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Infrared Imaging Systems: Design, Analysis, Modeling, and Testing XXVII
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Volume Number: 9820
Date Published: 20 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9820
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Investigating binocular summation in human vision using complementary fused external noise
Author(s): Christopher L. Howell; Jeffrey T. Olson
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Method and tool for generating and managing image quality allocations through the design and development process
Author(s): Andrew W. Sparks; Craig Olson; Michael J. Theisen; Chris J. Addiego; Tiffany G. Hutchins; Timothy D. Goodman
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Modeling threshold detection and search for point and extended sources
Author(s): Melvin Friedman
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Reflective band image generation in the night vision integrated performance model
Author(s): Brian P. Teaney; Joseph P. Reynolds
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Measured system component development for the night vision integrated performance model (NV-IPM)
Author(s): Brian P. Teaney; David P. Haefner
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Comparison of relative effectiveness of video with serial visual presentation for target reconnaissance from UASs
Author(s): Frank E. Skirlo; Anthony J. Matthews; Melvin Friedman; Brian L. Mark
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Modeling demosaicing of color corrected cameras in the NV-IPM
Author(s): David P. Haefner; Brian P. Teaney; Bradley L. Preece
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Comparing and contrasting 2D versus 1D performance modeling in NV-IPM v1.6
Author(s): Jonathan G. Hixson; Brian P. Teaney
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Model development and system performance optimization for staring infrared search and track (IRST) sensors
Author(s): Craig Olson; Michael Theisen; Teresa Pace; Carl Halford; Ronald Driggers
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Is there an optimum detector size for digital night vision goggles?
Author(s): Gerald C. Holst
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Efficient polarimetric BRDF transformations
Author(s): Stefan Björkert; Ingmar G. E. Renhorn
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A wavelet contrast metric for the targeting task performance metric
Author(s): Bradley L. Preece; Eric A. Flug
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Performance assessment of a single-pixel compressive sensing imaging system
Author(s): Todd W. Du Bosq; Bradley L. Preece
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Unified characterization of imaging sensors from VIS through LWIR
Author(s): M. Gerken; H. Schlemmer; M. Münzberg
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NIR sensitivity analysis with the VANE
Author(s): Justin T. Carrillo; Christopher T. Goodin; Alex E. Baylot
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Foote's Law and its application to cameras
Author(s): Charles C. Kim
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Spatially resolved 3D noise
Author(s): David P. Haefner; Bradley L. Preece; Joshua M. Doe; Stephen D. Burks
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Hyperhemispheric multifunction sensors for ground combat vehicles: concept evaluation using virtual prototyping
Author(s): Keith Krapels; Brad Preece; Orges Furxhi; Ronald Driggers
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HIL range performance of notional hyperspectral imaging sensors
Author(s): Van A. Hodgkin; Christopher L. Howell
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Scenario-based analysis of binning in MWIR detectors for missile applications
Author(s): Ulas Kürüm
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An imaging system detectivity metric using energy and power spectral densities
Author(s): Bradley L. Preece; David Haefner; Georges Nehmetallah
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The analysis and rationale behind the upgrading of existing standard definition thermal imagers to high definition
Author(s): Tristan M. Goss
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Characterization and recognition of mixed emotional expressions in thermal face image
Author(s): Priya Saha; Debotosh Bhattacharjee; Barin Kumar De; Mita Nasipuri
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Thermal system field performance predictions from laboratory and field measurements
Author(s): Stephen D. Burks; David P. Haefner; Brian P. Teaney; Joshua M. Doe
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Novel approach to characterize and compare the performance of night vision systems in representative illumination conditions
Author(s): Nathalie Roy; Alexandre Vallières; Daniel St-Germain; Simon Potvin; Michel Dupuis; Jean-Claude Bouchard; André Villemaire; Martin Bérubé; Mélanie Breton; Guillaume Gagné
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Noise measurement on thermal systems with narrow band
Author(s): Stephen D. Burks; David P. Haefner; Joshua M. Doe
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Development of a high-definition IR LED scene projector
Author(s): Dennis T. Norton Jr.; Joe LaVeigne; Greg Franks; Steve McHugh; Tony Vengel; Jim Oleson; Michael MacDougal; David Westerfeld
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Display MTF measurements based on scanning and imaging technologies and its importance in the application space
Author(s): Balvinder Kaur; Jeff Olson; Eric A. Flug
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Achieving ultra-high temperatures with a resistive emitter array
Author(s): Tom Danielson; Greg Franks; Nicholas Holmes; Joe LaVeigne; Greg Matis; Steve McHugh; Dennis Norton; Tony Vengel; John Lannon; Scott Goodwin
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Automated and semi-automated field testing of night vision goggles
Author(s): Stephen Scopatz; Dominic Paszkeicz; Brent Langsdorf
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Real-time simulation of thermal shadows with EMIT
Author(s): Andreas Klein; Stefan Oberhofer; Peter Schätz; Alfred Nischwitz; Paul Obermeier
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Simulation of whitecaps and their radiometric properties in the SWIR
Author(s): Frédéric Schwenger; Endre Repasi
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Investigation of the dynamic thermal infrared signatures of a calibration target instrumented with a network of 1-wire temperature sensors
Author(s): Gareth D. Lewis; Patrick Merken
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Image based performance analysis of thermal imagers
Author(s): D. Wegner; E. Repasi
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Application of cooled IR focal plane arrays in thermographic cameras
Author(s): B. Vollheim; M. Gaertner; G. Dammass; M. Krausz
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3D flare particle model for ShipIR/NTCS
Author(s): Srinivasan Ramaswamy; David A. Vaitekunas
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Digital imaging and remote sensing image generator (DIRSIG) as applied to NVESD sensor performance modeling
Author(s): Kimberly E. Kolb; Hee-sue S. Choi; Balvinder Kaur; Jeffrey T. Olson; Clayton F. Hill; James A. Hutchinson
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Multi-spectral synthetic image generation for ground vehicle identification training
Author(s): Christopher M. May; Neil A. Pinto; Jeffrey S. Sanders
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New technologies for HWIL testing of WFOV, large-format FPA sensor systems
Author(s): Christopher Fink
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