make SPIE a powerful force in the scientific community. SPIE Committees develop strategic policy and help to foster interaction and cooperation and deepen the Board's understanding of the issues that have an impact on the Society.

SPIE Standing Committees report and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

SPIE Advisory Committees/Presidential Task Force may be appointed by the President for investigation, study and recommendation within particular areas of concern; these committees/task forces end at the completion of their duties or at the expiration of the term of the President who appointed it, whichever comes first.

SPIE Ad Hoc Committees may be established by the Board of Directors to carry out a specific task that the Board wishes to undertake; these committees exist for a period of time determined by the Board.

Interested in learning more about joining a SPIE Committee? Contact us at governance@spie.org

Audit Information Technology
Awards Membership & Communities
Compensation Nominating
Corporate & Exhibitor Publications
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship
Education and Outreach Senior Member
Engineering, Science & Technology Policy Strategic Planning
European Advisory Ad-hoc Student & Early Career Professional
Fellows Symposia
Financial Advisory

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee reviews financial transactions of the Society and reports results to the Board.

David Wick   David Wick, Chair
Sandia National Labs
United States

Judy Fennelly
Jessica DeGroote Nelson
Allen Earman
Joseph Howard
R. John Koshel
Makenzie Lystrup

Robert Sprague

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee reviews the choices of the award subcommittees, selects the Gold Medal recipient and submits these recommendations for Society Awards to the Board.

Kyle Myers   Kyle Myers, Chair
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
United States

Julie Bentley
Kent Choquette

Donis Flagello
Goldie Goldstein
Maryah Haertel
Mike Insana
Daniel Kane

Elizabeth Krupinski

Charles LaCasse
Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
Fernando Mendoza-Santoyo
Kyle Myers

Yukitoshi Otani
Michal Pawlowski
Rosario Porras-Aguilar
Dan Smith
James Trolinger
Lihong Wang

Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors to assist the Board in its responsibilities regarding compensation of the Chief Executive Officer, Senior Executives and "disqualified persons" (as defined in the Internal Revenue Code).

Jason Mulliner   Jason Mulliner, Chair
Alluxa, Inc.
United States

Maryellen Giger
Jim McNally

Jim Oschmann
Gary Spiegel

Corporate & Exhibitor Committee

The Corporate and Exhibitor Committee monitors and oversees Society activities that address the needs of SPIE Corporate Sustaining Members and Exhibitors.

Leonard Chen   Leonard Chen, Chair
Raytheon Vision Systems
United States

Lynore Abbott
Uri Abrams
Jennifer Barton
Scott Bass
Mark Bigelow
William Burgess
Linda Claytor
Joseph Dallas
Sandra Garcia
George Gasparian
Craig Goldberg

William Holtkamp
Vince Meli
Haley Mellinger
Nishant Mohan
Uwe Ortmann
Scott Rudder
Stephanie Snow
Russell Spalding
Thomas Tongue

Chris Toomey

Mary Turner
Tori Uthe

Education and Outreach Committee

The Education and Outreach Committee maintains surveillance of the educational activities of the Society and monitors the quality of educational programs conducted in the name of the Society.

Jessica DeGroote Nelson   Jessica DeGroote Nelson, Chair
Optimax Systems, Inc.
United States

Rhys Adams

Anand Asundi

Katelynn Bauer

Elizabeth Bernhardt

Valdis Blūms
Robert Bunch
Marta de la Fuente
Carmiña Londoño
Kristen Maitland
Michael McKee

Kate Medicus

Brian Monacelli

Tatjana Pladere
Matthew Posner

Anne-Sophie Poulin-Girard
Than Singh Saini
Guillermo Sánchez-Guerrero

Joseph Shaw
Cather Simpson
Orlando Torres Perales
Jess Wade
Linhui Yu

Engineering, Science & Technology Policy

The ESTeP Committee promotes understanding at all levels of policy decision-making, about those issues that affect the well-being of the optical science and engineering communities worldwide. This Committee also advises the Board and other Society groups on ways to expand the Society's role in science and engineering policy.

