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Developments in X-Ray Tomography X
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Volume Number: 9967
Date Published: 18 November 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9967
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Developments in x-ray tomography I - IX
Author(s): S. R. Stock
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X-ray micro-tomography for investigations of brain tissues on cellular level
Author(s): Anna Khimchenko; Georg Schulz; Hans Deyhle; Peter Thalmann; Irene Zanette; Marie-Christine Zdora; Christos Bikis; Alexander Hipp; Simone E. Hieber; Gabriel Schweighauser; Jürgen Hench; Bert Müller
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Evaluation of the degradation behavior of resorbable metal implants for in vivo osteosynthesis by synchrotron radiation based x-ray tomography and histology
Author(s): Silvia Galli; Jörg U. Hammel; Julia Herzen; Timo Damm; Ryo Jimbo; Felix Beckmann; Ann Wennerberg; Regine Willumeit-Römer
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Strategies for fast and low-dose laboratory-based phase contrast tomography for microstructural scaffold analysis in tissue engineering
Author(s): Charlotte K. Hagen; Panagiotis Maghsoudlou; Giorgia Totonelli; Paul C. Diemoz; Marco Endrizzi; Anna Zamir; Paola Coan; Alberto Bravin; Paolo De Coppi; Alessandro Olivo
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High-resolution synchrotron radiation-based phase tomography of the healthy and epileptic brain
Author(s): Christos Bikis M.D.; Philipp Janz; Georg Schulz; Gabriel Schweighauser; Jürgen Hench; Peter Thalmann; Hans Deyhle; Natalia Chicherova; Alexander Rack; Anna Khimchenko; Simone E. Hieber; Luigi Mariani; Carola A. Haas; Bert Müller
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2D beam hardening correction for micro-CT of immersed hard tissue
Author(s): Graham Davis; David Mills
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Automatic histology registration in application to x-ray modalities
Author(s): Natalia Chicherova; Simone E. Hieber; Georg Schulz; Anna Khimchenko; Christos Bikis; Philippe C. Cattin; Bert Müller
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Interior tomography from differential phase contrast data via Hilbert transform based on spline functions
Author(s): Qingsong Yang; Wenxiang Cong; Ge Wang
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Arterial wall perfusion measured with photon counting spectral x-ray CT
Author(s): Steven M. Jorgensen; Mark J. Korinek; Andrew J. Vercnocke; Jill L. Anderson; Ahmed Halaweish; Shuai Leng; Cynthia H. McCollough; Erik L. Ritman
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High contrast XMT studies of in-situ electrochemical dissolution of broken dental tools
Author(s): David Mills; Alison Mitchell; Sean Khine; Graham Davis
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Development of modern human subadult age and sex estimation standards using multi-slice computed tomography images from medical examiner’s offices
Author(s): Michala K. Stock; Kyra E. Stull; Heather M. Garvin; Alexandra R. Klales
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Simultaneous x-ray fluorescence and K-edge CT imaging with photon-counting detectors
Author(s): Liang Li; Ruizhe Li; Siyuan Zhang; Zhiqiang Chen
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X-ray diffraction tomography of polycrystalline materials: present and future (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Stuart R. Stock; Jonathan D. Almer; Henrik Birkedal
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A new transmission x-ray microscope for in-situ nano-tomography at the APS (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Vincent De Andrade; Alex Deriy; Michael Wojcik; Doga Gürsoy; Deming Shu; Tim Mooney; Kevin M. Peterson; Arthur Glowacki; Ke Yue; Xiaogang Yang; Rafael Vescovi; Francesco De Carlo
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First results on laboratory nano-CT with a needle reflection target and an adapted toolchain
Author(s): P. Stahlhut; K. Dremel; J. Dittmann; J. M. Engel; S. Zabler; A. Hoelzing; R. Hanke
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Computational cell quantification in the human brain tissues based on hard x-ray phase-contrast tomograms
Author(s): Simone E. Hieber; Christos Bikis; Anna Khimchenko; Georg Schulz; Hans Deyhle; Peter Thalmann; Natalia Chicherova; Alexander Rack; Marie-Christine Zdora; Irene Zanette; Gabriel Schweighauser; Jürgen Hench; Bert Müller
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Advancing the visualization of pure water transport in porous materials by fast, talbot interferometry-based multi-contrast x-ray micro-tomography
Author(s): Fei Yang; Michele Griffa; Alexander Hipp; Hannelore Derluyn; Peter Moonen; Rolf Kaufmann; Matthieu N. Boone; Felix Beckmann; Pietro Lura
