Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, California, United States
26 - 30 April 2020
Conference SI114
Mobile Image Exploitation and Learning 2020
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Abstract Due:
16 October 2019

Author Notification:
20 December 2019

Manuscript Due Date:
1 April 2020

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This conference is designed to attract expert researchers and end users who develop, deploy, and apply technology to exploit multimedia data from platforms on-the-move. These platforms include mobile devices, and ground and aerial platforms such as unmanned aerial and ground vehicles. The aim of the conference is to create a framework to foster research in various aspects of mobile data exploitation, including data analysis and actionable intelligence extraction, data security, transmission, and classification of media objects. Current generations of programmable mobile devices contain multiple modality sensors such as low-cost high-resolution digital cameras, microphones, and Inertial Measurement Units. These diverse sensing capabilities provide new opportunities for mass deployment in applications that use imaging and data analysis in various scientific and engineering endeavors. The range of such applications is widening fast to include commercial, biomedical image analysis for diagnoses, crime and terrorism fighting, military, and industrial use. Video streaming over mobile devices, the use of PDA's in m-health, transmission of image-based biometrics over mobile networks for crime fighting, and deployment of mobile secure communications and damage assessment in disaster areas are but a few examples of such applications. Advances in learning technology and artificial intelligence are providing new ways to extract information from this data, and are enabling new capabilities and applications in commercial and military domains. Also, recent advances in compressive sampling provide new efficient tools to process extremely complex biomedical images of very high resolutions as well as deal with object detection/recognition from low-resolution degraded images in surveillance scenarios. The constrained capabilities of mobile devices, the nature of wireless channels, and the severe degradation in image quality and resolution are a source of tough challenges in image processing and security of multimedia objects. The combination of commercial and security-related topics to be covered in this conference is designed to facilitate multidisciplinary discussions and collaboration on the algorithmic and technological issues. In addition, the conference welcomes contributions relating to other real-world applications and theoretical developments in the area of mobile data exploitation, multimedia processing, and imaging techniques, in secure and pervasive computing environments.

Key topics discussed include, but are not limited to:
  • AI exploitation for mobile data
  • deep learning algorithms and systems
  • multimedia processing for mobile devices
  • innovative image processing techniques (e.g., enhancement, detection, recognition, restoration, verification, authentication, and superresolution)
  • data fusion and scoring
  • scene labelling and segmentation
  • mixed reality technology and applications
  • steganography, steganalysis, and watermarking
  • computational medicine
  • pathological medical image analysis
  • learning and data exploitation
  • drone and counter-drone technology, drone data analytics and damage assessment
  • content-based video indexing and retrieval
  • compressive sensing
  • digital media and mobile forensics
  • security, trust, and privacy issues in wireless ad hoc networks
  • multimedia authentication, encryption, identification, fingerprinting, and copyright protection
  • secure multimedia system design and evaluation benchmarks
  • biometrics-based authentication for mobile and wireless devices/networks
  • biometric key generation and data hiding in biometrics
  • practical systems exhibiting data hiding
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