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Quantum Optics
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Volume Number: 9900
Date Published: 15 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9900
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Development of a strontium optical lattice clock for the SOC mission on the ISS
Author(s): S. Origlia; S. Schiller; M. S. Pramod; L. Smith; Y. Singh; W. He; S. Viswam; D. Świerad; J. Hughes; K. Bongs; U. Sterr; Ch. Lisdat; S. Vogt; S. Bize; J. Lodewyck; R. Le Targat; D. Holleville; B. Venon; P. Gill; G. Barwood; I. R. Hill; Y. Ovchinnikov; A. Kulosa; W. Ertmer; E.-M. Rasel; J. Stuhler; W. Kaenders
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Development of compact cold-atom sensors for inertial navigation
Author(s): B. Battelier; B. Barrett; L. Fouché; L. Chichet; L. Antoni-Micollier; H. Porte; F. Napolitano; J. Lautier; A. Landragin; P. Bouyer
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Continuous cold atom inertial sensor with 1 nrad.s^-1 rotation stability (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Remi Geiger; Indranil Dutta; Denis Savoie; Bess Fang; Carlos Guarrido Alzar; Bertrand Venon; Arnaud Landragin
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A new generation of high-performance operational quantum sensors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jean Lautier-Gaud; Bruno Desruelle; Vincent Ménoret; Jean-François Schaff; Guillaume Stern; Pierre Vermeulen
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Towards rotation sensing with a single atomic clock
Author(s): Thomas Fernholz; Robin Stevenson; Michael R. Hush; Igor V. Lesanovsky; Thomas Bishop; Fabio Gentile; Sindhu Jammi; Tadas Pyragius; Mark G. Bason; Hèctor Mas; Saurabh Pandey; Georgios Vasilakis; Konstantinos Poulios; Wolf von Klitzing
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MIGA: combining laser and matter wave interferometry for mass distribution monitoring and advanced geodesy
Author(s): B. Canuel; S. Pelisson; L. Amand; A. Bertoldi; E. Cormier; B. Fang; S. Gaffet; R. Geiger; J. Harms; D. Holleville; A. Landragin; G. Lefèvre; J. Lhermite; N. Mielec; M. Prevedelli; I. Riou; P. Bouyer
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The UK National Quantum Technologies Hub in sensors and metrology (Keynote Paper)
Author(s): K. Bongs; V. Boyer; M. A. Cruise; A. Freise; M. Holynski; J. Hughes; A. Kaushik; Y.-H. Lien; A. Niggebaum; M. Perea-Ortiz; P. Petrov; S. Plant; Y. Singh; A. Stabrawa; D. J. Paul; M. Sorel; D. R. S. Cumming; J. H. Marsh; R. W. Bowtell; M. G. Bason; R. P. Beardsley; R. P. Campion; M. J. Brookes; T. Fernholz; T. M. Fromhold; L. Hackermuller; P. Krüger; X. Li; J. O. Maclean; C. J. Mellor; S. V. Novikov; F. Orucevic; A. W. Rushforth; N. Welch; T. M. Benson; R. D. Wildman; T. Freegarde; M. Himsworth; J. Ruostekoski; P. Smith; A. Tropper; P. F. Griffin; A. S. Arnold; E. Riis; J. E. Hastie; D. Paboeuf; D. C. Parrotta; B. M. Garraway; A. Pasquazi; M. Peccianti; W. Hensinger; E. Potter; A. H. Nizamani; H. Bostock; A. Rodriguez Blanco; G. Sinuco-Leon; I. R. Hill; R. A. Williams; P. Gill; N. Hempler; G. P. A. Malcolm; T. Cross; B. O. Kock; S. Maddox; P. John
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Recent progress of quantum communication in China (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Qiang Zhang
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A Rydberg impurity in a dense background gas (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Tara Liebisch; Michael Schlagmüller; Felix Engel; Karl Westphal; Kathrin Kleinbach; Fabian Böttcher; Robert Loew; Sebastian Hofferberth; Tilman Pfau; Jesus Perez-Rios; Chris Greene
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Optical atomic magnetometry for magnetic induction tomography of the heart
Author(s): Cameron Deans; Luca Marmugi; Sarah Hussain; Ferruccio Renzoni
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Standardization of quantum technologies and QKD activities within ETSI (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Gaby Lenhart
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Satellite quantum communication towards GEO distances
Author(s): Giuseppe Vallone; Daniele Dequal; M. Tomasin; M. Schiavon; F. Vedovato; Davide Bacco; Simone Gaiarin; Giuseppe Bianco; Vincenza Luceri; Paolo Villoresi
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Aerospace laser communications technology as enabler for worldwide quantum key distribution
Author(s): Florian Moll; Harald Weinfurter; Markus Rau; Christopher Schmidt; Gwen Melén; Tobias Vogl; Sebastian Nauerth; Christian Fuchs
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Encoding M classical bits in the relative arrival time of dense-coded photons
Author(s): Salem F. Hegazy; Ahmed E. Morra; Salah S. A. Obayya
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A long-lived and solid-state quantum memory for photons (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mikael Afzelius
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Improving the coherence properties of solid-state spin ensembles via optimized dynamical decoupling
Author(s): D. Farfurnik; A. Jarmola; L. M. Pham; Z. H. Wang; V. V. Dobrovitski; R. L. Walsworth; D. Budker; N. Bar-Gill
