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Photonic Fiber and Crystal Devices: Advances in Materials and Innovations in Device Applications X
Editor(s): Shizhuo Yin; Ruyan Guo
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Volume Number: 9958
Date Published: 21 December 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9958
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Organic-inorganic nano-composite films for photonic applications made by multi-beam multi-target pulsed laser deposition with remote control of the plume directions
Author(s): Abdalla M. Darwish; Shaelynn Moore; Aziz Mohammed; Deonte' Alexander; Tyler Bastian; Wydglif Dorlus; Sergey S. Sarkisov; Darayas N. Patel; Paolo Mele; Brent Koplitz
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Quantum mechanical treatment of the third order nonlinear term in NLS equation and the supercontinuum generation
Author(s): Abolfazl Safaei Bezgabadi; Mohammad Agha Bolorizadeh
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Femtosecond laser precipitation of non-centrosymmetric crystals in glasses
Author(s): C. M. Liebig; J. Goldstein; S. A. McDaniel; E. Glaze; D. Krein; G. Cook
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Multimode Brillouin spectrum in dual core chalcogenide photonic nanofiber for sensing applications (Withdrawal Notice)
Author(s): Amira Baili; Rim Cherif; Mourad Zghal
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High quality tunable Brillouin optoelectronic oscillator
Author(s): Mohamed Mousa; Mahmoud H. Ahmed; Kamel M. M. Hassan; Mohamed Abouelatta; Abdelrahman E. Afifi
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Novel design of hollow-core multi clad fiber for long haul optical communication system
Author(s): Vikram Palodiya; Sanjeev Kumar Raghuwanshi
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Achieving magneto-elasto-electroporation and cell transport using core-shell magnetoelectric nanoparticles (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Soutik Betal; Moumita Dutta; Binita Shrestha; Amit Saha; Liang Tang; Ananad K. Ramasubramanian; Amar S. Bhalla; Ruyan Guo
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Multiferroic thin film characterization probed by terahertz transient pulses (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Moumita Dutta; Xomalin G. Peralta; Amar S. Bhalla; Ruyan Guo
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An advanced regime of the anomalous acousto-optical interaction with tangential phase matching in crystalline materials
Author(s): Alexandre S. Shcherbakov; Adan Omar Arellanes
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Bistable mode of THG for femtosecond laser pulse
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Pavel S. Sidorov; Igor E. Kuchik
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Reconfigurable and frequency-agile on-chip microwave photonic bandpass and bandstop filters using stimulated Brillouin scattering
Author(s): Amol Choudhary; Iman Aryanfar; Shayan Shahnia; Blair Morrison; Mattia Pagani; Yang Liu; Khu Vu; Stephen Madden; Barry Luther-Davies; David Marpaung; Benjamin J. Eggleton
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Enhanced image resolution in photonic crystal structure by modification of the surface structure
Author(s): Ashwini Agarwal; Preeti Rani; Yogita Kalra; R. K. Sinha
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Improvements of volume holographic grating in photopolymer doped with nanorods (Conference Presentation) (Withdrawal Notice)
Author(s): Liangcai Cao; Shenghan Wu; Song Zong; Hao Zhang; Guofan Jin
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In-line polarization holographic memory system using PQ doped PMMA photopolymer (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Shiuan-Huei Lin; Lun Kuang Lin; Vera Marinova; Ken-Yuh Hsu
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Rigorous study of supercontinuum generation by high-order optical modes
Author(s): Amine Ben Salem; Abderrahmen Trichili; Rim Cherif; Mourad Zghal
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Mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in multimode step index chalcogenide fiber
Author(s): Ameni Ben Khalifa; Amine Ben Salem; Rim Cherif; Mourad Zghal
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Cladding doped defect-core large mode area W-type photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Jiten Boruah; Yogita Kalra; Ravindra Kumar Sinha
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Cladded single crystal fibers for high power fiber lasers
