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Novel Optical Systems Design and Optimization XIX
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Volume Number: 9948
Date Published: 1 December 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9948
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Glasses-free 2D-3D switchable display using an integrated single light guide plate
Author(s): Jin-Ho Lee; Yoonsun Choi; Igor Yanusik; Alexander Morozov; Kyuhwan Choi; Dongkyung Nam; Du-Sik Park
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Color transparent screen using planar glass combined with lens array holographic optical elements
Author(s): Siqi Liu; Fei Yuan; Anqiu Chen; Haiyu Zhang; Shengqian Chang; Jing Liu; Linjing Zhu; Zhenrong Zheng
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Applying Q-type aspheres in the ultraviolet lithography objective lens
Author(s): Yu Bai; Tingwen Xing; Yadong Jiang
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Athermalization and achromatization of multiband optics using instantaneous Abbe number
Author(s): J. L. Ramsey; B. L. Unger
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The role of aberrations in the relative illumination of a lens system
Author(s): Dmitry Reshidko; Jose Sasian
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Advancements in multi-objective and surrogate-assisted GRIN lens design and optimization
Author(s): Sawyer D. Campbell; Jogender Nagar; John A. Easum; Donovan E. Brocker; Douglas H. Werner; Pingjuan L. Werner
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Photography at relativistic speeds
Author(s): Johannes Courtial; Norman Gray; Ruaridh O'Donnell; Ross MacSporran; Stephen Oxburgh; Martin Hendry; Euan N. Cowie
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Chip-size wavelength detector based on a gradient grating period guided-mode resonance filter
Author(s): Hsin-An Lin; Hsin-Yun Hsu; Cheng-Sheng Huang
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Fast and robust pushbroom hyperspectral imaging via DMD-based scanning
Author(s): Reza Arablouei; Ethan Goan; Stephen Gensemer; Branislav Kusy
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Design, implementation and performance analysis of cooled infrared cameras with single FPA depth estimation capabilities
Author(s): K. Cossu; G. Druart; E. Belhaire; F. Champagnat; T. Lépine
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Towards 3D printed confocal endoscopy
Author(s): Janset Savaş; Ahmet Çalişkan; Fehmi Çivitci; Yiğit Dağhan Gökdel; Onur Ferhanoğlu
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Ultrasensitive laser wave-mixing spectroscopic method for detection and separation of biomarkers and carcinogenic pollutants
Author(s): Jean S. Pradel; Zarina Munshi; Alex Jackson; Megan Murphy; Mya Brown; William G. Tong
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Challenges in system design of an optronic, laser-based measurement system for projectile trajectories
Author(s): Uwe Chalupka; Hendrik Rothe
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Design, construction and testing of lateral transfer retroreflectors for space-based applications
Author(s): Bryan Martin; Ray Boucarut; Richard Gore; Jonathan Penn
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Determination of mean square deviation of surface roughness in a planar gradient optical waveguide
Author(s): N. Espinosa; A. Osovitsky; J. Vila; L. Cadena; P. Leon; D. Aguilar; C. Vega; D. Sotomayor
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Improving spectrometer field of view correction with a freeform surface
Author(s): S. Wickenhagen; P. Petruck; U. Fuchs
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Discussing design for manufacturability for two freeform imaging systems
Author(s): Ulrike Fuchs; Sven R. Kiontke
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Design of compact optical systems using multichannel configurations
Author(s): Milena Nikolic; Juan C. Miñano; P. Benítez; B. Narasimhan; J. Mendes-Lopes; P. Zamora; M. Buljan; D. Grabovickic
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Resolution limits of pixellated optical components
Author(s): Euan N. Cowie; Cyril Bourgenot; David Robertson; Johannes Courtial
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Digital integral cloaking
Author(s): Joseph S. Choi; John C. Howell
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Design and analysis of chirped photonic crystal waveguide based optical diode
Author(s): Swati Rawal; Brahm Raj Singh; R. K. Sinha
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Inverse-designed all-dielectric waveguide bend
Author(s): F. Callewaert; K. Aydin
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Laser stabilization in atom lithography based on LIF signal from the chromium beam
Author(s): Tong Zhang; Yuejin Zhao; Cong Yin
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Design and calibration of a wide field of view MWIR optically multiplexed imaging system
Author(s): R. Hamilton Shepard; Yaron Rachlin; Vinay Shah; Tina Shih; Manu Ramesh; Joseph Bari
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Multiple beam ptychography for large field of view imaging
Author(s): Charles Bevis; Robert Karl Jr.; Jonathan Reichanadter; Dennis F. Gardner; Christina Porter; Elisabeth Shanblatt; Michael Tanksalvala; Giulia F. Mancini; Margaret Murnane; Henry Kapteyn; Daniel Adams
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Spectral engineering for reconstructive imaging and spectrometry (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Eric Huang; Qian Ma; Zhaowei Liu
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Modeling of an optocoupler-based audio dynamic range control circuit
Author(s): Felix Eichas; Udo Zölzer
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Generation of rhythm patterns from harmonic structures in power modulated light
Author(s): Cornelius Hahlweg; Kai Jäger; Cornelia Weyer; Jürgen Weiß
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Optical techniques for sound processing
Author(s): Sebastian Kraft; Felix Eichas; Udo Zölzer
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A refractometer based on a sinusoidal grating
Author(s): Sergio Calixto; Neil C. Bruce; Martha Rosete-Aguilar; Areli Montes-Perez
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Graphical selection of optical glasses using iterative method from an expanded athermal glass map for an athermal and achromatic design
Author(s): Tae-Yeon Lim; Yeong-Sik Kim; Sung-Chan Park
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Parallel compressed sensing super-resolution imaging via using multiply scattering medium
Author(s): Yao Zhao; Qian Chen; Xiubao Sui; Shenghang Zhou; Hang Gao
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Methods of optimizing the speed and accuracy of optical complex guidance systems based on equivalence of automatic control system domain of attraction and unconditional stability of their equivalent circuits
Author(s): Vladimir L. Kodkin
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A novel high spatial resolution recording method of far-infrared digital hologram based on vanadium dioxide film
Author(s): Junjie Zeng; Xiubao Sui; Hang Gao; Yao Zhao
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Stereo matching image processing by the fixed pixels period sampling edge detection and the characteristic band area construction
Author(s): Akira Akiyama; Hideo Kumagai
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Optical design of three-dimensional digital ophthalmoscopes
Author(s): Yi-Chin Fang; Chih-Ta Yen; Chin-Hsien Chu
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Compact wide-field off-axis two-mirror system with field corrector
Author(s): Seunghyuk Chang
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A novel method to optimize a Galvo-Scanner used in optical imaging systems to minimize the artifacts in the images generated
Author(s): Ali Hariri; Afreen Fatima; Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki
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Optical chaos generation and frequency pulling effects through external input signal in nonlinear delayed feedback system using VICSEL
Author(s): Junichi Shinde; Wakao Sasaki
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A smart grid technology for electrical power transmission lines by a self-organized optical network using LED
Author(s): Shun Nakata; Yoshiki Mukoda; Wakao Sasaki
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An automated imaging BRDF polarimeter for fruit quality inspection
Author(s): Jacob Boyer; Janos C. Keresztes; Wouter Saeys; John Koshel
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