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SPIE 60th Anniversary Proclamation

Presented to the SPIE Staff on August 11, 2015

On the occasion of this 60th anniversary of SPIE, we express our heartfelt thanks to the SPIE Staff for their dedication and efforts in making this Society the vibrant leading-edge technical powerhouse that it is - a welcoming forum for all members, from established professionals to freshmen students - to meet and share their knowledge, their expertise, and their delight in the world of optics and photonics. 

Inspired by your dedication, enthusiasm, and professionalism, we experience and enjoy being a part of the professional family you have created based on a spirit of cooperation with and mutual respect for all members and associates.  As we enter into SPIE's seventh decade, we look forward to working with you to make this Society even greater - to "go where no optics and photonics organization has gone before". 

We can only imagine the amazing innovations in optics and photonics that await us.  Yet we know you will meet the challenge of expanding the Society's reach to accommodate these new and developing fields of endeavor.  We anticipate collaborating with you to organize international conferences and exhibitions around emerging technologies.  You and we are proud not only of the legendary "yellow books" but also of the hundreds of additional scholarly publications that communicate the latest and greatest innovations in our ever-broadening field.  As innovations transition from the lab to usefulness, we look forward to your help in establishing industrial partnerships for further development and commercialization of products that will benefit all humanity. 

With this expanding horizon comes the responsibility for serving an ever-growing and multinational membership.  We are confident that you will meet the needs of both new and established members, near and far, with full adherence to SPIE's tradition of an open society and respect for all.  You will be mentoring students as they transition into the next generation of professionals and working with all members to cultivate the next generation of volunteers and leaders that truly represent the increasingly global character of the SPIE community. You will help encourage members new in the field to take full advantage of the Society's growing array of educational programs and outreach. You will administer scholarships, grants, and career development opportunities.

No matter how large the society grows, we are confident that you will always offer that personal touch that makes each of us know that we are an important part of the SPIE family.  For this, we say "Thank you!"

On this sixtieth anniversary of SPIE, we join with you to proudly celebrate our six decades of service to the worldwide scientific community. We, the members and volunteers, look forward to continuing our efforts with you to help shape the technological developments in optics, photonics for the 21st century.

Staff Appreciation Committee:
Prof. Ali Khounsary, Chair
Dr. Robert Breault
Mr. Chuck DeMund
Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick
Dr. Ralph James
Mr. Al Hathaway
Dr. James McNally
Dr. H. Philip Stahl

The committee sincerely thanks the following for their generous financial contributions:

Dr. William Arnold

Dr. Robert Breault    

Mr. Chuck DeMund (DeMund Foundation)

Prof. Eustace Dereniak

Ms. Marisa Edmund (Edmund Optics)

Dr. Judy Fennelly

Dr. William Goodman

Dr. James Grote

Mr. Robert Hardesty

Mr. Kevin Harding 

Prof. James Harrington

Dr. Ralph James

Mr. Mark Kahan (Synopsys)

Prof. Ali Khounsary

Dr. Robert Lieberman

Mr. Brian Lula (PI USA)

Dr. Paul McManamon

Dr. Jim McNally

Dr. Martin Seifert

Dr. H. Philip Stahl 

Dr. David Whelan

Prof. James Wyant