Author(s): W. Kim; B. Shaw; S. Bayya; C. Askins; J. Peele; D. Rhonehouse; J. Meyers; R. Thapa; D. Gibson; J. Sanghera
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Raman studies for stockpile reliability of missiles by detecting degradation of propellant stabilizers
Author(s): Carlton Farley; Aschalew Kassu; Jonathan Mills; Jonathan Bibb; Michael Curley; Paul Ruffin; Anup Sharma; Jeremy Rice; Brian McDonald
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Multi-scanning mechanism enabled rapid non-mechanical multi-dimensional KTN beam deflector
Author(s): Wenbin Zhu; Ju-Hung Chao; Chang-Jiang Chen; Shizhuo Yin; Robert C. Hoffman
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Non-uniform space charge controlled KTN beam deflector
Author(s): Ju-Hung Chao; Wenbin Zhu; Chang-Jiang Chen; Stuart Yin; Robert C. Hoffman
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High light extraction efficiency LEDs with asymmetric obtuse angle micro-structured roofs
Author(s): Chang-Jiang Chen; Ju-Hung Chao; Wenbin Zhu; Stuart Yin
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Design of AND logic gate using NAND gate in photonic crystal waveguides
Author(s): Shiba Fatima; Preeti Rani; Yogita Kalra; R. K. Sinha
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High-birefringence photonic crystal fiber structures based on the binary morse-thue fractal sequence
Author(s): Ahmed Al-Muraeb; Hoda Abdel-Aty-Zohdy
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The influence of thermal aging on the optical coupler
Author(s): Lukas Bednarek; Lukas Hajek; Ales Vanderka; Jan Nedoma; Marcel Fajkus; Ondrej Zboril; Vladimir Vasinek
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Laser identification system based on acousto-optical barcode scanner principles
Author(s): Ruslan A. Khansuvarov; Georgy I. Korol; Leonid N. Preslenev; Aleksandr R. Bestugin; Arthur S. Paraskun
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Fiber temperature sensor utilizing a thermomechanical MEMS detector
Author(s): H. Ozan Çirkinoğlu; Habib Bilgin; Fehmi Çivitci; Hamdi Torun; Onur Ferhanoğlu
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Detection of liquids in the near and mid-infrared based on lead-silicate suspended-core microstructured fibers
Author(s): Matej Komanec; Tomas Nemecek; Dmytro Suslov; Redwan Ahmad; Stanislav Zvanovec
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Tunable wavelength erbium doped fiber linear cavity laser based on mechanically induced long-period fiber gratings
Author(s): M. Pérez Maciel; J. A. Montenegro Orenday; J. M. Estudillo Ayala; D. Jáuregui-Vázquez; J. M. Sierra-Hernandez; J. C. Hernandez-Garcia; R. Rojas-Laguna
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Generation of supercontinuum light in micro-structured fiber and polarization study at different wavelengths
Author(s): F. J. Valle-Atilano; J. M. Estudillo-Ayala; J. D. Filoteo-Razo; J. C. Hernández-García; D. Jáuregui-Vázquez; J. M. Sierra-Hernández; R. Rojas-Laguna; R. I. Mata-Chavez; L. F. Samano-Aguilar
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Multi-wavelength sensitive holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal grating applied within image splitter for autostereoscopic display
Author(s): Jihong Zheng; Kangni Wang; Hui Gao; Feiyue Lu; Lijia Sun; Songlin Zhuang
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Phase unwrapping using binary-encoded fringe pattern for phase-shifting projected fringe profilometry
Author(s): Nai-Jeng Cheng; Sih-Yue Chen; Wei-Hung Su
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A 3D translation stage calibrated with Michelson interferometers
Author(s): Hui-Hung Lin; Kuo-Kai Hung; Lu-Yu Wang; Wei-Hung Su
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Scanning fringe projection for 3D shape measurements
Author(s): Nai-Jen Cheng; Wei-Hung Su
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Fabrication of holographic materials by photo-induced polymers
Author(s): Shiao-Wei Kuo; Sheng-Kai Juang; Hao-Yu Tsai; Wei-Hung Su
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Electric field biased Faraday Effect in Cr-doped BiFeO3 thin film
Author(s): Brandon D. Young; Ruyan Guo; Amar S. Bhalla
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High precision optical measurement of displacement and simultaneous determinations of piezoelectric coefficients
Author(s): Bryan M. Gamboa; Madhuri Malladi; Ramya Vadlamani; Ruyan Guo; Amar Bhalla
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