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Unmanned Systems Technology XVIII
Editor(s): Robert E. Karlsen; Douglas W. Gage; Charles M. Shoemaker; Grant R. Gerhart
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Volume Number: 9837
Date Published: 7 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9837
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Non-GPS full position and angular orientation onboard sensors for moving and stationary platforms
Author(s): Harbans S. Dhadwal; Jahangir Rastegar; Dake Feng; Philip Kwok; Carlos M. Pereira
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Optimal vehicle planning and the search tour problem
Author(s): Thomas A. Wettergren; Matthew J. Bays
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Incremental learning in trust-based vehicle control
Author(s): Robert E. Karlsen; Dariusz G. Mikulski
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Mobility versus terrain: a game theoretic approach
Author(s): David Bednarz; Paul Muench
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Ant-based distributed protocol for coordination of a swarm of robots in demining mission
Author(s): Floriano De Rango; Nunzia Palmieri
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A new application for analyzing driving behaviour and environment characterization in transportation systems based on a fuzzy logic approach
Author(s): Peppino Fazio; Amilcare Francesco Santamaria; Floriano De Rango; Mauro Tropea; Abdon Serianni
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Probabilistic monitoring in intrusion detection module for energy efficiency in mobile ad hoc networks
Author(s): Floriano De Rango; Andrea Lupia
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Human guidance of mobile robots in complex 3D environments using smart glasses
Author(s): Ryan Kopinsky; Aneesh Sharma; Nikhil Gupta; Camilo Ordonez; Emmanuel Collins; Daniel Barber
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Planning energy-efficient bipedal locomotion on patterned terrain
Author(s): Ali Zamani; Pranav A. Bhounsule; Ahmad Taha
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High power free space optical link for rapid energy and data transmission
Author(s): Harbans S. Dhadwal; Jahangir Rastegar; Dake Feng; Philip Kwok
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LWIR passive perception system for stealthy unmanned ground vehicle night operations
Author(s): Daren Lee; Arturo Rankin; Andres Huertas; Jeremy Nash; Gaurav Ahuja; Larry Matthies
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Obstacles and foliage discrimination using lidar
Author(s): Daniel D. Morris
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Landmark-based robust navigation for tactical UGV control in GPS-denied communication-degraded environments
Author(s): Yoichiro Endo; Jonathan C. Balloch; Alexander Grushin; Mun Wai Lee; David Handelman
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Towards bipedal behavior on a quadrupedal platform using optimal control
Author(s): T. Turner Topping; Vasileios Vasilopoulos; Avik De; Daniel E. Koditschek
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Gait development on Minitaur, a direct drive quadrupedal robot
Author(s): Daniel J. Blackman; John V. Nicholson; Camilo Ordonez; Bruce D. Miller; Jonathan E. Clark
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Simulation tools for robotics research and assessment
Author(s): MaryAnne Fields; Ralph Brewer; Harris L. Edge; Jason L. Pusey; Ed Weller; Dilip G. Patel; Charles A. DiBerardino
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Interactive multi-objective path planning through a palette-based user interface
Author(s): Meher T. Shaikh; Michael A. Goodrich; Daqing Yi; Joseph Hoehne
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Clustering social cues to determine social signals: developing learning algorithms using the "n-most likely states" approach
Author(s): Andrew Best; Katelynn A. Kapalo; Samantha F. Warta; Stephen M. Fiore
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A multimodal interface for real-time soldier-robot teaming
Author(s): Daniel J. Barber; Thomas M. Howard; Matthew R. Walter
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Technological evaluation of gesture and speech interfaces for enabling dismounted soldier-robot dialogue
Author(s): Ravi Kiran Kattoju; Daniel J. Barber; Julian Abich IV; Jonathan Harris
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Learning object models from few examples
Author(s): Ishan Misra; Yuxiong Wang; Martial Hebert
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Incorporating polarization in stereo vision-based 3D perception of non-Lambertian scenes
Author(s): Kai Berger; Randolph Voorhies; Larry Matthies
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Improving semantic scene understanding using prior information
Author(s): Ankit Laddha; Martial Hebert
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Video-based convolutional neural networks for activity recognition from robot-centric videos
Author(s): M. S. Ryoo; Larry Matthies
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An energy-efficient architecture for internet of things systems
Author(s): Floriano De Rango; Domenico Barletta; Alessandro Imbrogno
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A fast and scalable content transfer protocol (FSCTP) for VANET based architecture
Author(s): A. F. Santamaria; F. Scala; C. Sottile; M. Tropea; P. Raimondo
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Implementation of a large solar collector for electric charge generation
Author(s): Skye Leake; Thomas McGuire; Michael Parsons; Michael P. Hirsch; Jeremy Straub
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Comparison of gradient methods for gain tuning of a PD controller applied on a quadrotor system
Author(s): Jinho Kim; Stephen A. Wilkerson; S. Andrew Gadsden
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LiPo battery energy studies for improved flight performance of unmanned aerial systems
Author(s): K. Chang; P. Rammos; S. A. Wilkerson; M. Bundy; S. Andrew Gadsden
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Implementing a dynamometer system on electric motors for unmanned systems
Author(s): David Hanlon; Andrew Lee; Stephen A. Wilkerson; Mohammad Al-Shabi; S. Andrew Gadsden
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