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Optics, Photonics and Digital Technologies for Imaging Applications IV
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Volume Number: 9896
Date Published: 26 September 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9896
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Polychromatic see-through near-eye display design with two waveguides and a large field-of-view
Author(s): Jianming Yang; Philippe Gérard; Patrice Twardowski; Joël Fontaine
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LED-based projection source based on luminescent concentration
Author(s): Dick K. G. de Boer; Dominique Bruls; Christoph Hoelen; Henri Jagt
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Compensating for colour artefacts in the design of technical kaleidoscopes
Author(s): Šárka Němcová; Vlastimil Havran; Jiří Čáp; Jan Hošek; Jiří Bittner
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Sensorless adaptive optics system based on image second moment measurements
Author(s): Temitope E. Agbana; Huizhen Yang; Oleg Soloviev; Gleb Vdovin; Michel Verhaegen
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Coded access optical sensor (CAOS) imager and applications
Author(s): Nabeel A. Riza
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Agile wavefront splitting interferometry and imaging using a digital micromirror device
Author(s): Juan Pablo La Torre; M. Junaid Amin; Nabeel A. Riza
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Slightly off-axis holography with partially coherent illumination implemented into a standard microscope
Author(s): Vicente Micó; José Angel Picazo-Bueno; Zeev Zalevsky; Javier Garcia; Carlos Ferreira
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Superresolution imaging system by color-coded tilted-beam illumination in digital in-line holographic microscopy
Author(s): L. Granero; V. Micó; C. Ferreira; Z. Zalevsky; J. García
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Speckle noise reduction for computer generated holograms of objects with diffuse surfaces
Author(s): Athanasia Symeonidou; David Blinder; Ayyoub Ahar; Colas Schretter; Adrian Munteanu; Peter Schelkens
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Sparsity assisted phase retrieval of complex valued objects
Author(s): Charu Gaur; Kedar Khare
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3D digitization methods based on laser excitation and active triangulation: a comparison
Author(s): Olivier Aubreton; Fabrice Mériaudeau; Frédéric Truchetet
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A fiber-compatible spectrally encoded imaging system using a 45° tilted fiber grating
Author(s): Guoqing Wang; Chao Wang; Zhijun Yan; Lin Zhang
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3D transient temperature measurement in homogeneous solid material with THz waves
Author(s): M. Romano; A. Sommier; J.-C. Batsale; C. Pradere
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Measurement of 3D displacement fields from few tomographic projections
Author(s): Thibault Taillandier-Thomas; Clément Jailin; Stéphane Roux; François Hild
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3D high- and isotropic resolution in tomographic diffractive microscopy by illumination angular scanning, specimen rotation and improved data recombination
Author(s): Jonathan Bailleul; Bertrand Simon; Bruno Colicchio; Matthieu Debailleul; Olivier Haeberlé
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Motionless active depth from defocus system using smart optics for camera autofocus applications
Author(s): M. Junaid Amin; Nabeel A. Riza
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Evaluation of computational radiometric and spectral sensor calibration techniques
Author(s): Alkhazur Manakov
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Short review of polarimetric imaging based method for 3D measurements
Author(s): Christophe Stolz; Abir Zanzouri Kechiche; Olivier Aubreton
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Presence capture cameras - a new challenge to the image quality
Author(s): Veli-Tapani Peltoketo
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Speckle perception and disturbance limit in laser based projectors
Author(s): Guy Verschaffelt; Stijn Roelandt; Youri Meuret; Wendy Van den Broeck; Katriina Kilpi; Bram Lievens; An Jacobs; Peter Janssens; Hugo Thienpont
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Image quality metrics applied to digital pathology
Author(s): Ana Jiménez; Gloria Bueno; Gabriel Cristóbal ; Oscar Déniz; David Toomey; Catherine Conway
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Feedforward operation of a lens setup for large defocus and astigmatism correction
Author(s): Hans R. G. W. Verstraete; MItra Almasian; Paolo Pozzi; Rolf Bilderbeek; Jeroen Kalkman; Dirk J. Faber; Michel Verhaegen
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An active contour framework based on the Hermite transform for shape segmentation of cardiac MR images
Author(s): Leiner Barba-J; Boris Escalante-Ramírez
