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Nanophotonic Materials XIII
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Volume Number: 9919
Date Published: 15 December 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9919
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Design of tunable cylindrical dielectric nanoantenna
Author(s): Inder Devi; Reena .; Yogita Kalra; R. K. Sinha
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Porous Iron oxide nanorods and their photothermal applications
Author(s): George Larsen; Weijie Huang; Yiping Zhao; Simona E. Hunyadi Murph
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Conformal plasmonic and hyperbolic metamaterials (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Conor T. Riley; Joseph S. T. Smalley; Yeshaiahu Fainman; Donald J. Sirbuly; Zhaowei Liu
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Polarization controlled directional excitation of Bloch surface waves (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Tatiana Kovalevich; Philippe Boyer; Maria-Pilar Bernal; Myun-Sik Kim; Hans Peter Herzig; Thierry Grosjean
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Fabrication and characterization of WS2 based photonic structures (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jacopo Pedrini; Giuseppe Calafiore; Christopher Chen; Christoph Kastl; Francesco Meinardi; Stefano Cabrini; Adam M. Schwartzberg
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Spectroscopic ellipsometry for anisotropic nano-layered Al/SiO2 metamaterial with hyperbolic dispersion
Author(s): Priscilla Kelly; Andrew C. Martin; Lyuba Kuznetsova
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Edge modes of 2D photonic crystals with and without PT symmetry (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Xiang Ni; Alexander B. Khanikaev; Alexander A. Lisyansky
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InSb-based quantum dot nanostructures for mid-infrared photonic devices
Author(s): P. J. Carrington; E. Repiso; Q. Lu; H. Fujita; A. R. J. Marshall; Q. Zhuang; A. Krier
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Efficient light trapping with ZnS-Au core-shell random medium
Author(s): Radhika V. Nair; Venkata Siva Gummaluri; Dileep Kottilil; Vijayan C.
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Organometallic perovskites for optoelectronic applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Levgen Levchuk; Florian Hoegl; Marco Brandl; Andres Osvet; Rainer Hock; Patrick Herre; Wolfgang Wolfgang; Peter Schweizer; Erdmann Spiecker; Miroslaw Batentschuk; Christoph Brabec
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Broadband near-infrared to visible upconversion in quantum dot-quantum well heterostructures (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ayelet Teitelboim; Dan Oron
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Quantum dots coupled to chip-based dielectric resonators via DNA origami mediated assembly (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Anya Mitskovets; Ashwin Gopinath; Paul Rothemund; Harry A. Atwater Jr.
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Manufacture and photoluminescent properties of molybdate phosphors
Author(s): Kuan-Lin Lee; Ting-Chun Hsu; Lung-Chien Chen
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Dual-wavelength mode-locking of novel chirped multilayer quantum-dot lasers
Author(s): Chun-Ping Chiang; Gray Lin; Yu-Chen Chen; Hsu-Chieh Cheng
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Plasmonic properties of nanopatterns fabricated by nanosphere shadowing lithography
Author(s): Whitney Ingram; Yizhuo He; Q. J. Zhang; Keenan Stone; Dexian Ye; William Dennis; Yiping Zhao
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Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition for plasmonic TiN
Author(s): Lauren M. Otto; Aaron T. Hammack; Shaul Aloni; D. Frank Ogletree; Deirdre L. Olynick; Scott Dhuey; Bethanie J. H. Stadler; Adam M. Schwartzberg
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High temperature nanoplasmonics
Author(s): Alessandro Alabastri; Andrea Toma; Mario Malerba; Francesco De Angelis; Remo Proietti Zaccaria
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Soft-substrate rigid-feature (SSRF) mold for nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): Liran Menachem; Mark Schvartzman
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Saturable absoprtion of graphene (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Andrea Marini; Joel D. Cox; Javier F. Garcia de Abajo
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Macrocycles in sol-gel matrix: nonlinear optical characterization
Author(s): Orlando Ortiz-Jimenez; Mónica Trejo-Durán; Edgar Alvarado-Méndez; Israel Severiano-Carrillo; Egla Bivian-Castro
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Multipolar optically induced electric and magnetic resonances in the ellipsoidal nanoparticles
Author(s): Reena .; Inder Devi; Yogita Kalra; R. K. Sinha
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Optical resonance-mediated spatial modulation of photo-excited carrier concentrations in P3HT/Si nanopillars (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Eunah Kim; Yunae Cho; Ahrum Sohn; Heewon Hwang; Y. U. Lee; Kyungkon Kim; Hyeong-Ho Park; Joondong Kim; J. W. Wu; Dong-Wook Kim
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Design of nanoengineered hybrid PVA/PNIPAm/CaCl2/SiO2-Polystyrene (PSt) colloidal crystal hydrogel coatings that sweat/rehydrate H2O from the atmosphere to give sustainable cooling and self-indicate their state
Author(s): Jean-Charles Eloi; Myles P. Worsley; Paul A. Sermon; William Healy; Christine Dimech
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Nanophotonic interactions between organic excitons and plasmonic metasurfaces (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Deirdre M. O'Carroll
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Interfacial reflection enhanced optical extinction and thermal dynamics in polymer nanocomposite films
Author(s): Jeremy R. Dunklin; Gregory T. Forcherio; Keith R. Berry Jr.; D. Keith Roper
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Perovskite nanocrystals for light-emitting and energy harvesting applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Alexander S. Urban; Jasmina A. Sichert; Yu Tong; Verena Hintermayr; Lakshminarayana Polavarapu; Jacek K. Stolarczyk; Jochen Feldmann
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Plasmon excitation and damping in noble metal nanoparticle-MoS2 nanocomposites
Author(s): Gregory T. Forcherio; Mourad Benamara; D. Keith Roper
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Plasmonic resonances of silver nano-particles
Author(s): Vitaly Sukharenko; Anatoliy Suslov; Roger Dorsinville
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Impact of rapid thermal annealing on dilute nitride (GaAsN) capped InAs/GaAs quantum dots exhibiting optical emission beyond ~1.5 µm
Author(s): M. Biswas; A. Balgarkashi; S. Singh; N. Shinde; R. L. Makkar; A. Bhatnagar; Subhananda Chakrabarti; Subhananda Chakrabarti
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Carbon nanotube-templated assembly of regioregular poly(3-alkylthiophene) in solution
Author(s): Jiahua Zhu; Eric Stevens; Youjun He; Kunlun Hong; Ilia Ivanov
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