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MIPPR 2015: Automatic Target Recognition and Navigation
Editor(s): Nong Sang; Xinjian Chen
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Volume Number: 9812
Date Published: 16 December 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9812
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Ego-motion based on EM for bionic navigation
Author(s): Xiaofeng Yue; L. J. Wang; J. G. Liu
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The positioning algorithm based on feature variance of billet character
Author(s): Jiansong Yi; Hanyu Hong; Yu Shi; Hongyang Chen
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A harbor background suppression approach
Author(s): Xun Gong; Wen-Jun Shi
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A new method of extracting region of interest image area with L0 norm
Author(s): Yaozong Zhang; Chuan Zhang; Mingxing Xu
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Road environment perception algorithm based on object semantic probabilistic model
Author(s): Wei Liu; XinMei Wang; Jinwen Tian; Yong Wang
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Facial symmetry assessment based on geometric features
Author(s): Guoping Xu; Hanqiang Cao
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An improved Camshift algorithm for target recognition
Author(s): Min Fu; Chao Cai; Yusu Mao
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An ellipse detection algorithm based on edge classification
Author(s): Liu Yu; Feng Chen; Jianming Huang; Xiangquan Wei
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Small target detection using quantum genetic morphological filter
Author(s): Lizhen Deng; Hu Zhu; Yantao Wei; Guanmin Lu; Yu Wei
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Contour detection based on brightness and contour completion
Author(s): Lamei Zou; Min Wan; Liujia Jin; Yahong Gao; Weidong Yang
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A research on ROI detection of linear object in SAR image
Author(s): Xiaojing Wang; Qiheng Zhang; Li Xu
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A long-term target detection approach in infrared image sequence
Author(s): Hang Li; Qi Zhang; Yuanyuan Li; Liqiang Wang
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LiveWire interactive boundary extraction algorithm based on Haar wavelet transform and control point set direction search
Author(s): Jun Cheng; Jun Zhang; Jinwen Tian
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Research on matching area selection based on multiple features fusion of full tensor gravity gradient
Author(s): Jian-qiao Tang; Ling Xiong; Kai-han Li; Jie Ma
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A set of measurement system for the dynamic laser scatter characteristics of target
Author(s): Xiangquan Wei; Jianming Huang; Yuzhi Xiao; Xiaoli Fan
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A new method for aircraft detection and orientation estimation in remote sensing
Author(s): Yi Fu; Weidong Yang; Xiao Liu
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GPS free navigation inspired by insects through monocular camera and inertial sensors
Author(s): Yi Liu; J. G. Liu; H. Cao; Y. Huang
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Building losses assessment for Lushan earthquake utilization multisource remote sensing data and GIS
Author(s): Juan Nie; Siquan Yang; Yida Fan; Qi Wen; Feng Xu; Lingling Li
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Real-time detection of generic objects using objectness estimation and locally adaptive regression kernels matching
Author(s): Zhihui Zheng; Lei Gao; Liping Xiao; Bin Zhou; Shibo Gao
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Pavement crack detection combining non-negative feature with fast LoG in complex scene
Author(s): Wanli Wang; Xiuhua Zhang; Hanyu Hong
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Interest area selection for navigation based on structured edge detection
Author(s): Xiao Sun; Ke Shang; ShaoJun Li; Hao Dou; JinWen Tian; Delie Ming
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Shape feature extraction using dual-tree complex wavelet moment invariants method
Author(s): Yu Liu; Xueyan Li; Xiaohua Qian; Fang Gao; Li Cao; Shuxu Guo
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Solving the depth of the repeated texture areas based on the clustering algorithm
Author(s): Zhang Xiong; Jun Zhang; Jinwen Tian
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Aircraft recognition in low-resolution SAR imagery using peak feature matching
Author(s): Zhaodong Niu; Jiameng Pan; Chenglong Lin; Zengping Chen
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A fast recognition method of warhead target in boost phase using kinematic features
