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Remote Sensing and Modeling of Ecosystems for Sustainability XIII
Editor(s): Wei Gao; Ni-Bin Chang
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Volume Number: 9975
Date Published: 22 November 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9975
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Using MODIS weekly evapotranspiration to monitor drought
Author(s): Qiaozhen Mu; Maosheng Zhao; Steven W. Running; John S. Kimball; Nathan G. McDowell
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Modeling forest defoliation using simulated BRDF and assessing its effect on reflectance and sensor reaching radiance
Author(s): Rajagopalan Rengarajan; John R. Schott
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Probing insect backscatter cross-section and melanization using kHz optical remote detection system
Author(s): Alem K. Gebru; Mikkel Brydegaard; Erich Rohwer; Pieter Neethling
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Impact of land cover change on the environmental hydrology characteristics in Kelantan river basin, Malaysia
Author(s): Nader Saadatkhah; Shattri Mansor; Zailani Khuzaimah; Arnis Asmat; Noraizam Adnan; Siti Noradzah Adam
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Using remote sensing satellite data and artificial neural network for prediction of potato yield in Bangladesh
Author(s): Kawsar Akhand; Mohammad Nizamuddin; Leonid Roytman; Felix Kogan
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Study of variations in soil water potential with the incorporation of charcoal and carbon nanotubes through infrared thermal images
Author(s): Carlos Villaseñor-Mora; Arturo González-Vega; Víctor H. Hernández
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Analysis of ten years of surface UV observations from data fusion for the continental U.S.
Author(s): Zhibin Sun; John Davis; Wei Gao
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Application of vegetation isoline equations for simultaneous retrieval of leaf area index and leaf chlorophyll content using reflectance of red edge band
Author(s): Kakuya Okuda; Kenta Taniguchi; Munenori Miura; Kenta Obata; Hiroki Yoshioka
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Soil isoline equation for the range of visible to shortwave infrared in a context of hyperspectral data analysis
Author(s): Kenta Taniguchi; Kenta Obata; Masayuki Matsuoka; Hiroki Yoshioka
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In-situ calibration of the water vapor channel for multi-filter rotating shadowband radiometer using collocated GPS, AERONET and meteorology data
Author(s): Maosi Chen; Melina-Maria Zempila; John M. Davis; Robert W. King; Wei Gao
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GIMS- technology for environmental monitoring
Author(s): F. A. Mkrtchyan
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Monitoring the changes of water storage over the Huang-huai-hai plain based on the GRACE satellite
Author(s): Zenghui Kan; Chaoshun Liu; Fengxue Qiao; Wei Gao; Maosi Chen
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Identification of Phragmites australis and Spartina alterniflora in the Yangtze Estuary between Bayes and BP neural network using hyper-spectral data
Author(s): Pudong Liu; Jiayuan Zhou; Runhe Shi; Chao Zhang; Chaoshun Liu; Zhibin Sun; Wei Gao
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The study method of estimation tidal flat with remote sensing waterlines
Author(s): Zhiqiang Gao; Xiangyang Liu; Yuanyuan Zhang; Chaoshun Liu; Zhibin Sun
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Snow cover identification of saline-alkali land in the Western Jilin province of China based on MWRI data
Author(s): Mingbo Sun; Lingjia Gu; Ruizhi Ren; Qiong Cao
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Remote sensing monitoring of green tide in the Yellow Sea in 2015 based on GF-1 WFV data
Author(s): Xiangyu Zheng; Zhiqiang Gao; Jicai Ning; Fuxiang Xu; Chaoshun Liu; Zhibin Sun
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Study on the extraction method of tidal flat area in northern Jiangsu Province based on remote sensing waterlines
Author(s): Yuanyuan Zhang; Zhiqiang Gao; Xiangyang Liu; Ning Xu; Chaoshun Liu; Wei Gao
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Nonlinear vegetation phenology shifts over northern China during 1982-2006
Author(s): Youzhi An; Wenbo Liu; Wei Gao; Zhiqiang Gao; Chaoshun Liu; Runhe Shi
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Green tide disaster monitoring system based on multi-source data
Author(s): Weitao Shang; Zhiqiang Gao; Xiaopeng Jiang; Chaoshun Liu; Wei Gao
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Error analysis on Green Tide monitoring using MODIS data in the Yellow Sea based on GF-1 WFV data
Author(s): Fuxiang Xu; Zhiqiang Gao; Jicai Ning; Xiangyu Zheng; Chaoshun Liu; Wei Gao
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Assessment of spectral characteristics of rodents in conditions of effect of heavy metals
Author(s): Elena V. Timchenko; Pavel E. Timchenko; Sergey V. Simak; Ekaterina A. Selezneva; Asel D. Kadayb; Dmitriy V. Kornilin
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Implementation of data management and analysis system for marine ranching
Author(s): Xiaopeng Jiang; Zhiqiang Gao; Weitao Shang; Chaoshun Liu; ZhiBin Sun
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An integrated image processing platform designed for Chinese GF-1 wide field view data
Author(s): Zhishan Li; Runhe Shi; Chaoshun Liu; Maosi Chen
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Experimental studies of influence of oil on the plants' optical characteristics
Author(s): Elena V. Timchenko; Pavel E. Timchenko; Nikolay V. Tregub; Ekaterina A. Selezneva; Dmitriy V. Kornilin
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Effects of microphysics parameterization schemes on the simulation of a heavy rainfall event in Shanghai
Author(s): Yu Kan; Chaoshun Liu; Fengxue Qiao; Yanan Liu; Wei Gao; Zhibin Sun
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Evaluation of the consistency of OMI-TOMS total ozone with collocated ground-based measurements
Author(s): Mingliang Ma; Runhe Shi; Kaixu Bai; Chaoshun Liu; Wei Gao; Zhibin Sun
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Estimation of chlorophyll content of Phragmites australis based on PROSPECT and DART models in the saltmarsh of Yangtze Estuary
Author(s): Yuyan Zeng; Runhe Shi; Pudong Liu; Chao Zhang; Jiapeng Wang; Chaoshun Liu; Maosi Chen
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