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Anomaly Detection and Imaging with X-Rays (ADIX)
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Volume Number: 9847
Date Published: 22 June 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9847
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Aviation security x-ray detection challenges
Author(s): T. Harvey
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Detecting liquid threats with x-ray diffraction imaging (XDi) using a hybrid approach to navigate trade-offs between photon count statistics and spatial resolution
Author(s): Sondre Skatter; Sebastian Fritsch; Jens-Peter Schlomka
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Snapshot full-volume coded aperture x-ray diffraction tomography
Author(s): Joel A. Greenberg; David J. Brady
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Absorption-phase duality in structured illumination transport of intensity (TIE) phase imaging
Author(s): Yunhui Zhu
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Multi-view coded aperture coherent scatter tomography
Author(s): Andrew D. Holmgren; Ikenna Odinaka; Joel A. Greenberg; David J. Brady
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Information-theoretic analysis of x-ray scatter and phase architectures for anomaly detection
Author(s): David Coccarelli; Qian Gong; Razvan-Ionut Stoian; Joel A. Greenberg; Michael E. Gehm; Yuzhang Lin; Liang-Chih Huang; Amit Ashok
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Phase and coherent scatter imaging for improved discrimination of low-density materials
Author(s): Jonathan C. Petruccelli; Danielle Hayden; Sean Starr-Baier; Sajjad Tahir; Mahboob Ur Rehman; Laila Hassan; C. A. MacDonald
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CT dual-energy decomposition into x-ray signatures Rho-e and Z-e
Author(s): Harry E. Martz; Issac M. Seetho; Kyle E. Champley; Jerel A. Smith; Stephen G. Azevedo
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High precision, medium flux rate CZT spectroscopy for coherent scatter imaging
Author(s): Joel A. Greenberg; Mehadi Hassan; David J. Brady; Kris Iniewski
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Information-theoretic analysis of x-ray photoabsorption based threat detection system for check-point
Author(s): Yuzhang Lin; Genevieve G. Allouche; James Huang; Amit Ashok; Qian Gong; David Coccarelli; Razvan-Ionut Stoian; Michael E. Gehm
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High frame-rate real-time x-ray imaging of in situ high-velocity rifle bullets
Author(s): Lawrence J. D'Aries; Stuart R. Miller; Rob Robertson; Bipin Singh; Vivek V. Nagarkar
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Shape threat detection via adaptive computed tomography
Author(s): Ahmad Masoudi; Ratchaneekorn Thamvichai; Mark A. Neifeld
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Performance analysis of model based iterative reconstruction with dictionary learning in transportation security CT
Author(s): Eri Haneda; Jiajia Luo; Ali Can; Sathish Ramani; Lin Fu; Bruno De Man
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Model-based reconstruction for x-ray diffraction imaging
Author(s): Venkatesh Sridhar; Sherman J. Kisner; Sondre Skatter; Charles A. Bouman
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2.5D dictionary learning based computed tomography reconstruction
Author(s): Jiajia Luo; Haneda Eri; Ali Can; Sathish Ramani; Lin Fu; Bruno De Man
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Extraction and classification of 3D objects from volumetric CT data
Author(s): Samuel M. Song; Junghyun Kwon; Austin Ely; John Enyeart; Chad Johnson; Jongkyu Lee; Namho Kim; Douglas P. Boyd
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Tackling the x-ray cargo inspection challenge using machine learning
Author(s): Nicolas Jaccard; Thomas W. Rogers; Edward J. Morton; Lewis D. Griffin
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CT reconstruction via denoising approximate message passing
Author(s): Alessandro Perelli; Michael A. Lexa; Ali Can; Mike E. Davies
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Optimizing convergence rates of alternating minimization reconstruction algorithms for real-time explosive detection applications
Author(s): Carl Bosch; Soysal Degirmenci; Jason Barlow; Assaf Mesika; David G. Politte; Joseph A. O'Sullivan
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Rapid GPU-based simulation of x-ray transmission, scatter, and phase measurements for threat detection systems
Author(s): Qian Gong; David Coccarelli; Razvan-Ionut Stoian; Joel Greenberg; Esteban Vera; Michael Gehm
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Domain and range decomposition methods for coded aperture x-ray coherent scatter imaging
Author(s): Ikenna Odinaka; Yan Kaganovsky; Joseph A. O'Sullivan; David G. Politte; Andrew D. Holmgren; Joel A. Greenberg; Lawrence Carin; David J. Brady
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Figures of merit for optimizing imaging systems on joint estimation/detection tasks
Author(s): Eric Clarkson
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Information optimal compressive x-ray threat detection
Author(s): James Huang; Amit Ashok
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Estimation and detection information trade-off for x-ray system optimization
Author(s): Johnathan B. Cushing; Eric W. Clarkson; Sagar Mandava; Ali Bilgin
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Robust x-ray based material identification using multi-energy sinogram decomposition
Author(s): Yaoshen Yuan; Brian Tracey; Eric Miller
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Spectral feature variations in x-ray diffraction imaging systems
Author(s): Scott D. Wolter; Joel A. Greenberg
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Impact of detector geometry for compressive fan beam snapshot coherent scatter imaging
Author(s): Mehadi Hassan; Andrew Holmgren; Joel A. Greenberg; Ikenna Odinaka; David Brady
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Partially observable Markov decision processes for risk-based screening
Author(s): Alex Mrozack; Xuejun Liao; Sondre Skatter; Lawrence Carin
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Data sinogram sparse reconstruction based on steering kernel regression and filtering strategies
Author(s): Miguel A. Marquez; Edson Mojica; Henry Arguello
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