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Planetary Defense and Space Environment Applications
Editor(s): Gary B. Hughes
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Volume Number: 9981
Date Published: 23 December 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9981
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Target tracking and pointing for arrays of phase-locked lasers
Author(s): Van P. Macasaet; Gary B. Hughes; Philip Lubin; Jonathan Madajian; Qicheng Zhang; Janelle Griswold; Neeraj Kulkarni; Alexander Cohen; Travis Brashears
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Directed energy deflection laboratory measurements of common space based targets
Author(s): Travis Brashears; Philip Lubin; Gary B. Hughes; Peter Meinhold; Payton Batliner; Caio Motta; Jonathan Madajian; Whitaker Mercer; Patrick Knowles
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Building the future of WaferSat spacecraft for relativistic spacecraft
Author(s): Travis Brashears; Philip Lubin; Nic Rupert; Eric Stanton; Amal Mehta; Patrick Knowles; Gary B. Hughes
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Stability of laser-propelled wafer satellites
Author(s): Prashant Srinivasan; Gary B. Hughes; Philip Lubin; Qicheng Zhang; Jonathan Madajian; Travis Brashears; Neeraj Kulkarni; Alexander Cohen; Janelle Griswold
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Relativistic solutions to directed energy
Author(s): Neeraj Kulkarni; Philip M. Lubin; Qicheng Zhang
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Comet deflection by directed energy: a finite element analysis
Author(s): Jonathan Madajian; Janelle Griswold; Anush Gandra; Gary B. Hughes; Qicheng Zhang; Nic Rupert; Philip Lubin
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Simulations of directed energy comet deflection
Author(s): Qicheng Zhang; Philip M. Lubin; Gary B. Hughes
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Space activity and programs at SOFRADIR
Author(s): A. Bouakka-Manesse; N. Jamin; A. Delannoy; B. Fieque; C. Leroy; P. Pidancier; L. Vial; P. Chorier; N. Péré-Laperne
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LAST: Laser Array Space Telescope
Author(s): Jonathan A. Madajian; Alexander Cohen; Rebecca Hwang; Chase Bishman; Rachel Reyes; Miguel Bautista; Ryan Tsukamoto; Brandon Pon; Dylan Vanmali; Xu Xu; Nicholas Rommelfanger; Ian Ho; Lucas Lin; Michael Prazak; Patrick Ruehl; Travis Brashears; Nic Rupert; Philip Lubin
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The fiber optic system for the advanced topographic laser altimeter system instrument (ATLAS)
Author(s): Melanie N. Ott; W. Joe Thomes; Eleanya Onuma; Robert Switzer; Richard Chuska; Diana Blair; Erich Frese; Marc Matyseck
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Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber epoxy composite hybridized with Gadolinium and Boron nanoparticles for radiation shielding
Author(s): Venkat Mani; Narasimha S. Prasad; Ajit Kelkar
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Using microporous polytetrafluoroethylene thin sheets as a flexible solar diffuser to minimize sunlight glint to cameras in space
Author(s): Michael K. Choi
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Cryogenic fiber optic assemblies for spaceflight environments: design, manufacturing, testing, and integration
Author(s): W. Joe Thomes; Melanie N. Ott; Richard Chuska; Robert Switzer; Eleanya Onuma; Diana Blair; Erich Frese; Marc Matyseck
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Optical components in harsh space environment
Author(s): Maria G. Pelizzo; Alain Jody Corso; Enrico Tessarolo; P. Zuppella; Roman Böttger; Rene Huebner; Vincenzo Della Corte; Pasquale Palumbo; G. Taglioni; G. Preti; Luca Foggetta; Paolo Valente; Piergiorgio Rancoita; Alessandro Martucci; Enrico Napolitani
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Implications of directed energy for SETI
Author(s): Philip Lubin
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Probing organic residues on Martian regolith simulants using a long-wave infrared Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy linear array detection system
Author(s): Narasimha S. Prasad; Clayton S.-C. Yang; Feng Jin; Ken Jia; EiEi Brown; Uwe Hömmerich; Yingqing Jia; Sudhir Trivedi; Priyalal Wijewarnasuriya; Eric Decuir; Alan C. Samuels
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Remote laser evaporative molecular absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Gary B. Hughes; Philip Lubin; Alexander Cohen; Jonathan Madajian; Neeraj Kulkarni; Qicheng Zhang; Janelle Griswold; Travis Brashears
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