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Infrared Sensors, Devices, and Applications VI
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Volume Number: 9974
Date Published: 28 November 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9974
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Study of minority carrier lifetimes in very long-wave infrared strained-layer InAs/GaInSb superlattices
Author(s): H. J. Haugan; B. V. Olson; G. J. Brown; E. A. Kadlec; J. K. Kim; E. A. Shaner
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Control over dark current densities and cutoff wavelengths of GaAs/AlGaAs QWIP grown by multi-wafer MBE reactor
Author(s): K. Roodenko; K. K. Choi; K. P. Clark; E. D. Fraser; K. W. Vargason; J.-M. Kuo; Y.-C. Kao; P. R. Pinsukanjana
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Effect of iodine pressure in the sensitization treatment on the structural and electrical properties of PbSe films
Author(s): Youngjoon Suh; Sang-Hee Suh
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Heterogeneously integrated waveguide-coupled photodiodes on silicon-on-diamond (SOD)
Author(s): Xiaojun Xie; Anand Ramaswamy; Yang Shen; Zhanyu Yang; Matt Jacob-Mitos; Ye Wang; Jizhao Zang; Erik Norberg; Greg Fish; Joe C. Campbell; Andreas Beling
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Low noise torsional mechanical resonator for 12µm microbolometers
Author(s): L. Laurent; J. J. Yon; J. S. Moulet; P. Imperinetti; L. Duraffourg
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Aluminum infrared plasmonic perfect absorbers for wavelength selective devices
Author(s): Thang Duy Dao; Satoshi Ishii; Kai Chen; Takahiro Yokoyama; Toshihide Nabatame; Tadaaki Nagao
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Comparison of MWIR unipolar barrier structures based on strained layer superlattices (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): David A. Ramirez; Stephen A. Myers; Yuliya Kuznetsova; Sen Mathews; Theodore Schuler-Sandy; Elizabeth H. Steenbergen; Christian P. Morath; Vicent M. Cowan; Sanjay Krishna
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SWIR HgCdTe photodiodes for LADAR applications
Author(s): Paul Boieriu; J. H. Park; S.-R. Hahn; Priyalal Wijewarnasuriya; Barry Stan; S. Sivananthan
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Liquid crystal uncooled thermal imager development
Author(s): H. R. Clark Jr.; C. O. Bozler; S. R. Berry; R. K. Reich; P. J. Bos; V. A. Finnemeyer; D. R. Bryant; C. McGinty
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SWIR detectors for low photon fluxes
Author(s): Frank Rutz; Philipp Kleinow; Rolf Aidam; Wolfgang Bronner; Lukas Stolch; Matthias Benecke; Alexander Sieck; Robert Rehm
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Extended short wavelength infrared HgCdTe detectors on silicon substrates
Author(s): J. H. Park; D. Hansel; A. Mukhortova; Y. Chang; R. Kodama; J. Zhao; S. Velicu; F. Aqariden
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Study on the MWIR imaging ability of optical readout bimaterial microcantilever FPA uncooled infrared imaging system
Author(s): Bingbing Zhou; Yun Feng; Yuejin Zhao; Liquan Dong; Ming Liu; Xuhong Chu; Xiaomei Yu
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About possibility of temperature trace observing on the human skin using commercially available IR camera
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Vladislav V. Trofimov; Ivan L. Shestakov; Roman G. Blednov
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Changes in physiological astigmatism of human eye during accommodation in emmetropes (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Karola Panke; Aiga Svede; Wolfgang Jaschinski
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Performance and radiation tolerance of InAs/GaSb LWIR detectors based on CBIRD design
Author(s): Alexander Soibel; David Z.-Y. Ting; Sir B. Rafol; Arezou Khoshakhlagh; Anita Fisher; Sam A. Keo; Sarath D. Gunapala
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Optimization of TCR and heat transport in group-IV multiple-quantum-well microbolometers
Author(s): Matthew Morea; Kevin Gu; Victoria Savikhin; Colleen S. Fenrich; Eric Pop; James S. Harris
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Modeling of a sensitive time-of-flight flash LiDAR system
Author(s): V. Fathipour; S. Wheaton; W. E. Johnson; H. Mohseni
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A novel automated method for doing registration and 3D reconstruction from multi-modal RGB/IR image sequences
Author(s): Richard Kirby; Ross Whitaker
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Driver head pose tracking with thermal camera
Author(s): S. Bole; C. Fournier; C. Lavergne; G. Druart; T. Lépine
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Optimization and thermal ASE noise characterization of an all-fibre Sagnac interferometer via LAN for sensing applications
Author(s): A. Sierra-Calderon; J. C. Rodriguez-Novelo; E. Gamez-Aviles; M. May-Alarcon; H. Toral-Cruz; J. A. Alvarez-Chavez
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LWIR pupil imaging and longer-term calibration stability
Author(s): Paul D. LeVan; Ünal Sakoglu
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Satellite propulsion spectral signature detection and analysis through Hall effect thruster plume and atmospheric modeling
Author(s): Pamela Wheeler; Richard Cobb; Carl Hartsfield; Benjamin Prince
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Experimental study on mutual broadening coefficient between CO2 and CO and its temperature dependence coefficient under high temperature
Author(s): Jiuying Chen; Chuanrong Li; Mei Zhou; Jianguo Liu; Ruifeng Kan
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Er-doped, LPFGs -based, all fibre temperature sensing device
Author(s): G. G. Pérez-Sánchez; J. A. Flores-Bravo; A. Gómez-Vieyra; J. A. Álvarez-Chávez; E. A. Andrade-González; J. R. Pérez-Torres
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Refractive index measurements of Ge
Author(s): John H. Burnett; Simon G. Kaplan; Eric Stover; Adam Phenis
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An adaptive enhancement algorithm for infrared video based on modified k-means clustering
Author(s): Linze Zhang; Jingqi Wang; Wen Wu
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Detection-gap-independent optical sensor design using divergence-beam-controlled slit lasers for wearable devices
Author(s): Young Zoon Yoon; Hyochul Kim; Yeonsang Park; Jineun Kim; Min Kyung Lee; Un Jeong Kim; Young-Geun Roh; Sung Woo Hwang
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Photoacoustic wave detection on water using a fiber optic transducer
Author(s): Jose P. Montoya; Natalia Munera ; Rodrigo Acuna-Herrera
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Resistance repeatability study of ion-beam deposited vanadium oxide thin films
Author(s): P. Alvarez; D. I. C. Pearson; S. Pochon; O. Thomas; M. Cooke; R. Gunn
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