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Imaging Spectrometry XXI
Editor(s): John F. Silny; Emmett J. Ientilucci
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Volume Number: 9976
Date Published: 14 November 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9976
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Plume retrievals and transitioning to a higher altitude platform using the hyperspectral thermal emission spectrometer (HyTES) (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): William R. Johnson
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Mako airborne thermal infrared imaging spectrometer: performance update
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Hall; Richard H. Boucher; Kerry N. Buckland; David J. Gutierrez; Eric R. Keim; David M. Tratt; David W. Warren
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Compact Wide swath Imaging Spectrometer (CWIS): alignment and laboratory calibration
Author(s): B. Van Gorp; P. Mouroulis; D. W. Wilson; R. O. Green; J. I. Rodriguez; E. Liggett; D. R. Thompson
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Littrow spectrographs for moderate resolution infrared applications
Author(s): David W. Warren; Sara Lampen
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Data processing for a multi-slit LWIR HSI spectrometer
Author(s): Jacob A. Martin; Joseph Meola
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Capturing complete spatial context in satellite observations of greenhouse gases
Author(s): Charles E. Miller; Christian Frankenberg; Andreas C. Kuhnert; Gary D. Spiers; Annmarie Eldering; Mayer Rud; Thomas S. Pagano; Daniel W. Wilson; Cynthia Brooks; Daniel T. Jaffe
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Resolution modeling of dispersive imaging spectrometers
Author(s): John F. Silny
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Principle component analysis and linear discriminant analysis of multi-spectral autofluorescence imaging data for differentiating basal cell carcinoma and healthy skin
Author(s): Nikita V. Chernomyrdin; Kirill I. Zaytsev; Anastasiya D. Lesnichaya; Konstantin G. Kudrin; Olga P. Cherkasova; Vladimir N. Kurlov; Irina A. Shikunova; Alexei V. Perchik; Stanislav O. Yurchenko; Igor V. Reshetov
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Raman hyperspectral imaging of iron transport across membranes in cells
Author(s): Anupam Das; Xavier Felipe Costa; Alexander Khmaladze; Margarida Barroso; Anna Sharikova
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In-scene LWIR downwelling radiance estimation
Author(s): M. Pieper; D. Manolakis; E. Truslow; T. Cooley; M. Brueggeman; A. Weisner; J. Jacobson
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HT-FRTC: a fast radiative transfer code using kernel regression
Author(s): Jean-Claude Thelen; Stephan Havemann; Warren Lewis
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Clairvoyant fusion detection of ocean anomalies in WorldView-2 spectral imagery
Author(s): Alan Schaum; Eric Allman; Matthew Stites
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Statistical modeling of natural backgrounds in hyperspectral LWIR data
Author(s): Eric Truslow; Dimitris Manolakis; Thomas Cooley; Joseph Meola
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New SHARE 2010 HSI-LiDAR dataset: re-calibration, detection assessment and delivery
Author(s): Emmett J. Ientilucci
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Mitigating noise in global manifold coordinates for hyperspectral image classification
Author(s): Can Jin; Charles M. Bachmann
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Identifying vehicles with VNIR-SWIR hyperspectral imagery: sources of distinguishability and confusion
Author(s): Steven Adler-Golden; Robert Sundberg
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Abundance estimation of solid and liquid mixtures in hyperspectral imagery with albedo-based and kernel-based methods
Author(s): Robert S. Rand; Ronald G. Resmini; David W. Allen
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Weather and environmental satellite big data tsunami: What to do with it? (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hung-Lung A. Huang
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Spectral reflectance inversion with high accuracy on green target
Author(s): Le Jiang; Jinping Yuan; Yong Li; Tingzhu Bai; Shuoqiong Liu; Jianzhou Jin; Jiyun Shen
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Detection limit of fishing boats by the day night band (DNB) on VIIRS
Author(s): Ichio Asanuma; Takashi Yamaguchi; John-geol Park; Kenneth J. Mackin; John Mittleman
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Object-based illumination normalization for multi-temporal satellite images in urban area
Author(s): Nan Su; Ye Zhang; Shu Tian; Yiming Yan
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A comprehensive analysis on relevance of four hyperspectral data exploitation methods: LS, OSP, MTMF &MF-FAM
Author(s): Weiting Huang; Maozhi Wang; Lu Wang; Yichao Zeng
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Remote sensing image segmentation using local sparse structure constrained latent low rank representation
Author(s): Shu Tian; Ye Zhang; Yimin Yan; Nan Su; Junping Zhang
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Spectrum recovery method based on sparse representation for segmented multi-Gaussian model
Author(s): Yidan Teng; Ye Zhang; Chunli Ti; Nan Su
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Towards low cost photoacoustic Microscopy system for evaluation of skin health
Author(s): Ali Hariri; Afreen Fatima; Nafiseh Mohammadian; Nicholas Bely; Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki
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Research of building information extraction and evaluation based on high-resolution remote-sensing imagery
Author(s): Qiong Cao; Lingjia Gu; Ruizhi Ren; Lang Wang
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Remote sensing of the atmosphere using three-directional scanning-Lidar technique
Author(s): V. Kovalev; C. Wold; A. Petkow; Wei Min Hao
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