Jennifer Barton   Jennifer Barton, Chair
Univ of Arizona
United States

Lynn Allen

Leonard Chen
Peter Delfyett

Olivia Fehlberg

Geroge Gasparian

Simi George
Andrew Haefner

Marc Himel
John Lincoln
Jim McNally
Jeremy Murray-Krezan
Wenko Süptitz

Christina Walker

Kirk Warden
Waylin Wing

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee works to develop a set of strategies that SPIE can adopt to improve and enhance diversity and inclusion in all aspects of SPIE. Diversity is defined as any group that is considered to be underrepresented in the fields of science and engineering. This includes race, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, economic and geographic.

Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop   Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, Chair
The Univ. of Queensland

Andrea Armani

Julia Craven
Simi George
Maryellen Giger
Evan Hale
Srividya Jayaram

Sarah Kendrew

Iva Laginja

Martin Leahy

Latifah Maasarani

Anita Mahadevan-Jansen

Shoula Nikzad

Orlando Torres Perales

Frédérique Vanholsbeeck

Jess Wade

European Advisory Ad-hoc Committee

The European Advisory Ad-hoc Committee advises the SPIE Board of Directors on, and provides leadership on, the Society's strategic and ongoing activities in Europe.

Agnes Hübscher   Agnes Hübscher, Chair
Edmund Optics

Francis Berghmans
Andres Cifuentes
Dominique Hamoir
Robert Lamb
Steve Najda
Steffen Reichel
Hans Zappe

Fellows Committee

The Fellows Committee makes recommendations to the President and Board of Directors for Fellows, Life, and Honorary Membership candidates.

Michelle Lynn Stock   Michelle Lynn Stock, Chair
Mlstock Consulting
United States

Andrea Alù
Betty Lise Anderson

Peter Anderson

Eugene Arthurs
Anand Asundi

Nerine Cherepy

Elder De la Rosa
Keith Doyle
Donis Flagello
Bo Gu

Rüdiger Grunwald
Ray-Hua Horng

Mona Jarrahi
Helena Jelínková
Thomas Kampe
Kazuo Kuroda
Kwang-Sup Lee
Laura Marcu
Boon S. Ooi

Kara Peters

Jeffery Puschell
Stanley Rogers
Angela Seddon
Michelle Lynn Stock

Financial Advisory Committee

The Financial Advisory Committee reviews and consults with the Treasurer regarding Society financial affairs and procedures.

Jason Mulliner   Jason Mulliner, Chair
Alluxa, Inc.
United States

William Arnold
Allen Earman
Jim McNally
Linda Smith
Gary Spiegel

Information Technology Committee

The IT Committee provides oversight of the information technology capability and products of the Society and makes recommendations to staff and leadership.

Christopher Wilcox   Christopher Wilcox, Chair
Air Force Research Laboratory
United States

Alexander Doronin

Dirk Faber
Carlos Font

Yi Hua

Apurva Jain

Matthew Jungwirth
Martha Navarro
Lin Sun

Scott Tyo
David Wick

Membership & Communities Committee

The Membership and Communities Committee oversees and guides Society activities that promote the professional careers and address the needs and interests of SPIE individual Members and constituents.

Craig Olson   Craig Olson, Chair
L-3 Technologies Sonoma EO
United States

Andrei Anisimov
Sandra Balderas-Mata
Judith Dawes
Elizabeth Dryer
Gilles Freddy Feutmba

Matthew Jungwirth

Ryo Kato
Beop-Min Kim

Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan
Nishant Mohan
Kyle Myers

Rosario Porras-Aguilar

Matthew Posner

Inga Saknite
Katie Schwertz
Dimitra Stratis-Cullum

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee nominates candidates for Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Director.

