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Ocean Sensing and Monitoring VIII
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Volume Number: 9827
Date Published: 15 June 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9827
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Integration of a laser doppler vibrometer and adaptive optics system for acoustic-optical detection in the presence of random water wave distortions
Author(s): Phillip Land; Dennis Robinson; James Roeder; Dean Cook; Arun K. Majumdar
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Demonstration of adaptive optics for mitigating laser propagation through a random air-water interface
Author(s): Phillip Land; Arun K. Majumdar
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Statistical characterization of the optical interaction at a supercavitating interface
Author(s): Gage Walters; Tim Kane; Rhett Jefferies; Lynn Antonelli
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Measurements of optical underwater turbulence under controlled conditions
Author(s): A. V. Kanaev; S. Gladysz; R. Almeida de Sá Barros; S. Matt; G. A. Nootz; D. B. Josset; W. Hou
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Dynamic control of coherent orbital-angular-momentum beams in turbid environments
Author(s): K. S. Morgan; J. K. Miller; B. M. Cochenour; E. G. Johnson
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The influence of underwater turbulence on optical phase measurements
Author(s): Brandon Redding; Allen Davis; Clay Kirkendall; Anthony Dandridge
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Remotely operated compact underwater temporally encoded imager: CUTEI
Author(s): Derek Alley; Brandon Cochenour; Linda Mullen
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Experimental study of a DMD based compressive line sensing imaging system in the turbulence environment
Author(s): Bing Ouyang; Weilin Hou; Cuiling Gong; Frank M. Caimi; Fraser R. Dalgleish; Anni K. Vuorenkoski
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Wide bandwidth optical signals for high range resolution measurements in water
Author(s): Justin Nash; Robert Lee; Linda Mullen
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Enhanced oil spill detection sensors in low-light environments
Author(s): Toomas H. Allik; Len Ramboyong; Mark Roberts; Mark Walters; Thomas J. Soyka; Roberta Dixon; Jay Cho
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Automated sea floor extraction from underwater video
Author(s): Lauren Kelly; Mark Rahmes; James Stiver; Mike McCluskey
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Probability density function analysis for optical turbulence with applications to underwater communications systems
Author(s): Marius P. Bernotas; Charles Nelson
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Velocity fields and optical turbulence near the boundary in a strongly convective laboratory flow
Author(s): Silvia Matt; Weilin Hou; Wesley Goode; Samuel Hellman
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Blue-light digital communication in underwater environments utilizing orbital angular momentum
Author(s): Joshua Baghdady; Keith Miller; Sean Osler; Kaitlyn Morgan; Wenzhe Li; Eric Johnson; Brandon Cochenour
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Airborne Lidar Bathymetry (ALB) waveform analysis for bottom return characteristics
Author(s): Firat Eren; Shachak Pe'eri; Yuri Rzhanov
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An underwater chaotic lidar sensor based on synchronized blue laser diodes
Author(s): Luke K. Rumbaugh; Kaitlin J. Dunn; Erik M. Bollt; Brandon Cochenour; William D. Jemison
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Independent component analysis for underwater lidar clutter rejection
Author(s): David W. Illig; William D. Jemison; Linda J. Mullen
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Near real time SST retrievals from Himawari-8 at NOAA using ACSPO system
Author(s): M. Kramar; A. Ignatov; B. Petrenko; Y. Kihai; P. Dash
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Exploring new bands in modified multichannel regression SST algorithms for the next-generation infrared sensors at NOAA
Author(s): B. Petrenko; A. Ignatov; M. Kramar; Y. Kihai
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Sensitivity of modeled ocean heat content to errors in short wave radiation and its attenuation with depth
Author(s): Igor Shulman; Richard W. Gould Jr.; Stephanie Anderson; Peter Sakalaukus
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Chlorophyll fluorescence and the polarized underwater light field: comparison of vector radiative transfer simulations and multi-angular hyperspectral polarization field measurements
Author(s): Ahmed El-habashi; Samir Ahmed
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Estimating terra MODIS polarization effect using ocean data
Author(s): Andrew Wald; Jake Brinkmann; Aisheng Wu; Jack Xiong
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Structural characterization of wind-sheared turbulent flow using self-organized mapping
Author(s): Nicholas V. Scott; Robert A. Handler
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Impact of MODIS SWIR band calibration improvements on Level-3 atmospheric products
Author(s): Andrew Wald; Robert C. Levy; Amit Angal; Xu Geng; Jack Xiong; Kurt Hoffman
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Surface biomass flux across the coastal Mississippi shelf
Author(s): Robert Arnone; Ryan Vandermeulen; Percy Donaghay; Haoping Yang
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Diurnal changes in ocean color in coastal waters
Author(s): Robert Arnone; Ryan Vandermeulen; Sherwin Ladner; Michael Ondrusek; Charles Kovach; Haoping Yang; Joseph Salisbury
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