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Laser Sources and Applications III
Editor(s): Jacob I. Mackenzie; Helena JelÍnková; Takunori Taira; Marwan Abdou Ahmed
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Volume Number: 9893
Date Published: 16 August 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9893
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Picosecond pulses in deep ultraviolet (257.5 nm and 206 nm) and mid-IR produced by a high-power 100 kHz solid-state thin-disk laser
Author(s): Hana Turčičová; Ondřej Novák; Martin Smrž; Taisuke Miura; Akira Endo; Tomáš Mocek
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Yellow light generation by frequency doubling of a fiber oscillator
Author(s): Christoph Bacher; Ricardo Oliveira; Rogério N. Nogueira; Valerio Romano; Manuel Ryser
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Laser damage resistance of optical coatings in the sub-ps regime: limitations and improvement of damage threshold
Author(s): L. Gallais
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Development of a kW-level picosecond thin-disk regenerative amplifier with a ring cavity
Author(s): J. Mužik; M. Smrž; O. Novák; T. Miura; A. Endo; V. Kubeček; T. Mocek
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High energy diode-pumped solid-state laser development at the Central Laser Facility
Author(s): Paul D. Mason; Saumyabrata Banerjee; Klaus Ertel; P. Jonathan Phillips; Thomas Butcher; Jodie Smith; Mariastefania De Vido; Oleg Chekhlov; Cristina Hernandez-Gomez; Chris Edwards; John Collier
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Fe:ZnMnSe laser active material properties at room and cryogenic temperature
Author(s): H. Jelínková; M. E. Doroshenko; V. V. Osiko; M. Němec; J. Šulc; M. Jelínek Jr.; D. Vyhlídal; V. Kubecek; M. Čech; N. O. Kovalenko; A. S. Gerasimenko
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Cryogenically-cooled Yb:YGAG ceramic picosecond oscillator
Author(s): J. Mužik; M. Jelínek Jr.; T. Miura; M. Smrž; A. Endo; T. Mocek; V. Kubeček
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Zero-phonon-line pumped cryogenic Yb:YAG passively Q-switched by Cr:YAG
Author(s): Venkatesan Jambunathan; Petr Navratil; Lucie Horackova; Antonio Lucianetti; Tomas Mocek
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Engineering of thin crystal layers grown by pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): James A. Grant-Jacob; Stephen J. Beecher; Tina L. Parsonage; Ping Hua; Jacob I. Mackenzie; David P. Shepherd; Robert W. Eason
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Numerical model for thermal parameters in optical materials
Author(s): Yoichi Sato; Takunori Taira
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Improved optical efficiency of bulk laser amplifiers with femtosecond written waveguides
Author(s): Mikhail A. Bukharin; Andrey Lyashedko; Nikolay N. Skryabin; Dmitriy V. Khudyakov; Sergey K. Vartapetov
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Tm:GGAG crystal for 2µm tunable diode-pumped laser
Author(s): Jan Šulc; Pavel Boháček; Michal Němec; Martin Fibrich; Helena Jelínková; Bohumil Trunda; Lubomír Havlák; Karel Jurek; Martin Nikl
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Switching among pulse-generation regimes in passively mode-locked fibre laser by adaptive filtering
Author(s): Junsong Peng; Sonia Boscolo
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Intensity noise reduction of a high-power nonlinear femtosecond fiber amplifier based on spectral-breathing self-similar parabolic pulse evolution
Author(s): Sijia Wang; Bowen Liu; Youjian Song; Minglie Hu
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Thin disk lasers: history and prospects
Author(s): Jochen Speiser
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Efficient generation of cylindrically polarized beams in an Yb:YAG thin-disk laser enabled by a ring-shaped pumping distribution
Author(s): Tom Dietrich; Martin Rumpel; Thomas Graf; Marwan Abdou Ahmed
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Thin-disk multipass amplifier emitting radially polarized beam with 635 W of average power and 2.1 mJ of pulse energy
Author(s): André Loescher; Jan-Philipp Negel; Thomas Graf; Marwan Abdou Ahmed
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A 1.78 µJ and 285fs Yb:CaF2 SESAM-modelocked thin-disk oscillator
Author(s): Benjamin Dannecker; Marwan Abdou Ahmed; Thomas Graf
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Cryogenic Tm:YAP microchip laser
Author(s): Zbyněk Hubka; Jan Šulc; Helena Jelínková; Karel Nejezchleb; Václav Škoda
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High power passive mode-locked L-band fiber laser based on microfiber topological insulator saturable absorber
Author(s): Georges Semaan; Yichang Meng; Mohamed Salhi; Alioune Niang; Khmaies Guesmi; Zhi-Chao Luo; Francois Sanchez
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All-normal dispersion Yb-doped fiber laser mode-locked by Sb2Te3 topological insulator
Author(s): Maciej Kowalczyk; Jakub Boguslawski; Dorota Stachowiak ; Jan Tarka; Rafal Zybala; Krzysztof Mars; Andrzej Mikula; Grzegorz J. Sobon; Jaroslaw Z. Sotor; Krzysztof M. Abramski
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Passively Q-switched single-frequency 2μm laser used graphene as saturable absorber
Author(s): Lei Wang
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Parabolic similariton Yb-fiber laser with triangular pulse evolution
Author(s): Sijia Wang; Lei Wang
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Comparison of different Kerr-lens mode locking laser design techniques
Author(s): José Agustín Moreno-Larios; Martha Rosete-Aguilar; Jesús Garduño-Mejía
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LD-pumped acousto-optical Q-switched burst-mode Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Hu Pan; Renpeng Yan; Xudong Li; Yufei Ma; Xin Yu; Deying Chen
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Optimal pumping for eye-safe Er:YAG laser
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Buchenkov; Vadim M. Polyakov; Andrey Yu. Rodionov; Anton V. Kovalev
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Experimental demonstration of attenuation resistant frozen waves
Author(s): Ahmed H. Dorrah; Michel Zamboni-Rached; T. A. Vieira; M. R. R. Gesualdi; Mo Mojahedi
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Towards top-hat spatial shaping of ultrafast laser beam based on Zernike polynomials
Author(s): Cyril Mauclair; Nicolas Faure; Julien Houzet
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Random lasers for lab-on-chip applications
Author(s): J. M. Giehl; F. Butzbach; K. C. Jorge; M. A. Alvarado; M. N. P. Carreño; M. I. Alayo ; N. U. Wetter
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Optical filter finesses enhancement based on nested coupled cavities and active medium
Author(s): George A. Adib; Yasser M. Sabry; Diaa Khalil
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LIBS: a potential tool for industrial/agricultural waste water analysis
Author(s): Tanvi Karpate; Muhammed Shameem K. M.; Rajesh Nayak; Unnikrishnan V. K.; Santhosh C.
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