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Image Sensing Technologies: Materials, Devices, Systems, and Applications III
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Volume Number: 9854
Date Published: 15 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9854
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Recent progress in avalanche photodiodes for sensing in the IR spectrum
Author(s): S. J. Maddox; M. Ren; M. E. Woodson; S. R. Bank; J. C. Campbell
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Broadband antireflection with curved surface nano-pyramids for image sensing devices
Author(s): Anil Shrestha; Genki Mizuno; Patrick Oduor; Achyut K. Dutta; Nibir K. Dhar
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Development of nanostructured antireflection coatings for EO/IR sensor applications
Author(s): Gopal G. Pethuraja; Roger E. Welser; Ashok K. Sood; Harry Efstathiadis; Pradeep Haldar; Priyalal S. Wijewarnasuriya; Nibir K. Dhar
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Development of silicon-germanium visible-near infrared arrays
Author(s): John W. Zeller; Caitlin Rouse; Harry Efstathiadis; Pradeep Haldar; Jay S. Lewis; Nibir K. Dhar; Priyalal Wijewarnasuriya; Yash R. Puri; Ashok K. Sood
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High performance digital read out integrated circuit (DROIC) for infrared imaging
Author(s): Genki Mizuno; Robert Olah; Patrick Oduor; Achyut K. Dutta; Nibir K. Dhar
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Overview of detector technologies for EO/IR sensing applications
Author(s): Ashok K. Sood; John W. Zeller; Roger E. Welser; Yash R. Puri; Jay S. Lewis; Nibir K. Dhar; Priyalal Wijewarnasuriya
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Dislocation reduction in HgCdTe grown on CdTe/Si
Author(s): Priyalal S. Wijewarnasuriya
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Extended SWIR imaging sensors for hyperspectral imaging applications
Author(s): A. Weber; M. Benecke; J. Wendler; A. Sieck; D. Hübner; H. Figgemeier; R. Breiter
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Development of graphene based detectors for EO/ IR applications
Author(s): Ashok K. Sood; Isaac Lund; John W. Zeller; Yash R. Puri; Harry Efstathiadis; Pradeep Haldar; Nibir K. Dhar; Jay Lewis; Priyalal Wijewarnasuriya
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Fast cooldown coaxial pulse tube microcooler
Author(s): T. Nast; J. R. Olson; P. Champagne; E. Roth; G. Kaldas; E. Saito; V. Loung; B. S. McCay; A. C. Kenton; C. L. Dobbins
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Strategic options towards an affordable high-performance infrared camera
Author(s): Patrick Oduor; Genki Mizuno; Achyut K. Dutta; Jay Lewis; Nibir K. Dhar
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Detectors and focal plane modules for weather instruments
Author(s): A. I. D'Souza; E. Robinson; S. Masterjohn; V. Khalap; S. Bhargava; E. Rangel; S. Babu; D. S. Smith
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Independent component analysis applications on THz sensing and imaging
Author(s): Soner Balci; Alexander Maleski; Matheus Mello Nascimento; Elizabath Philip; Ju-Hyung Kim; Patrick Kung; Seongsin M. Kim
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Evolution of THz impulse imaging radar to 1550nm photoconductive switches
Author(s): E. R. Brown; W.-D. Zhang; A. Feldman; T. Harvey; R. P. Mirin; S. Sung; W. S. Grundfest; Z. D. Taylor
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Handheld THz security imaging
Author(s): Irl N. Duling III
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Terahertz sensing with waveguides
Author(s): M. Gerhard; R. Beigang; M. Rahm
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Terahertz imaging with quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Alan W. Lee; Tsung-Yu Kao; Ian A. Zimmerman; Naoki Oda; Qing Hu
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Analysis and implementation of the foveated vision of the raptor eye
Author(s): Aaron D. Long; Ram M. Narayanan; Timothy J. Kane; Terence F. Rice; Michael J. Tauber
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Characterization of electromechanical actuator implemented to phase-shift system applied to a Michelson interferometer
Author(s): A. Barcelata-Pinzon; C. Meneses Fabian; R. Juarez-Salazar; M. Durán-Sánchez; R. I. Alvarez-Tamayo; C. I. Robledo-Sánchez; J. L. Muñoz-Mata; J. F. Casco-Vázquez
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Remote application for spectral collection
Author(s): Shelli R. Cone; R. J. Steele; Nigel H. Tzeng; Alexer H. Firpi; Benjamin M. Rodriguez
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Characterization of internal geometry / covered surface defects with a visible light sensing system
Author(s): Jeremy Straub
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Alignment issues, correlation techniques and their assessment for a visible light imaging-based 3D printer quality control system
Author(s): Jeremy Straub
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Lithographic VCSEL array multimode and single mode sources for sensing and 3D imaging
Author(s): J. Leshin; M. Li; J. Beadsworth; X. Yang; Y. Zhang; F. Tucker; L. Eifert; D. G. Deppe
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Binary CMOS image sensor with a gate/body-tied MOSFET-type photodetector for high-speed operation
Author(s): Byoung-Soo Choi; Sung-Hyun Jo; Myunghan Bae; Sang-Hwan Kim; Jang-Kyoo Shin
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Novel high performance multispectral photodetector and its performance
Author(s): Genki Mizuno; Jaydeep Dutta; Patrick Oduor; Achyut K. Dutta; Nibir K. Dhar
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A study on optical coherence tomography using high frequency swept source
Author(s): Lei Ding; Xinglin Tong; Liang Chen; Pan Hu; Di Huang; Minli Zhao; Hongqiao Wen
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Enablement of scientific remote sensing missions with in-space 3D printing
Author(s): Michael Hirsch; Thomas McGuire; Michael Parsons; Skye Leake; Jeremy Straub
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Visualization of coke state in hydraulic decoking process
Author(s): Qian Guo; Xinglin Tong; Chengwei Deng; Cui Zhang; Di Huang; Liang Chen; Jiaguo Xiong
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Infrared optical and electronic properties in low tellurium doped GaSb substrates for SLS FPA applications
Author(s): K. Roodenko; P.-K. Liao; D. Lan; K. P. Clark; E. D. Fraser; K. W. Vargason; J.-M. Kuo; Y.-C. Kao; P. R. Pinsukanjana
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New high performance Si for optical devices
Author(s): T. Tenma; M. Matsuzaka; R. Sako; K. Takase; K. Chiba
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