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Trabecular network arrangement within the human patella: how osteoarthritis remodels the 3D trabecular structure
Author(s): Sebastian Hoechel; Hans Deyhle; Mireille Toranelli; Magdalena Müller-Gerbl
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Synchrotron x-ray microtomography of the interior microstructure of chocolate
Author(s): Svenja K. Lügger; Fabian Wilde; Nihan Dülger; Lennart M. Reinke; Sergii Kozhar; Felix Beckmann; Imke Greving; Josélio Vieira; Stefan Heinrich; Stefan Palzer
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Histology-validated x-ray tomography for imaging human coronary arteries
Author(s): Marzia Buscema; Georg Schulz; Hans Deyhle; Anna Khimchenko; Sofiya Matviykiv; Margaret N. Holme; Alexander Hipp; Felix Beckmann; Till Saxer M.D.; Katarzyna Michaud; Bert Müller
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Hard x-ray micro-tomography of a human head post-mortem as a gold standard to compare x-ray modalities
Author(s): M. Dalstra; G. Schulz; D. Dagassan-Berndt; C. Verna; M. Müller-Gerbl; B. Müller
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Imaging tissues for biomedical research using the high-resolution micro-tomography system nanotom(r) m
Author(s): Hans Deyhle; Georg Schulz; Anna Khimchenko; Christos Bikis; Simone E. Hieber; Claude Jaquiery; Christoph Kunz; Magdalena Müller-Gerbl; Sebastian Höchel; Till Saxer; Anja K. Stalder; Bernd Ilgenstein; Felix Beckmann; Peter Thalmann; Marzia Buscema; Nadja Rohr; Margaret N. Holme; Bert Müller
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Hierarchical imaging of the human knee
Author(s): Georg Schulz; Christian Götz; Hans Deyhle; Magdalena Müller-Gerbl; Irene Zanette; Marie-Christine Zdora; Anna Khimchenko; Peter Thalmann; Alexander Rack; Bert Müller
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Comparing natural and artificial carious lesions in human crowns by means of conventional hard x-ray micro-tomography and two-dimensional x-ray scattering with synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Lea Maria Botta; Shane N. White; Hans Deyhle; Iwona Dziadowiec; Georg Schulz; Peter Thalmann; Bert Müller
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Phase-contrast tomography of neuronal tissues: from laboratory- to high resolution synchrotron CT
Author(s): Mareike Töpperwien; Martin Krenkel; Kristin Müller; Tim Salditt
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High cone-angle x-ray computed micro-tomography with 186 GigaVoxel datasets
Author(s): Glenn R. Myers; Shane J. Latham; Andrew M. Kingston; Jan Kolomazník; Václav Krajíček; Tomáš Krupka; Trond K. Varslot; Adrian P. Sheppard
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Development of micro-tomography system for materials science at SPring-8
Author(s): Kentaro Uesugi; Masato Hoshinio; Hiroyuki Kishimoto; Ryo Mashita
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Enhancing spatial resolution for spectral uCT with aperture encoding
Author(s): Matthew Getzin; Tianyu Liu; Qingsong Yang; Mianyi Chen; Wenxiang Cong; George Xu; Ge Wang
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High-speed tomography using pink beam at GeoSoilEnviroCARS
Author(s): Mark L. Rivers
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X-ray interior tensor tomography with 2D gratings
Author(s): Mianyi Chen; Qingsong Yang; Wenxiang Cong; Biao Wei; Ge Wang
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Tensor decomposition and nonlocal means based spectral CT reconstruction
Author(s): Yanbo Zhang; Hengyong Yu
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Multi-resolution radiograph alignment for motion correction in x-ray micro-tomography
Author(s): Shane J. Latham; Andrew M. Kingston; Benoit Recur; Glenn R. Myers; Adrian P. Sheppard
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A very fast iterative algorithm for TV-regularized image reconstruction with applications to low-dose and few-view CT
Author(s): Hiroyuki Kudo; Fukashi Yamazaki; Takuya Nemoto; Keita Takaki
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Optimized x-ray source scanning trajectories for iterative reconstruction in high cone-angle tomography
Author(s): Andrew M. Kingston; Glenn R. Myers; Shane J. Latham; Heyang Li; Jan P. Veldkamp; Adrian P. Sheppard
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CRITIR: model-based reconstruction for x-ray phase contrast tomography (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Xianghui Xiao; Aditya Mohan; Charles A. Bouman
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Software/hardware optimization for attenuation-based microtomography using SR at PETRA III (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Felix Beckmann
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High-throughput data acquisition and processing for real-time x-ray imaging