Jim Oschmann   Jim Oschmann, Chair
Ball Aerospace, Retired
United States

Maryellen Giger

Debbie Gustofson

Agnes Huebscher

Bernard Kress

Jay Kumler

Byoungho Lee
Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee monitors the publications of the Society and ascertains that editorial content of digital and printed matter distributed in the name of the Society is appropriate to the technical and ethical standards of the discipline and the Society.

David Sampson   David Sampson, Chair
Univ of Surrey
United Kingdom

Allison Barto

Julie Bentley

David Boas
Audrey Bowden
Alexander Heisterkamp
Matthew Jungwirth

Beop-Min Kim

Elizabeth Krupinski

Francesco Pavone
Jannick Rolland-Thompson

Anna Wang Roe
Inga Saknite

Ifor Samual

Cather Simpson
Tomasz Tkaczyk
Din Ping Tsai
Christopher Wilcox
Kenneth Kin-Yip Wong
Xiao-Cong (Larry) Yuan

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on the scholarship and grant awards made in the name of the Society.

Kate Medicus   Kate Medicus, Chair
Ruda-Cardinal, Inc.
United States

Shiva Abbaszadeh
Frank Abboud
Indrani Bhattacharya
Olga Bibikova

Jeremy Bos

Liangcai Cao

Tatevik Chalyan
Amol Choudhary
Javier Concha

James Corsetti
Richa Dubey

Angela Louise Dudley
Judy Fennelly
Andrew Forbes

Nea Hamilton
Sona Hosseini

Apurva Jain

Dae Wook Kim

Maciej Kraszewski
Dorilian Lopez-Mago
Nancy Magnani

Moritz Merklein

Nur Nabila Binti Mohd Makhtar

Sonika Obheroi

Brian Primeau
María Sánchez-López

Sarmishtha Satpathy
Babak Shadgan
Mark Spencer

Chao Zuo
Ganapathi Subramania
Paul Kumar Upputuri
Perla Marlene Viera-González
Xifeng Xiao
Renjie Zhou

Senior Member Committee

The Senior Member Committee makes recommendations to the President and Board of Directors for Senior Members.

Dimitra N. Stratis-Cullum   Dimitra Stratis-Cullum, Chair
CCDC Army Research Lab
United States

Ruth Houbertz
Eunkyoung Kim
Oliver J. Myers
Shouleh Nikzad
Eric M. Panning
Paul M. Pellegrino
Shiv Kumar Sharma

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee provides oversight of and leadership to the strategic planning process of the Society.

David Andrews   David Andrews, Chair
Univ. of East Anglia
United Kingdom

David Andrews
Allison Barto
Jennifer Barton
Leonard Chen

Jessica DeGroote Nelson

John Greivenkamp

Robert Lipson

Anita Mahaevan-Jansen
Jim McNally
Jason Mulliner
Craig Olson
Kent Rochford
Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop
David Sampson
Christopher Wilcox

Student & Early Career Professional Subcommittee

The Student and Early Career Professional Subcommittee brings organized volunteer guidance to SPIE Student and Early Career Professional programs.

Matthew Posner   Matthew Posner, Chair
Excelitas Canada, Inc.

Shashwath Shankar Bharadwaj

Angeles Camacho Rosales

Tatevik Chalyan
Olivia Fehlberg
Ryo Kato
Inga Saknite

Sarmishtha Satpathy
Lin Sun
Orlando Torres Perales

Symposia Committee

The Symposia Committee has oversight responsibilities for the global aspects of the Society's symposia and technical activities including international, national, and regional educational programs and conferences.

Allison Barto   Allison Barto, Chair
Ball Aerospace
United States

Peter de Groot
Judy Fennelly
Marc Himel
Kevin Liddane
Craig Olson
Andreas Ostendorf
Yukitoshi Otani

Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop
Volker Sorger
Ding Ping Tsai
David Wick