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Local retrodiction models for photon-noise-limited images
Author(s): Matthias Sonnleitner; John Jeffers; Stephen M. Barnett
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A current-assisted CMOS photonic sampler with two taps for fluorescence lifetime sensing
Author(s): H. Ingelberts; M. Kuijk
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Non-diffracting super-airy beam with intensified main lobe
Author(s): Brijesh Kumar Singh; Roei Remez; Yuval Tsur; Ady Arie
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Performance prediction of optical image stabilizer using SVM for shaker-free production line
Author(s): HyungKwan Kim; JungHyun Lee; JinWook Hyun; Haekeun Lim; GyuYeol Kim; HyukSoo Moon
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High-speed digital color fringe projection technique for three-dimensional facial measurements
Author(s): Cheng-Yang Liu; Li-Jen Chang; Chung-Yi Wang
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Efficient detection and recognition algorithm of reference points in photogrammetry
Author(s): Weimin Li; Gang Liu; Lichun Zhu; Xiaofeng Li; Yuhai Zhang; Siyu Shan
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Products recognition on shop-racks from local scale-invariant features
Author(s): Jacek Zawistowski; Grzegorz Kurzejamski; Piotr Garbat; Jacek Naruniec
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3D phase stepping optical profilometry using a fiber optic Lloyd's mirror
Author(s): Gulsen Kosoglu; Heba Yuksel; M. Naci Inci
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Influence of array photodetectors characteristics on the accuracy of the optical-electronic system with optical equisignal zone
Author(s): Vadim F. Gusarov; Anton A. Maraev; Aleksandr N. Timofeev; Aleksandr A. Klimov
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Deformably registering and annotating whole CLARITY brains to an atlas via masked LDDMM
Author(s): Kwame S. Kutten; Joshua T. Vogelstein; Nicolas Charon; Li Ye; Karl Deisseroth M.D.; Michael I. Miller
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Long-distance eye-safe laser TOF camera design
Author(s): Anton V. Kovalev; Vadim M. Polyakov; Vyacheslav A. Buchenkov
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Robust Bessel beam scanning without mechanical movement
Author(s): Maria Eloisa M. Ventura; Giovanni A. Tapang; Caesar A. Saloma
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Sparsity metrics for autofocus in digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Xin Fan; John J. Healy; Yan Guanshen; Bryan M. Hennelly
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The rejection of vibrations in adaptive optics systems using a DFT-based estimation method
Author(s): Dariusz Kania; Józef Borkowski
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Singlet oxygen detection in water by means of digital holography and digital holographic tomography
Author(s): A. V. Belashov; N. V. Petrov; I. V. Semenova; O. S. Vasyutinskii
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Optical-electronic system for real-time structural health monitoring of roofs
Author(s): Sergey V. Mikheev; Igor A. Konyakhin; Oleg A. Barsukov
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Robust object tracking techniques for vision-based 3D motion analysis applications
Author(s): Vladimir A. Knyaz; Sergey Yu. Zheltov; Boris V. Vishnyakov
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High resolution spectroscopic mapping imaging applied in situ to multilayer structures for stratigraphic identification of painted art objects
Author(s): Georgios Th. Karagiannis
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Shape extraction in fetal ultrasound images using a Hermite-based filtering approach and a point distribution model
Author(s): Lorena Vargas-Quintero; Boris Escalante-Ramírez; Lisbeth Camargo Marín; Mario Guzmán Huerta; Fernando Arámbula Cosio; Héctor Borboa
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Position estimation for fiducial marks based on high intensity retroreflective tape
Author(s): Anna Trushkina; Mariya Serikova; Anton Pantyushin
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Accurate and high-performance 3D position measurement of fiducial marks by stereoscopic system for railway track inspection
Author(s): Alexey A. Gorbachev; Mariya G. Serikova; Ekaterina N. Pantyushina; Daria A. Volkova
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Simulator of human visual perception
Author(s): Vitalii V. Bezzubik; Nickolai R. Belashenkov
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Texel-based image classification with orthogonal bases
Author(s): Erik Carbajal-Degante; Rodrigo Nava; Jimena Olveres; Boris Escalante-Ramírez; Jan Kybic
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Perspective projection for variance pose face recognition from camera calibration
Author(s): M. M. Fakhir; W. L. Woo; J. A. Chambers; S. S. Dlay
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