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Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) Sensing XVII
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Volume Number: 9824
Date Published: 8 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9824
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Chemical and biological sensing applications of integrated photonics with an introduction to the American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics)
Author(s): Justin Bickford; Jason Guicheteau
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Integrated mid-infrared photonic circuits for label-free biochemical sensing
Author(s): Pao Tai Lin
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Nanophotonic waveguides for chip-scale raman spectroscopy: Theoretical considerations
Author(s): Todd H. Stievater; Jacob B. Khurgin; Scott A. Holmstrom; Dmitry A. Kozak; Marcel W. Pruessner; William S. Rabinovich; R. Andrew McGill
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A label-free optical biosensor for serotyping "unknown" influenza viruses
Author(s): Hanyuan Zhang; Carole Henry Dunand; Patrick Wilson; Benjamin L. Miller
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Photon-sparse microscopy: Trans-wavelength ghost imaging
Author(s): Reuben S. Aspden; Nathan R. Gemmell; Peter A. Morris; Daniel S. Tasca; Lena Mertens; Michael G. Tanner; Robert A. Kirkwood; Alessandro Ruggeri; Alberto Tosi; Robert W. Boyd; Gerald S. Buller; Robert H. Hadfield; Miles J. Padgett
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High sensitivity stand-off detection and quantification of chemical mixtures using an active coherent laser spectrometer (ACLaS)
Author(s): Neil A. MacLeod; Damien Weidmann
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Stand-off detection of explosives and precursors using compressive sensing Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Mattias Svanqvist; Martin Glimtoft; Matilda Ågren; Markus Nordberg; Henric Östmark
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Ultraviolet Raman scattering from persistent chemical warfare agents
Author(s): Fredrik Kullander; Pär Wästerby; Lars Landström
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Recent development of two new UV Raman standoff explosive detection systems
Author(s): Rob Waterbury; Robert Babnick; Justin L. Cooper; Alan R. Ford; Francisco Herrera; Adam J. Hopkins; Ken Pohl; Luisa T. M. Profeta; Juan Sandoval; Darius Vunck
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Trace material detection of surfaces via single-beam femtosecond MCARS
Author(s): Sherrie S. Bowman Pilkington; Stephen D. Roberson; Paul M. Pellegrino
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Applications of spatially offset Raman spectroscopy to defense and security
Author(s): Jason Guicheteau; Rebecca Hopkins
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New sampling methods for Raman handheld instruments
Author(s): Keith Carron; Bryan Ray; Shane Buller; Aaron Strickland
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Bottled liquid explosive scanner by near infrared
Author(s): Hideo Itozaki
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Application of the modified transient plane source technique for early detection of liquid explosives
Author(s): Robert Bateman; Adam Harris; Linda Lee; Christopher R. Howle; Sarah L. G. Ackermann
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Characterization and control of tunable quantum cascade laser beam parameters for stand-off spectroscopy
Author(s): Robert Furstenberg; Christopher A. Kendziora; Michael R. Papantonakis; Viet Nguyen; R. Andrew McGill
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Standoff photoacoustic detections with high-sensitivity microphones and acoustic arrays
Author(s): Fow-Sen Choa; Chen-Chia Wang; Jacob Khurgin; Alan Samuels; Sudhir Trivedi; Deepa Gupta
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Progress towards a LaBr3-based associated particle imaging system for contraband detection and bulk materials analysis
Author(s): J. C. Marsh; M. S. Litz; J. J. Carroll; C. J. Chiara; N. A. Guardala; J. D. Demaree
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Standoff photoacoustic sensing of trace chemicals by laser Doppler vibrometer
Author(s): Y. Fu; Q. Hu; H. Liu
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Spectral imaging of chemical compounds using multivariate optically enhanced filters integrated with InGaAs VGA cameras
Author(s): Ryan J. Priore; Niels Jacksen
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Chemical and explosive detection with long-wave infrared laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author(s): Feng Jin; Sudhir B. Trivedi; Clayton S. Yang; Ei E. Brown; Eric Kumi-Barimah; Uwe H. Hommerich; Alan C. Samuels
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Photoacoustic spectroscopy for trace vapor detection and standoff detection of explosives
Author(s): Ellen L. Holthoff; Logan S. Marcus; Paul M. Pellegrino
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Bioaerosol detection using single particle triggered LIBS
Author(s): Anders Larsson; Annelie Karlsson; Per-Åke Gradmark; Lars Landström
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Detection of gaseous plumes in airborne hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Eyal Agassi; Eitan Hirsch; Martin Chamberland; Marc-André Gagnon; Holger Eichstaedt
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Hyperspectral image analysis for standoff trace detection using IR laser spectroscopy
Author(s): J. Jarvis; F. Fuchs; S. Hugger; R. Ostendorf; L. Butschek; Q. Yang; A. Dreyhaupt; J. Grahmann; J. Wagner
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Analysis of analytic nonresonant background removal algorithm for MCARS spectra
Author(s): Stephen D. Roberson; Sherrie Bowman Pilkington; Paul M. Pellegrino
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Standoff detection: distinction of bacteria by hyperspectral laser induced fluorescence
Author(s): Arne Walter; Frank Duschek; Lea Fellner; Karin M. Grünewald; Anita Hausmann; Sandra Julich; Carsten Pargmann; Herbert Tomaso; Jürgen Handke
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Analysis of continuum generation in bulk materials with a femtosecond Ti:Sapph laser
Author(s): Sherrie Bowman Pilkington; Stephen D. Roberson; Paul M. Pellegrino
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Design and growth of novel compounds for radiation sensors: multinary chalcogenides
Author(s): N. B. Singh; Ching-Hua Su; Teja Nagaradona; Brad Arnold; Fow-Sen Choa
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Tritium-powered radiation sensor network
Author(s): Marc S. Litz; Johnny A. Russo; Dimos Katsis
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Low-cost fabrication of high efficiency solid-state neutron detectors
Author(s): Jia-Woei Wu; Kuan-Chih Huang; Adam Weltz; Erik English; Mona M. Hella; Rajendra Dahal; James J.-Q. Lu; Yaron Danon; Ishwara B. Bhat
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Raman spectroscopy for analysis of thorium compounds
Author(s): Yin-Fong Su; Timothy J. Johnson; Khris B. Olsen
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Real-time short-wave infrared hyperspectral conformal imaging sensor for the detection of threat materials
Author(s): Matthew P. Nelson; Lei Shi; Lucas Zbur; Ryan J. Priore; Patrick J. Treado
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Airborne pipeline leak detection: UV or IR?
Author(s): François Babin; Jean-François Gravel; Martin Allard
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A method to control the polymorphic phase for RDX-based trace standards
Author(s): John J. Brady; Brittney L. Argirakis; Alexander D. Gordon; Richard T. Lareau; Barry T. Smith
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Persistence of explosives under real world conditions
Author(s): Michael R. Papantonakis; Robert Furstenberg; Viet Nguyen; Thomas Fischer; Andrew Howard; Katy Adams; Christopher A. Kendziora; R. Andrew McGill
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A new approach for detection of explosives based on ion mobility spectrometry and laser desorption/ionization on porous silicon
Author(s): Yury Kuzishchin; Gennadii Kotkovskii; Igor Martynov; Dmitriy Dovzhenko; Alexander Chistyakov
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Eye-safe infrared laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) emissions from energetic materials
Author(s): Ei E. Brown; Uwe Hömmerich; Clayton C. Yang; Feng Jin; Sudhir B. Trivedi; Alan C. Samuels
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