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Optical Micro- and Nanometrology VI
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Volume Number: 9890
Date Published: 6 June 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9890
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Digital holographic microscopy for the characterization of microelectromechanical systems
Author(s): V. Pagliarulo; L. Miccio; P. Ferraro
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Photon counting digital holography
Author(s): Nazif Demoli; Hrvoje Skenderović; Mario Stipčević; Mladen Pavičić
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Partial spatial coherence illumination in digital holographic microscopy: quantitative analysis of the resulting noise reduction
Author(s): Jérôme Dohet-Eraly; Catherine Yourassowsky; Ahmed El Mallahi; Frank Dubois
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Perspectives of multimode fibers and digital holography for optogenetics
Author(s): Jürgen W. Czarske; Daniel Haufe; Nektarios Koukourakis; Lars Büttner
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Digital holography with electron wave: measuring into the nanoworld
Author(s): Fernando Mendoza Santoyo; Edgar Voelkl
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Measurement of hygroscopic strain in deodar wood during convective drying using lensless Fourier transform digial holography
Author(s): Manoj Kumar; Chandra Shakher
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Structured light optical microscopy for three-dimensional reconstruction of technical surfaces
Author(s): Johannes Kettel; Holger Reinecke; Claas Müller
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Triangulation-based 3D surveying borescope
Author(s): S. Pulwer; P. Steglich; C. Villringer; J. Bauer; M. Burger; M. Franz; K. Grieshober; F. Wirth; J. Blondeau; J. Rautenberg; S. Mouti; S. Schrader
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High-contrast 3D image acquisition using HiLo microscopy with an electrically tunable lens
Author(s): Katrin Philipp; André Smolarski; Andreas Fischer; Nektarios Koukourakis; Moritz Stürmer; Ulricke Wallrabe; Jürgen Czarske
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Three-dimensional measurements with a novel technique combination of confocal and focus variation with a simultaneous scan
Author(s): A. Matilla; J. Mariné; J. Pérez; C. Cadevall; R. Artigas
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Array-type miniature interferometer as the core optical microsystem of an optical coherence tomography device for tissue inspection
Author(s): Nicolas Passilly; Stéphane Perrin; Justine Lullin; Jorge Albero; Sylwester Bargiel; Luc Froehly; Christophe Gorecki; Johann Krauter; Wolfgang Osten; Wei-Shan Wang; Maik Wiemer
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Vertical comb-drive microscanner with 4x4 array of micromirrors for phase-shifting Mirau microinterferometry
Author(s): Sylwester Bargiel; Justine Lullin; Patrice Lemoal; Stéphane Perrin; Nicolas Passilly; Jorge Albero; Luc Froehly; Franck Lardet-Vieudrin; Christophe Gorecki
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High-resolution full-field optical coherence tomography using high dynamic range image processing
Author(s): A. Leong-Hoï; R. Claveau; P. C. Montgomery; B. Serio; W. Uhring; F. Anstotz; M. Flury
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Space-domain, filtered backpropagation algorithm for tomographic configuration with scanning of illumination
Author(s): J. Kostencka; T. Kozacki
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Overview of label-free far field optical nanoscopy techniques for nanometrology
Author(s): Paul Montgomery; Audrey Leong-Hoï; Freddy Anstotz; Hui Liu; Bertrand Simon; Matthieu Debailleul; Olivier Haeberlé
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A silicon superlens with a simple design working at visible wavelengths
Author(s): Liwei Fu; Karsten Frenner; Huiyu Li; Wolfgang Osten
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High-resolution photocurrent mapping of thin-film solar cells using scanning near-field optical microscopy
Author(s): Z. Cao; S. Lehnen; R. Carius; K. Bittkau
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Optical properties of spray coated layers with carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoplatelets
Author(s): Zofia Lorenc; Jakub Krzeminski; Grzegorz Wroblewski; Leszek Salbut
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Wavefront shaping for flow-field measurements through varying phase boundaries
Author(s): J. W. Czarske; N. Koukourakis; J. Koenig; B. Fregin; L. Büttner
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Robust determination of asymmetric side wall angles by means of coherent scanning Fourier scatterometry
