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Remote Sensing and Modeling of the Atmosphere, Oceans, and Interactions VI
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Volume Number: 9882
Date Published: 11 August 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9882
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
MODIS sea surface temperature retrievals using different channel combinations and hybrid cloud detection
Author(s): Prabhat K. Koner; Andy Harris
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Towards understanding the variability of aerosol characteristics over the Indo-Gangetic Plain
Author(s): V. Vinoj; Satyendra K. Pandey
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Evaluation of NCMRWF unified model vertical cloud structure with CloudSat over the Indian summer monsoon region
Author(s): A. Jayakumar; Ashu Mamgain; A. S. Jisesh; Saji Mohandas; R. Rakhi; E. N. Rajagopal
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Genesis of elevated aerosol loading over the Indian region
Author(s): S. S. Prijith; P. V. N. Rao; Mannil Mohan
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Aerosols-cloud interaction during active-break cycle of Indian summer monsoon from satellite observations and cloud resolving model simulations
Author(s): Anwesa Bhattacharya; V. Venugopal; Arindam Chakraborty
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Recent results and proposed observing system simulation experiments (OSSE) to link research and operation
Author(s): Michiko Masutani
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Reduction of uncertainty associated with future changes in Indian summer monsoon projected by climate models and assessment of monsoon teleconnections
Author(s): Kavirajan Rajendran; Sajani Surendran; Akio Kitoh; Stella Jes Varghese
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Impact of Megha-Tropiques SAPHIR radiance assimilation on the simulation of tropical cyclones over Bay of Bengal
Author(s): Dhanya M.; Deepak Gopalakrishnan; Anantharaman Chandrasekar; Sanjeev Kumar Singh; V. S. Prasad
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Impact of advanced technology microwave sounder data in the NCMRWF 4D-VAR data assimilation system
Author(s): S. Indira Rani; D. Srinivas; Swapan Mallick; John P. George
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Impact of EnVar hybrid assimilation using EnKF ensembles
Author(s): V. S. Prasad; C. J. Johny; Jagdeep Singh Sodhi; E. N. Rajagopal
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High resolution land surface response of inland moving Indian monsoon depressions over Bay of Bengal
Author(s): P. V. Rajesh; S. Pattnaik
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Quantifying and monitoring convection intensity from mm-wave sounder observations
Author(s): Ziad S. Haddad; Randy S. Sawaya; Sahra Kacimi; Ousmane O. Sy; Jeffrey L. Steward
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Recent land use/land cover changes and their impact on the evolution and structure of thunderstorm in New Delhi
Author(s): Ashu Mamgain; Unnikrishnan C. K.; E. N. Rajagopal
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Precipitation-aerosol relationship over the Indian region during drought and excess summer monsoon years
Author(s): Sajani Surendran; Kavirajan Rajendran; Arya V. B.
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Understanding hydrologic sensitivity and land-atmosphere interactions through remote sensing and high resolution regional model
Author(s): Anil Kumar
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Improvement of Systematic Bias of mean state and the intraseasonal variability of CFSv2 through superparameterization and revised cloud-convection-radiation parameterization
Author(s): P. Mukhopadhyay; R. Phani Murali Krishna; Bidyut B. Goswami; S. Abhik; Malay Ganai; M. Mahakur; Marat Khairoutdinov; Jimmy Dudhia
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An effort to improve track and intensity prediction of tropical cyclones through vortex initialization in NCUM-global model
Author(s): Vivek Singh; A. Routray; Swapan Mallick; John P. George; E. N. Rajagopal
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Prediction of tropical cyclone over North Indian Ocean using WRF model: sensitivity to scatterometer winds, ATOVS and ATMS radiances
Author(s): Venkata B. Dodla; Desamsetti Srinivas; Hari Prasad Dasari; Chinna Satyanarayana Gubbala
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Prediction of severe thunderstorms over Sriharikota Island by using the WRF-ARW operational model
Author(s): Papa Rao G.; Rajasekhar M.; Pushpa Saroja R.; Sreeshna T.; Rajeevan M.; S. S. V. S. Ramakrishna
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Impact of GNSS-IPW observations on NGFS
Author(s): C. J. Johny; V. S. Prasad
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Aerosol-cloud interactions: effect on precipitation
Author(s): Jasmine Takle; R. Maheskumar
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Impact of hyperspectral radiance in the simulation of tropical cyclone using NCUM model
Author(s): A. Routray; John P. George; Vivek Singh; Indira Rani
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Assimilation of ASCAT winds using 4DVAR: an impact study
Author(s): Desamsetti Srinivas; Indira Rani S.; Swapan Mallick; John P. George
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Efforts in assimilating Indian satellite data in the NGFS and monitoring of their quality
Author(s): V. S. Prasad; Sanjeev Kumar Singh
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Scattering phase function for particulates-in-water: modeling and validation
Author(s): Sanjay Kumar Sahu; Palanisamy Shanmugam
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A review of recent evaluation of satellite estimates sea surface salinity in the tropical Indian Ocean
Author(s): Imranali M. Momin; Ashis K. Mitra; D. K. Mahapatra; E. N. Rajagopal
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Height of warm core in very severe cyclonic storms Phailin: INSAT-3D perspective
Author(s): S. Indira Rani; V. S. Prasad; E. N. Rajagopal; Swati Basu
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Impact of AWiFS derived land use land cover on simulation of heavy rainfall
Author(s): Srinivasarao Karri; Biswadip Gharai; S. V. S. Sai Krishna; P. V. N. Rao
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Forecasting of monsoon heavy rains: challenges in NWP
Author(s): Kuldeep Sharma; Raghavendra Ashrit; Gopal Iyengar; R. Bhatla; E. N. Rajagopal
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Analysis and evaluation of Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs) forecast data for Indian summer monsoon
Author(s): Medha Deshpande; P. Mukhopadhyay; Michiko Masutani; Zaizhong Ma; Lars Peter Riishojgaard; Michael Hardesty; Dave Emmitt; T. N. Krishnamurti; B. N. Goswami
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Water vapor transport from the Indian monsoon region: the phenomenon of Atmospheric River
Author(s): Sree Raghav R.; Mrudula G.
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Possible development mechanisms of pre-monsoon thunderstorms over northeast and east India
Author(s): Sunanda Narayanan; Gokul Vishwanathan; Mrudula G.
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Effect of El-Nino on Southwest Monsoon 2015
Author(s): Vidhulakshmi K. U.; Mrudula G.
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Seasonal dynamics of circulation in Hooghly Estuary and its adjacent coastal oceans
Author(s): Shashank Kr. Mishra; Gourav Nayak; R. K. Nayak; V. K. Dadhwal
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Onset of Indian Summer Monsoon: a retrospective analysis
Author(s): Sruthi S.; Mrudula G.
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An automated fog monitoring system for the Indo-Gangetic Plains based on satellite measurements
Author(s): Dinesh Patil; Reema Chourey; Sarwar Rizvi; Manoj Singh; Ritesh Gautam
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The spatio-temporal structures and role of low- and high-frequency intraseasonal modes in Indian Summer monsoon rainfall observed in TRMM data
Author(s): Nirupam Karmakar; Arindam Chakraborty; Ravi S. Nanjundiah
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Relation between tropical cyclone heat potential and cyclone intensity in the North Indian Ocean
Author(s): B. Jangir; D. Swain; T. V. S. Udaya Bhaskar
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