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Detection and Sensing of Mines, Explosive Objects, and Obscured Targets XXI
Editor(s): Steven S. Bishop; Jason C. Isaacs
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Volume Number: 9823
Date Published: 15 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9823
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Coil design considerations for a high-frequency electromagnetic induction sensing instrument
Author(s): John Brevard Sigman; Benjamin E. Barrowes; Yinlin Wang; Hollis J. Bennett; Janet E. Simms; Donald E. Yule; Kevin O'Neill; Fridon Shubitidze
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Improved feedback amplifier for electromagnetic induction sensors
Author(s): Waymond R. Scott Jr.
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Formulation for a practical implementation of electromagnetic induction coils optimized using stream functions
Author(s): Mark A. Reed; Waymond R. Scott Jr.
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Dynamic EMI sensor platform for digital geophysical mapping and automated clutter rejection for CONUS and OCONUS applications
Author(s): Stephen J. Laudato; Gregory Schultz; Joe Keranen; Jonathan S. Miller
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Landmine detection with Bayesian cross-categorization on point-wise, contextual and spatial features
Author(s): Jasmin Léveillé; Ssu-Hsin Yu; Avinash Gandhe
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A high power EMI sensor for detecting and classifying small and deep targets
Author(s): F. Shubitidze; B. E. Barrowes; Yinlin Wang; Irma Shamatava; J. B. Sigman; K. O'Neil; Daniel A. Steinhurst
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Adaptive coherence estimator (ACE) for explosive hazard detection using wideband electromagnetic induction (WEMI)
Author(s): Brendan Alvey; Alina Zare; Matthew Cook; Dominic K. C. Ho
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Buried object detection using handheld WEMI with task-driven extended functions of multiple instances
Author(s): Matthew Cook; Alina Zare; Dominic K. C. Ho
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Computation of the eddy-current modes of three-dimensional conducting bodies
Author(s): Jonathan E. Gabbay; Waymond R. Scott Jr.
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Carbon fiber and void detection using high-frequency electromagnetic induction techniques
Author(s): Benjamin E. Barrowes; John B. Sigman; YinLin Wang; Kevin A. O'Neill; Fridon Shubitidze; Janet Simms; Hollis J. Bennett; Donald E. Yule
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Improved electromagnetic induction processing with novel adaptive matched filter and matched subspace detection
Author(s): Charles Ethan Hayes; James H. McClellan; Waymond R. Scott Jr.; Andrew J. Kerr
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Pulsed THz TDS of objects covered by disordered structure
Author(s): V. A. Trofimov; I. G. Zakharova; D. Yu. Zagursky; Svetlana A. Varentsova
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Evaluation of the use of 3D printing and imaging to create working replica keys
Author(s): Jeremy Straub; Scott Kerlin
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Curvelet filter based prescreener for explosive hazard detection in hand-held ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Julie L. White; Derek T. Anderson; John E. Ball; Brian Parker
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Background adaptive division filtering for hand-held ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Matthew A. Lee; Derek T. Anderson; John E. Ball; Julie L. White
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On the use of log-gabor features for subsurface object detection using ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Samuel Harris; K. C. Ho; Alina Zare
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Comparative analysis of short and long GPR pulses for landmine detection
Author(s): Eyyup Temlioğlu; Hakkı Nazlı; Serkan Aksoy
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A label propagation approach for detecting buried objects in handheld GPR data
Author(s): Graham Reid; Hichem Frigui
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Detecting buried explosive hazards with handheld GPR and deep learning
Author(s): Lance E. Besaw
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Advanced EMI models for survey data processing: targets detection and classification
Author(s): F. Shubitidze; B. E. Barrowes; Yinlin Wang; Irma Shamatava; J. B. Sigman; K. O'Neill
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Electromagnetic induction imaging of concealed metallic objects by means of resonating circuits
Author(s): R. Guilizzoni; J. C. Watson; P. A. Bartlett; F. Renzoni
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Electromagnetic imaging with atomic magnetometers: a novel approach to security and surveillance
Author(s): Sarah Hussain; Luca Marmugi; Cameron Deans; Ferruccio Renzoni
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Enhanced buried UXO detection via GPR/EMI data fusion
Author(s): Matthew P. Masarik; Joseph Burns; Brian T. Thelen; Jack Kelly; Timothy C. Havens
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Identification of improvised explosives residues using physical-chemical analytical methods under real conditions after an explosion
Author(s): Marek Kotrlý; Bohumil Mareš; Ivana Turková; Ivo Beroun
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A comparison of robust principal component analysis techniques for buried object detection in downward looking GPR sensor data
Author(s): Anthony Pinar; Timothy C. Havens; Joseph Rice; Matthew Masarik; Joseph Burns; Brian Thelen
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Evaluation of a biomimetic optical-filter based chemical sensor for detection of hazardous chemical vapors in the infrared
Author(s): Kevin J. Major; Menelaos K. Poutous; Kevin F. Dunnill; Kenneth J. Ewing; Jasbinder S. Sanghera; P. C. Deguzman; Ishwar D. Aggarwal
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Laser induced x-ray ‘RADAR’ particle physics model
Author(s): D. Lockley; R. Deas; R. Moss; L. A. Wilson; D. Rusby; D. Neely
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NQR detection of explosive simulants using RF atomic magnetometers
Author(s): Mark C. Monti; Dimitri A. Alexson; Jeffrey K. Okamitsu
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Polarization enhanced Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance with an atomic magnetometer
Author(s): Michael W. Malone; Geoffrey A. Barrall; Michelle A. Espy; Mark C. Monti; Dimitri A. Alexson; Jeffrey K. Okamitsu