Author(s): M. L. Gödecke; S. Peterhänsel; K. Frenner; W. Osten
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Structure and mesoscopic characterization of laser ablated carbon nanoparticles in water by Raman scattering
Author(s): J. F. Cardenas; T. Cadenbach; Z.-B. Zhang; C. Costa-Vera; S.-L. Zhang; J. L. Paz
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Speckle decorrelation study of phase heterogeneous liquid medium
Author(s): Valentyna Pobiedina; Andrey Yakunov
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Inverse scattering spectroscopic method for the fast measurement of the number and mass concentrations of metal nanoparticle colloid
Author(s): Guoce Yang; Benfeng Bai; Wenqi Liu; Xiaochun Wu
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Local reflectance spectra measurements of surfaces using coherence scanning interferometry
Author(s): R. Claveau; P. C. Montgomery; M. Flury; D. Montaner
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Two-dimensional low-coherence interferometry for the characterization of nanometer wafer topographies
Author(s): Ch. Taudt; T. Baselt; B. Nelsen; H. Aßmann; A. Greiner; E. Koch; P. Hartmann
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Sensing roughness and polish direction
Author(s): M. L. Jakobsen; A. S. Olesen; H. E. Larsen; J. Stubager; S. G. Hanson; T. F. Pedersen; H. C. Pedersen
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Production of arbitrary polarized light beams with a liquid crystal spatial modulator
Author(s): Ignacio Moreno; Maria M. Sánchez-López; Jeffrey A. Davis; Katherine Badham; Don M. Cottrell
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Evaluation of single-shot and two-shot fringe pattern phase demodulation algorithms aided by the Hilbert-Huang transform
Author(s): Maciej Trusiak; Krzysztof Patorski; Lukasz Sluzewski; Zofia Sunderland
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Effective generation of unidirectional SPP beam with arbitrary profile
Author(s): Oubo You; Benfeng Bai; Xiaoyu Wu; Zhendong Zhu; Qixia Wang
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Influences of edges and steep slopes in 3D interference and confocal microscopy
Author(s): Weichang Xie; Sebastian Hagemeier; Carsten Woidt; Harmut Hillmer; Peter Lehmann
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Systemic errors calibration in dynamic stitching interferometry
Author(s): Xin Wu; Te Qi; Yingjie Yu; Linna Zhang
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Vertical integration of array-type miniature interferometers at wafer level by using multistack anodic bonding
Author(s): Wei-Shan Wang; Maik Wiemer; Joerg Froemel; Tom Enderlein; Thomas Gessner; Justine Lullin; Sylwester Bargiel; Nicolas Passilly; Jorge Albero; Christophe Gorecki
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Measurement of defects by measuring of light scattering from surfaces using focused illumination
Author(s): O. Rodríguez-Núñez; Neil C. Bruce
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Precision topographic inspection of MOEMS by moiré interferometry
Author(s): S. Meguellati
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Optical characterization of SiO2 thin films using universal dispersion model over wide spectral range
Author(s): Daniel Franta; David Nečas; Ivan Ohlídal; Angelo Giglia
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3D through silicon via profile metrology based on spectroscopic reflectometry for SOI applications
Author(s): O. Fursenko; J. Bauer; S. Marschmeyer
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Application of laser radiation for investigation of oriented polypropylene membranes
Author(s): Alexander A. Zinchik; Ivan S. Kuryndin; Ksenia V. Ezhova; Galina K. Elyashevich
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Subaperture method for aspheric surface metrology using curvature data
Author(s): SeongWon Lee; WooKyung Jeon; TaeJin Park; ByoungChang Kim; GeonHee Kim; SangWon Hyun; IJong Kim; Seunghyun Kim; ChangKyu Kim; HyungSuk Lee
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Aberration retrieval for the characterization of micro-optical components
Author(s): Stephane Perrin; Nicolas Passilly; Luc Froehly; Christophe Gorecki
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Capillary-scale interferometry at high angles of scattering for refractive index measurements of small volumes
Author(s): Grzegorz Świrniak
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Optical properties of polymer microtips investigated with workshop tomographic system
Author(s): Michał Dudek; Małgorzata Kujawińska; Piotr Makowski; Leszek R. Jaroszewicz; Vincent Parat
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