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Fiber Optic Sensors and Applications XIII
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Volume Number: 9852
Date Published: 28 June 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9852
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The early history of the closed loop fiber optic gyro and derivative sensors at McDonnell Douglas, Blue Road Research and Columbia Gorge Research
Author(s): Eric Udd
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Potpourri of comments about the fiber optic gyro for its 40th anniversary, and how fascinating it was and it still is!
Author(s): Hervé C. Lefèvre
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Recent developments in laser-driven and hollow-core fiber optic gyroscopes
Author(s): M. J. F. Digonnet; J. N. Chamoun
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Fiber optic gyros from research to production
Author(s): George A. Pavlath
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Fiber optic gyro development at Honeywell
Author(s): Glen A. Sanders; Steven J. Sanders; Lee K. Strandjord; Tiequn Qiu; Jianfeng Wu; Marc Smiciklas; Derek Mead; Sorin Mosor; Alejo Arrizon; Waymon Ho; Mary Salit
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Current status of fiber optic gyro efforts for space applications in Japan
Author(s): Shinji Mitani; Tadahito Mizutani; Shin-ichiro Sakai
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20 years of KVH fiber optic gyro technology: the evolution from large, low performance FOGs to compact, precise FOGs and FOG-based inertial systems
Author(s): Jay Napoli
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Technological advancements at Al Cielo Inertial Solutions (ACIS)
Author(s): Meir Rosilio; Lisa Koenigsberg; Noam Pasternak; Arnon Arbel
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Advances in optical fibers for fiber sensors
Author(s): A. M. Gillooly
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Fiber optic gyro development at Fibernetics
Author(s): Ralph A. Bergh; Leif Arnesen; Craig Herdman
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New technique for fabrication of low loss high temperature stable high reflectivity FBG sensor arrays
Author(s): Stephen J. Mihailov; Dan Grobnic; Robert B. Walker; Cyril A. Hnatovsky; Huimin Ding; David Coulas; Ping Lu
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Sensing delamination in epoxy encapsulant systems with fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Brad H. Jones; Garth D. Rohr; Amy K. Kaczmarowski M.D.
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Interrogation and mitigation of polarization effects for standard and birefringent FBGs
Author(s): Selwan K. Ibrahim; Jan Van Roosbroeck; John A. O'Dowd; Bram Van Hoe; Eric Lindner; Johan Vlekken; Martin Farnan; Devrez M. Karabacak; Johannes M. Singer
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High-speed system for FBG-based measurements of vibration and sound
Author(s): Devrez M. Karabacak; Selwan K. Ibrahim; Yorick Koumans; Bastiaan Meulblok; Rik Knoppers
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Field trial of a multi-parameters' monitoring network using FBGs adapted directly in the conventional instruments of dams
Author(s): Joao B. Rosolem; Claudio A. Hortencio; Claudio Floridia; Danilo C. Dini; Rivael S. Penze; Bruno N. Aires; Fabio R. Bassan; Rodrigo A. Morbach; Eduardo F. da Costa; Felipe C. Salgado; Rodrigo Peres; João Paulo V. Fracarolli; Marcus Vinícius F. Santana; Augusto Cezar M. Gregatti; Guilherme Muniz; Gerson L. Amadeo; Gilson M. Carvalho; Fernando Pertile; Luis Fernando P. Melegari; Heloisa O. Herreros; Marcelo Y. Kurokawa; Luis F. de Avila
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Development and field trial of a FBG-based magnetic sensor for large hydrogenerators
Author(s): João P. V. Fracarolli; João B. Rosolem; Elias K. Tomiyama; Claudio Floridia; Rivael S. Penze; Rodrigo Peres; Danilo C. Dini; Claudio A. Hortencio; Paulo I. G. Dilli; Erlon V. da Silva; Marcéu C. dos Santos; Fabiano Fruett
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Simultaneous temperature and tension monitoring of a multi-layer composite film with embedded Hi-Bi optical fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Guanghui Chen; Jianbo Sha; Ming Zhao; Kan Gao; Ping Xue; Lianqing Zhu
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Ultrafast laser inscribed fiber Bragg gratings for sensing applications
Author(s): Stephen J. Mihailov
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Ultrafast fiber grating sensor systems for velocity, position, pressure, and temperature measurements
Author(s): Eric Udd; Ingrid Udd; Jerry J. Benterou; George Rodriguez
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Distributed temperature measurement using a dual-core fiber with an integrated miniature turn-around
Author(s): Xiaoguang Sun; Jie Li; Michael J. Hines
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Distributed temperature sensing system using a commercial OTDR and a standard EDFA with controlled gain
Author(s): Fabio R. Bassan; Felipe C. Salgado; Fabiano Fruett; Joao B. Rosolem
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Optical frequency domain reflectometry: principles and applications in fiber optic sensing
Author(s): Stephen T. Kreger; Nur Aida Abdul Rahim; Naman Garg; Sandra M. Klute; Daniel R. Metrey; Noah Beaty; James W. Jeans; Robert Gamber
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A rapid demodulation method for optical carrier based microwave interferometer
Author(s): Zhen Chen; Gerald Hefferman; Tao Wei
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A novel data adaptive detection scheme for distributed fiber optic acoustic sensing
Author(s): İbrahim Ölçer; Ahmet Öncü
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Imaging 3D strain field monitoring during hydraulic fracturing processes
Author(s): Rongzhang Chen; Mohamed A. S. Zaghloul; Aidong Yan; Shuo Li; Guanyi Lu; Brandon C. Ames; Navid Zolfaghari; Andrew P. Bunger; Ming-Jun Li; Kevin P. Chen
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Optical fibre gas detections systems
Author(s): Brian Culshaw
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Fugitive methane leak detection using mid-infrared hollow-core photonic crystal fiber containing ultrafast laser drilled side-holes
Author(s): Jason Karp; William Challener; Matthias Kasten; Niloy Choudhury; Sabarni Palit; Gary Pickrell; Daniel Homa; Adam Floyd; Yujie Cheng; Fei Yu; Jonathan Knight
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Temperature-insensitive pressure or strain sensing technology with fiber optic hybrid Sagnac interferometer
Author(s): Yuanhong Yang; Lin Lu; Shuo Liu; Wei Jin; Zonghu Han; Yaohui Cao
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Long-term stability testing of optical fibre Fabry-Perot temperature sensors
Author(s): Dimitrios Polyzos; Mathew Jinesh; William N. MacPherson; Robert R. J. Maier
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Laser heated pedestal growth system commissioning and fiber processing
Author(s): Michael Buric; M. J. Yip; Ben Chorpening; Paul Ohodnicki
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A fiber-optic water flow sensor based on laser-heated silicon Fabry-Pérot cavity
Author(s): Guigen Liu; Qiwen Sheng; Geraldo Resende Lisboa Piassetta ; Weilin Hou; Ming Han
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