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Sensors and Systems for Space Applications IX
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Volume Number: 9838
Date Published: 15 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9838
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Accelerated space object tracking via graphic processing unit
Author(s): Bin Jia; Kui Liu; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch; Genshe Chen
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Investigating prior probabilities in a multiple hypothesis test for use in space domain awareness
Author(s): Tyler J. Hardy; Stephen C. Cain
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Optical detection of closely spaced sources for improved space situational awareness
Author(s): Patrick Cunningham; Stephen Cain
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A novel lightweight Fizeau infrared interferometric imaging system
Author(s): Douglas A. Hope; Michael Hart; Steve Warner; Oli Durney; Robert Romeo
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COMSATCOM service technical baseline strategy development approach using PPBW concept
Author(s): Tien M. Nguyen; Andy T. Guillen
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War-gaming application for future space systems acquisition
Author(s): Tien M. Nguyen; Andy T. Guillen
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The Joint Space Operations Center Mission System and the Advanced Research, Collaboration, and Application Development Environment Status Update 2016
Author(s): Jeremy Murray-Krezan; Samantha Howard; Chris Sabol; Richard Kim; Juan Echeverry
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Sensitivity analysis of a space-based multi-band infrared imager for GEO belt debris study
Author(s): Jeremy Murray-Krezan
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An improved MIMO-SAR simulator strategy with ray tracing
Author(s): Xingyu Xiang; Zijian Mo; Zhonghai Wang; Genshe Chen; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch
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An airborne low SWaP-C UAS sense and avoid system
Author(s): Zhonghai Wang; Xingping Lin; Xingyu Xiang; Erik Blasch; Khanh Pham; Genshe Chen; Dan Shen; Bin Jia; Gang Wang
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Real-time WAMI streaming target tracking in fog
Author(s): Yu Chen; Erik Blasch; Ning Chen; Anna Deng; Haibin Ling; Genshe Chen
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Vehicle classification in WAMI imagery using deep network
Author(s): Meng Yi; Fan Yang; Erik Blasch; Carolyn Sheaff; Kui Liu; Genshe Chen; Haibin Ling
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Censoring distributed nonlinear state estimates in radar networks
Author(s): Armond S. Conte II; Ruixin Niu
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On resilience studies of system detection and recovery techniques against stealthy insider attacks
Author(s): Sixiao Wei; Hanlin Zhang; Genshe Chen; Dan Shen; Wei Yu; Khanh D. Pham; Erik P. Blasch; Jose B. Cruz Jr.
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Optimal space-time attacks on system state estimation under a sparsity constraint
Author(s): Jingyang Lu; Ruixin Niu; Puxiao Han
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RFI modeling and prediction approach for SATOP applications: RFI prediction models
Author(s): Tien M. Nguyen; Hien T. Tran; Zhonghai Wang; Amanda Coons; Charles C. Nguyen; Steven A. Lane; Khanh D. Pham; Genshe Chen; Gang Wang
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Mitigation of weather on channel propagation for satellite communications
Author(s): Zhihui Shu; Xin Tian; Gang Wang; Dan Shen; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch; Genshe Chen
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Cyber security with radio frequency interferences mitigation study for satellite systems
Author(s): Gang Wang; Sixiao Wei; Genshe Chen; Xin Tian; Dan Shen; Khanh Pham; Tien M. Nguyen; Erik Blasch
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A satellite orbital testbed for SATCOM using mobile robots
Author(s): Dan Shen; Wenjie Lu; Zhonghai Wang; Bin Jia; Gang Wang; Tao Wang; Genshe Chen; Erik Blasch; Khanh Pham
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A study of multiple access schemes in satellite control network
Author(s): Zijian Mo; Zhonghai Wang; Xingyu Xiang; Gang Wang; Genshe Chen; Tien Nguyen; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch
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SINR estimation for SATCOM in the environment with jamming signals
Author(s): Lun Li; Gang Wang; Xin Tian; Dan Shen; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch; Genshe Chen
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Constellation labeling optimization for bit-interleaved coded APSK
Author(s): Xingyu Xiang; Zijian Mo; Zhonghai Wang; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch; Genshe Chen
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Hybrid onboard and ground based digital channelizer beam-forming for SATCOM interference mitigation and protection
Author(s): Wenhao Xiong; Gang Wang; Xin Tian; Khanh Pham; Erik Blasch; Genshe Chen
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Analysis of a probability-based SATCOM situational awareness model for parameter estimation
Author(s): Todd W. Martin; Kuo-Chu Chang; Xin Tian; Genshe Chen
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SERB, a nano-satellite dedicated to the Earth-Sun relationship
Author(s): Mustapha Meftah; Étienne Bamas; Pierre Cambournac; Philippe Cherabier; Romain Demarets; Gaspard Denis; Axel Dion; Raphaël Duroselle; Florence Duveiller; Laetitia Eichner; Dimitri Lozeve; Guillaume Mestdagh; Antoine Ogier; Romane Oliverio; Thibault Receveur; Camille Souchet; Pierre Gilbert; Germain Poiet; Alain Hauchecorne; Philippe Keckhut; Alain Sarkissian
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Enablement of defense missions with in-space 3D printing
Author(s): Michael Parsons; Thomas McGuire; Michael Hirsch; Skye Leake; Jeremy Straub
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Design for an in-space 3D printer
Author(s): Thomas McGuire; Michael Hirsch; Michael Parsons; Skye Leake; Jeremy Straub
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Passive optical sensing of atmospheric polarization for GPS denied operations
Author(s): Todd Aycock; Art Lompado; Troy Wolz; David Chenault
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Using luminescent materials as the active element for radiation sensors
Author(s): William A. Hollerman; Ross S. Fontenot; Stephen Williams; John Miller
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Applications of a dynamic tethering system to enable the deep space cam jointed observation bot
Author(s): Skye Leake; Thomas McGuire; Michael Parsons; Michael P. Hirsch; Jeremy Straub
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An investigation of image compression on NIIRS rating degradation through automated image analysis
Author(s): Hua-Mei Chen; Erik Blasch; Khanh Pham; Zhonghai Wang; Genshe Chen
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Google glass-based remote control of a mobile robot
Author(s): Song Yu; Xi Wen; Wei Li; Genshe Chen
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