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High finesse optical fiber cavities: optimal alignment and robust stabilization (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Lothar Ratschbacher; Jose Gallego; Sutapa Ghosh; Seyed Alavi; Wolfgang Alt; Miguel Martinez-Dorantes; Dieter Meschede
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Demonstration of a coexistence scheme between polarization-entangled QKD and classical data channels
Author(s): Florian Hipp; Michael Hentschel; Slavisa Aleksic; Andreas Poppe; Hannes Huebel
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Toward efficient fiber-based quantum interface (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Vladimir Soshenko; Vadim V. Vorobyov; Stepan Bolshedvorsky; Nikolay Lebedev; Alexey V. Akimov; Vadim Sorokin; Andrey Smolyaninov
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Initialization and measurement of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond with plasmonic Purcell enhancement
Author(s): Sigal A. Wolf; Itamar Rosenberg; Ronen Rapaport; Nir Bar-Gill
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Coherent two-photon excitation of quantum dots
Author(s): L. Ostermann; T. Huber; M. Prilmüller; G. S. Solomon; H. Ritsch; G. Weihs; A. Predojević
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Free-space single-photon transistor based on Rydberg interaction
Author(s): Asaf Paris-Mandoki; Hannes Gorniaczyk; Christoph Tresp; Ivan Mirgorodskiy; Christian Zimmer; Sebastian Hofferberth
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Integrated photonics with quantum emitters: a new hybrid integration platform (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): David J. P. Ellis; Eoin Murray; Thomas Meany; Anthony J. Bennett; Frederik F. Floether; James P. Lee; Jonathan P. Griffiths; Geb A. C. Jones; Ian Farrer; David A. Ritchie; Andrew J. Shields
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Dating water with trace analysis at the quantum limit (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Markus Oberthaler
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On-chip RF-to-optical transducer (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Anders Simonsen; Yeghishe Tsaturyan; Yannick Seis; Silvan Schmid; Albert Schliesser; Eugene S. Polzik
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Chipscale optical frequency combs: from soliton physics to coherent communication (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Victor Brasch; Michael Geiselmann; Tobias Herr; Grigoriy Lihachev; Martin H. P. Pfeiffer; Michael L. Gorodetsky; Tobias J. Kippenberg
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Quantum noise in energy-efficient slow light structures for optical computing: sqeezed light from slow light
Author(s): Ryan Hamerly; Kambiz Jamshidi; Hideo Mabuchi
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Low-noise quantum frequency down-conversion of indistinguishable photons (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Benjamin Kambs; Jan Kettler; Matthias Bock; Jonas Becker; Carsten Arend; Michael Jetter; Peter Michler; Christoph Becher
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Rydberg excitation of trapped strontium ions (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Markus Hennrich; Gerard Higgins; Fabian Pokorny; Florian Kress; Christine Maier; Johannes Haag; Yves Colombe
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Electro-optic bandwidth manipulation of quantum light (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Michal Karpinski; Michal Jachura; Laura J. Wright; Brian J. Smith
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Preparation of 5.6dB vacuum squeezing on 795nm rubidium D1 line via an OPO (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Junmin Wang; Yashuai Han; Xin Wen; Baodong Yang; Yanhua Wang; Jun He
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Modeling cavities exhibiting strong lateral confinement using open geometry Fourier modal method
Author(s): Teppo Häyrynen; Niels Gregersen
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Maximizing the information gain of a single ion microscope using bayes experimental design
Author(s): Georg Jacob; Karin Groot-Berning; Ulrich G. Poschinger; Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler; Kilian Singer
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Feasibility of two-photon rotational spectroscopy on trapped HD+
Author(s): Florin L. Constantin
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Orthogonal frequency division multiplexed quantum key distribution in the presence of Raman noise
Author(s): Sima Bahrani; Mohsen Razavi; Jawad A. Salehi
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1THz synchronous tuning of two optical synthesizers
Author(s): Rudolf Neuhaus; Felix Rohde; Erik Benkler; Thomas Puppe; Christoph Raab; Reinhard Unterreitmayer; Armin Zach; Harald R. Telle; Jürgen Stuhler
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Compact narrow linewidth diode laser modules for precision quantum optics experiments on board of sounding rockets
Author(s): Anja Kohfeldt; Christian Kürbis; Erdenetsetseg Luvsandamdin; Max Schiemangk; Andreas Wicht; Achim Peters; Götz Erbert; Günther Tränkle
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