Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, California, United States
26 - 30 April 2020
Conference SI115
Pattern Recognition and Tracking XXXI
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Abstract Due:
16 October 2019

Author Notification:
20 December 2019

Manuscript Due Date:
1 April 2020

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Program Committee
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Call for
This conference is an annual forum for new research on pattern recognition and tracking (PRT). It includes algorithm, architecture, and system approaches. Theoretical, simulation, and optical/digital/hybrid hardware realizations are strongly encouraged. Special emphasis will be given to new advances in pattern recognition and tracking. Papers on optical/digital filters and systems that perform with real-world non-ideal optical/digital devices are encouraged. Besides correlators, other pattern recognition architectures and approaches are also encouraged, which may include feature extractors for product inspection, and object identification and tracking. Papers on devices, components, systems, and products developed under the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program are encouraged. We further encourage papers on new techniques to process newer sensor data, such as laser radar and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) inputs.

The tentative list of topics for which papers are requested include:
  • novel pattern recognition and tracking (PRT) systems
  • distortion-invariant and controlled invariance correlation filters
  • correlation filters for clutter and structural noise rejection, and for segmentation/detection
  • new techniques to process infrared, SAR, laser radar, MMW, etc., sensor data
  • hyperspectral and fuzzy logic based PRT systems
  • feature extractors for product inspection and target identification
  • optical/digital neural networks
  • deep learning based PRT techniques
  • optical/digital hardware and use of non-ideal real-world devices
  • photorefractive elements in OPR systems
  • SBIR devices, components, systems, and products
  • computer vision and perception
  • speech recognition
  • medical image recognition
  • pattern recognition in big data analytics
  • optical/digital techniques as related to homeland security, sensing, and defense
  • new recognition and tracking algorithms
  • optical/digital biometric recognition
  • wide-area surveillance.
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