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Lidar Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring XV
Editor(s): Upendra N. Singh; Nobuo Sugimoto; Achuthan Jayaraman; Mullapudi V. R. Seshasai
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Volume Number: 9879
Date Published: 8 December 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9879
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
2-micron triple-pulse integrated path differential absorption lidar development for simultaneous airborne column measurements of carbon dioxide and water vapor in the atmosphere
Author(s): Upendra N. Singh; Mulugeta Petros; Tamer F. Refaat; Jirong Yu
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Development of Tm:fiber laser-pumped Ho:YLF laser
Author(s): Kohei Mizutani; Shoken Ishii; Kazuhiro Asai; Atsushi Sato
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Wavelength locking to CO2 absorption line-center for 2-um pulsed IPDA lidar application
Author(s): Tamer F. Refaat; Mulugeta Petros; Charles W. Antill Jr.; Upendra N. Singh; Jirong Yu
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Overview and status of vegetation lidar mission MOLI
Author(s): Jumpei Murooka; Daisuke Sakaizawa; Tadashi Imai; Toshiyoshi Kimura; Kazuhiro Asai
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UV lifetime demonstrator for space-based applications
Author(s): Michael Albert; Kent Puffenburger; Tom Schum; Fran Fitzpatrick; Slava Litvinovitch; Darrell Jones; Joseph Rudd; Floyd Hovis
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Design of a fused optical fibre bundle-based receiver for low-altitude profiling of water vapour using Raman lidar
Author(s): Sangeetha N.; Bhavani Kumar Yellapragada; Venkata Rajanikanth Machavaram
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Lidar measurements of tropical cirrus during monsoon period
Author(s): Subhajit Roy; Bhavani Kumar Y.; M. V. R. Murti
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Lidar observation of transition of cirrus clouds over a tropical station Gadanki (13.450 N, 79.180 E): case studies
Author(s): M. Arunachalam Srinivasan; C. Dhananjaya Rao; M. Krishnaiah
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Multi-wavelength dual polarisation lidar for monitoring precipitation process in the cloud seeding technique
Author(s): Sudhakar P.; K. Anitha Sheela; Ramakrishna Rao D.; Satyanarayana Malladi
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Lidar application to middle atmospheric dynamics
Author(s): K. Ramesh; S. Sridharan
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Demand-based urban forest planning using high-resolution remote sensing and AHP
Author(s): Srinivasa Raju Kolanuvada; Muneeswaran Mariappan; Vani Krishnan
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Random forest regression modelling for forest aboveground biomass estimation using RISAT-1 PolSAR and terrestrial LiDAR data
Author(s): Rohit Mangla; Shashi Kumar; Subrata Nandy
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Performance of laser based optical imaging system
Author(s): Dhrupesh S. Shah; Arup Banerjee; Anup Vora; Amiya Biswas; Naimesh Patel; Amit Kurulkar; Ashutosh Dutt
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Lidar research activities and observations at NARL site, Gadanki, India
Author(s): Bhavani Kumar Yellapragada
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Lidar studies on atmospheric aerosols at a semi-urban station Cheeryal (17.51° N, 78.62° E) near Hyderabad, India
Author(s): S. Pillodi; D. Ramakrishna Rao; K. Anitha Sheela; Malladi Satyanarayana
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Retrieval of mixed layer height (MLH) from lidar using analytical methods and estimation of MLH growth rates over a tropical site Gadanki
Author(s): Vishnu R.; Bhavani Kumar Y.; P. R. Sinha; Narayana Rao T.; James Jebaseelan Samuel E.
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Dual polarization micropulse lidar observations of the diurnal evolution of atmospheric boundary layer over a tropical coastal station
Author(s): K. Rajeev; Manoj Kumar Mishra; S. V. Sunilkumar; S. Sijikumar
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Measurements of long range transport using two wavelength and polarization lidar over tropical rural site Gadanki (13.450 N, 79.170 E)
Author(s): Vishnu R.; Y. Bhavani Kumar; E. James Jebaseelan Samuel
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Depolarization ratio, SNR estimation, and polarization sensitivity analysis for a commercial Raman depolarization lidar system
Author(s): George Avdikos; George Georgoussis
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Development of a high-spectral-resolution lidar for continuous observation of aerosols in South America
Author(s): Yoshitaka Jin; Nobuo Sugimoto; Tomoaki Nishizawa; Pablo Ristori; Sebastian Papandrea; Lidia Otero; Eduardo Quel; Akira Mizuno
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Experimental investigations on range-resolved refractive index structure parameterCn^2, by optical measurements over a 2.0 km free space laser path
Author(s): P. Sudhakar; K. Anitha Sheela; D. Ramakrishna Rao; Malladi Satyanarayana
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OPO DIAL lidar for remote measurements of atmospheric gases in the IR range
Author(s): O. A. Romanovskii; O. V. Kharchenko; V. K. Shumskii; S. A. Sadovnikov; S. V. Yakovlev
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Diameter at breast height estimation in Mt. Makiling, Laguna, Philippines using metrics derived from airborne LiDAR data and Worldview-2 bands
Author(s): Fe Andrea M. Tandoc; Enrico C. Paringit; Nathaniel C. Bantayan; Reginald Jay L. Argamosa; Regine Anne G. Faelga; Carlyn Ann G. Ibañez; Mark Anthony V. Posilero; Gio P. Zaragosa; Matthew V. Malabanan
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Addressing lidar overlap for diameter at breast height estimation using a point-cloud processing software
Author(s): Gio P. Zaragosa; Enrico C. Paringit; Carlyn Ann G. Ibañez; Regine Anne G. Faelga; Reginald Jay L. Argamosa; Mark Anthony V. Posilero; Fe Andrea M. Tandoc; Matthew V. Malabanan
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Validation of the separability measure for Rhizophoraceae and Avicenniaceae using point density distribution from lidar
Author(s): Regine Anne G. Faelga; Enrico C. Paringit; Gay Jane P. Perez; Reginald Jay L. Argamosa; Carlyn Ann G. Ibañez; Mark Anthony V. Posilero; Fe Andrea M. Tandoc; Gio P. Zaragosa
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A technique for retrieval of ozone vertical distribution from DIAL measurements
Author(s): O. A. Romanovskii; V. D. Burlakov; S. I. Dolgii; O. V. Kharchenko; A. A. Nevzorov; A. V. Nevzorov
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Construction and first atmospheric observations of a high spectral resolution lidar system in Argentina in the frame of a trinational Japanese-Argentinean-Chilean collaboration
Author(s): S. Papandrea; Y. Jin; P. Ristori; L. Otero; T. Nishizawa; A. Mizuno; N. Sugimoto; E. Quel
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