Author(s): Jian Chen; Shiyou Xu; Biao Tian; Jianhua Wu; Zengping Chen
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A new target reconstruction method considering atmospheric refraction
Author(s): Zhengrong Zuo; Lijuan Yu
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A real-time target detection algorithm based on combination of intensity and edge for infrared search system
Author(s): Weihua Wang; Songlin Liu; Ming Wan; Yan He; Zengping Chen
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A line detection algorithm based on direction filter and regional growth
Author(s): Cheng Zhang; Jun Zhang; Jinwen Tian
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A fast method for vehicle speed extraction from single QuickBird imagery
Author(s): Zhumei Liu; Shengle Li
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DOA estimation of coherent wideband signals based on extended TOPS algorithm
Author(s): Rui Guo; Weixing Li; Yue Zhang; Zengping Chen
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Weak target extraction algorithm based on nonsubsampled contourlet transform
Author(s): Zhang Wei; Zhongcheng Fan
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Ballistic missile precession frequency extraction based on the Viterbi and Kalman algorithm
Author(s): Longlong Wu; Yongjie Xie; Daping Xu; Li Ren
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A new robust gradient-based method for detection of symmetry axis
Author(s): Jing Hu; Qinqi Wan; Yongli Hu
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Super pixel density based clustering automatic image classification method
Author(s): Mingxing Xu; Chuan Zhang; Tianxu Zhang
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Segmentation of touching mycobacterium tuberculosis from Ziehl-Neelsen stained sputum smear images
Author(s): Chao Xu; Dongxiang Zhou; Yunhui Liu
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Framland parcels extraction from high-resolution remote sensing images based on the two-stage image classification
Author(s): Guoying Liu; Xu Song; Jing Lv
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Effective 3D infrared image target tracking via framework of particle filter and FAST
Author(s): Zhengzheng Wu; Zhiguo Cao; Yang Xiao
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A new method of pulse edge detection in low SNR
Author(s): Xiaolei Fan; Tao Li; Shaoying Su; Zengping Chen
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Unsupervised multi-class co-segmentation via joint object detection and segmentation with energy minimization
Author(s): Lei Li; Xuan Fei; Zhuoli Dong; Dexian Zhang
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A pseudo oversampling-based C3PC algorithm for close space objects detection and localization
Author(s): Jing Hu; Fan Dong; Shinie Cai
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A new design for SLAM front-end based on recursive SOM
Author(s): Xuesi Yang; Shengping Xia
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Spindle extraction method for ISAR image based on Radon transform
Author(s): Xia Wei; Sheng Zheng; Xiangyun Zeng; Daoyuan Zhu; Gaogui Xu
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A threshold selection method based on edge preserving
Author(s): Liantang Lou; Wei Dan; Jiaqi Chen
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Radar signal analysis of ballistic missile with micro-motion based on time-frequency distribution
Author(s): Jianming Wang; Lihua Liu; Hua Yu
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Based on spatial-temporal multiframe association infrared target detection
Author(s): Zhonghua Wang; Chao Wang; Faliang Huang; Jianguo Liu
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A novel monocular visual navigation method for cotton-picking robot based on horizontal spline segmentation
Author(s): ShengYong Xu; JuanJuan Wu; Li Zhu; WeiHao Li; YiTian Wang; Na Wang
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A method for extracting water objects from visible image
Author(s): Chuan Zhang; Mingxing Xu; Yaozong Zhang
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Research of adaptive threshold edge detection algorithm based on statistics canny operator
Author(s): Jian Xu; Huaisuo Wang; Hua Huang
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A parallel multiple path tracing method based on OptiX for infrared image generation
Author(s): Hao Wang; Xia Wang; Li Liu; Teng Long; Zimu Wu
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Fast object tracking based on template matching and region information fusion extraction
Author(s): Liman Liu; Yun Chen; Haihua Liu
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