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Effectiveness of laser sources for contactless sampling of explosives
Author(s): Artem E. Akmalov; Alexander A. Chistyakov; Gennadii E. Kotkovskii
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Digital micromirror devices in Raman trace detection of explosives
Author(s): Martin Glimtoft; Mattias Svanqvist; Matilda Ågren; Markus Nordberg; Henric Östmark
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Improving the detection of explosive hazards with LIDAR-based ground plane estimation
Author(s): A. Buck; J. M. Keller; M. Popescu
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3D environment modeling and location tracking using off-the-shelf components
Author(s): Robert H. Luke III
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Road detection in arid environments using uniformly distributed random based features
Author(s): P. Plodpradista; J. M. Keller; M. Popescu
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Integrated use of field spectroscopy and satellite remote sensing for defence and security applications in Cyprus
Author(s): George Melillos; Kyriacos Themistocleous; George Papadavid; Athos Agapiou; Silas Michaelides; Maria Prodromou; Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis
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Roadside IED detection using subsurface imaging radar and rotary UAV
Author(s): Yexian Qin; Jones O. Twumasi; Viet Q. Le; Yu-Jiun Ren; C. P. Lai; Tzuyang Yu
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Integration of micro-fabricated atomic magnetometers on military systems
Author(s): Gregory Schultz; Rahul Mhaskar; Mark Prouty; Jonathan Miller
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Attribute-driven transfer learning for detecting novel buried threats with ground-penetrating radar
Author(s): Kenneth A. Colwell; Leslie M. Collins
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Algorithm development for deeply buried threat detection in GPR data
Author(s): Daniël Reichman; Jordan M. Malof; Leslie M. Collins
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Enhancements to GPR buried UXO detection using the apex-shifted hyperbolic radon tansform
Author(s): Matthew P. Masarik; Brian T. Thelen; Ismael J. Xique
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A fisher vector representation of GPR data for detecting buried objects
Author(s): Andrew Karem; Amine B. Khalifa; Hichem Frigui
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Fusion of KLMS and blob based pre-screener for buried landmine detection using ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Bora Baydar; Gözde Bozdaği Akar; Seniha Esen Yüksel; Serhat Öztürk
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Preprocessing of A-scan GPR data based on energy features
Author(s): Mesut Dogan; Gonul Turhan-Sayan
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Anomaly detection using classified eigenblocks in GPR image
Author(s): Min Ju Kim; Seong Dae Kim; Seung-eui Lee
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Multiple kernel based feature and decision level fusion of iECO individuals for explosive hazard detection in FLIR imagery
Author(s): Stanton R. Price; Bryce Murray; Lequn Hu; Derek T. Anderson; Timothy C. Havens; Robert H. Luke; James M. Keller
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A feature learning approach for classifying buried threats in forward looking ground penetrating radar data
Author(s): Joseph A. Camilo; Jordan M. Malof; Leslie M. Collins
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Convolutional neural network based sensor fusion for forward looking ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Rayn Sakaguchi; Miles Crosskey; David Chen; Brett Walenz; Kenneth Morton Jr.
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Using queuing models to aid design and guide research effort for multimodality buried target detection systems
Author(s): Jordan M. Malof; Leslie M. Collins
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Sequential feature selection for detecting buried objects using forward looking ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Darren Shaw; Kevin Stone; K. C. Ho; James M. Keller; Robert H. Luke; Brian P. Burns
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Spectral diversity for ground clutter mitigation in forward-looking GPR
Author(s): Adam Webb; Timothy C. Havens; Timothy J. Schulz
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Multiple instance learning for buried hazard detection
Author(s): Joseph Rice; Anthony Pinar; Timothy C. Havens; Adam Webb; Timothy J. Schulz
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Multiple-modality program for standoff detection of roadside hazards
Author(s): Kathryn Williams; Seth Middleton; Ryan Close; Robert H Luke III; Rajiv Suri
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Advances in ground vehicle-based LADAR for standoff detection of road-side hazards
Author(s): Jim Hollinger; Alyssa Vessey; Ryan Close; Seth Middleton; Kathryn Williams; Ronald Rupp; Son Nguyen
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Explosive hazard detection using synthetic aperture acoustic sensing
Author(s): E. Brewster; J. M. Keller; K. Stone; M. Popescu
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Comparison of spatial frequency domain features for the detection of side attack explosive ballistics in synthetic aperture acoustics
Author(s): Josh Dowdy; Derek T. Anderson; Robert H. Luke; John E. Ball; James M. Keller; Timothy C. Havens
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Detection of landmines and UXO using advanced synthetic aperture radar technology
Author(s): Eric Schreiber; Markus Peichl; Stephan Dill; Andreas Heinzel; Florian Bischeltsrieder
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Statistically normalized coherent change detection for synthetic aperture sonar imagery
Author(s): Tesfaye G-Michael; J. Derek Tucker; Rodney G. Roberts
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Optimized passive sonar placement to allow improved interdiction
Author(s): Bruce A. Johnson; Cameron Matthews
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Risk-based scheduling of multiple search passes for UUVs
Author(s): John G. Baylog; Thomas A. Wettergren
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Edge detection of red hind grouper vocalizations in the littorals
Author(s): Cameron A. Matthews; Pierre-Philippe Beaujean
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Multi-input multi-output waveform optimization for synthetic aperture sonar
Author(s): Melissa Marchand; Wen Huang; Kyle A. Gallivan; Bradley Marchand
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