Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, California, United States
26 - 30 April 2020
Conference SI208
Passive and Active Millimeter-Wave Imaging XXII
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Abstract Due:
16 October 2019

Author Notification:
20 December 2019

Manuscript Due Date:
1 April 2020

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The purpose of this conference is to provide a technical forum for the community working to develop technology and applications in the area of millimeter-wave and sub-millimeter-wave passive and active imaging, seeking to bring together customers, end users, industry, and academia.

The two driving attributes of this region of the electromagnetic spectrum are that the atmosphere has good transmission under conditions of poor visibility such as cloud, fog, and dust, and that many materials are semi-transparent. These properties open up two core applications: one in poor weather imaging and the other in the security screening of people.

Recent Developments in Technology and Applications that are seen as central to this conference include:
  • new sub-millimeter-wave band technology which facilitates the transition to more compact systems
  • non-mechanical beam steering for higher frame rate millimeter-wave imaging
  • innovative device technology for higher pixel count and more affordable millimeter-wave imaging systems
  • poor weather imaging for assisted navigation in fog, cloud, or dust conditions
  • millimeter-wave imaging based on novel passive or active illumination architectures.
  • computational imaging techniques based on coded apertures, compression in hardware and signal processing layers, structured illumination patterns and data sparsity.
The conference will include various topics including:
  • systems (new applications and phenomenology)
  • security scanning systems (active and passive)
  • enabling technology (transmitters, receivers, optical materials, and packaging)
  • non-mechanical beam-steering (fundamentals, calibration, technology, and systems)
  • computational imaging and compressive sensing (hardware and signal processing)
  • image processing and simulation (reconstruction algorithms and modeling).
This conference provides an opportunity for users and technologists to update their knowledge in this growing field. Papers are solicited which address passive and active imaging applications and technology in the millimeter and sub-millimeter bands.
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