Author(s): Matthias Vogelgesang; Lorenzo Rota; Luis Eduardo Ardila Perez; Michele Caselle; Suren Chilingaryan; Andreas Kopmann
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Increased robustness and speed in low-dose phase-contrast tomography with laboratory sources
Author(s): Anna Zamir; Charlotte K. Hagen; Paul C. Diemoz; Marco Endrizzi; Fabio A. Vittoria; Luca Urbani; Paolo De Coppi; Alessandro Olivo
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Single-grating interferometer for high-resolution phase-contrast imaging at synchrotron radiation sources
Author(s): A. Hipp; J. Herzen; J. U. Hammel; P. Lytaev; A. Schreyer; F. Beckmann
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Towards laboratory x-ray nanotomography: instrumental improvements on a SEM-based system
Author(s): L. A. Gomes Perini; P. Bleuet; B. Buijsse; L. F. Tz. Kwakman; W. Parker
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X-ray microtomography at Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation facility
Author(s): Rongchang Chen; Honglan Xie; Biao Deng; Guohao Du; Yuqi Ren; Yudan Wang; Guangzhao Zhou; Hai Tan; Yiming Yang; Liang Xu; Tao Hu; Qiao Li; Binggang Feng; Feixiang Wang; Tiqiao Xiao
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An analytical method for optimizing imaging parameters in industrial x-ray computed tomography for dimensional measurements on multimaterial workpieces
Author(s): A. Buratti; M. Ferrucci; S. Ben Achour; W. Dewulf; R. H. Schmitt
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Development of grating-based x-ray phase tomography under the ERATO project
Author(s): Atsushi Momose; Hidekazu Takano; Masato Hoshino; Wataru Yashiro; Yanlin Wu
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Analysis of x-ray tomography data of an extruded low density styrenic foam: an image analysis study
Author(s): Jui-Ching Lin; William Heeschen
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Developments in synchrotron x-ray micro-tomography for in-situ materials analysis at the Advanced Light Source
Author(s): Harold S. Barnard; A. A. MacDowell; D. Y. Parkinson; S. V. Venkatakrishnan; F. Panerai; N. N. Mansour
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A comparison of classical histology to anatomy revealed by hard x-rays
Author(s): Claus-Peter Richter; Xiaodong Tan; Hunter Young; Stuart Stock; Alan Robinson; Orest Byskosh; Jing Zheng; Carmen Soriano; Xianghui Xiao; Donna Whitlon
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Artifacts reduction based on 3D surface prior information in iterative breast tomosynthesis reconstruction
Author(s): Shaohua Zhi; Xuanqin Mou
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Proposal of fault-tolerant tomographic image reconstruction
Author(s): Hiroyuki Kudo; Keita Takaki; Fukashi Yamazaki; Takuya Nemoto
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A statistical iterative reconstruction framework for dual energy computed tomography without knowing tube spectrum
Author(s): Shaojie Chang; Xuanqin Mou
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Rapidly converging multigrid reconstruction of cone-beam tomographic data
Author(s): Glenn R. Myers; Andrew M. Kingston; Shane J. Latham; Benoit Recur; Thomas Li; Michael L. Turner; Levi Beeching; Adrian P. Sheppard
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Dictionary learning based statistical interior reconstruction without a prior knowledge
Author(s): Yongyi Shi; Xuanqin Mou
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Low-dose multiphase abdominal CT reconstruction with phase-induced swap prior
Author(s): Mona Selim; Essam A. Rashed; Hiroyuki Kudo
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Middle ear bones of a mid-gestation ruminant foetus extracted from x-ray computed tomography
Author(s): Loic Costeur; Bastien Mennecart; Bert Müller; Georg Schulz
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Innovation and fusion of x-ray and optical tomography for mouse studies of breast cancer
Author(s): Ge Wang; Wenxiang Cong; Qingsong Yang; Qi Pian; Shouping Zhu; Jimin Liang; Margarida Barroso; Xavier Intes
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Dictionary learning-based CT detection of pulmonary nodules
Author(s): Panpan Wu; Kewen Xia; Yanbo Zhang; Xiaohua Qian; Ge Wang; Hengyong Yu
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Comparison studies of different regularizers for spectral computed tomography
Author(s): Morteza Salehjahromi; Yanbo Zhang; Hengyong Yu
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Magnesium degradation observed in situ under flow by synchrotron radiation based microtomography
Author(s): Frank Feyerabend; Thomas Dose; Yuling Xu; Felix Beckmann; Michael Stekker; Regine Willumeit-Römer; Andreas Schreyer; Fabian Wilde; Jörg U. Hammel
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