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MIPPR 2015: Multispectral Image Acquisition, Processing, and Analysis
Editor(s): Jinxue Wang; Zhiguo Cao; Jayaram K. Udupa; Henri Maître
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Volume Number: 9811
Date Published: 29 December 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9811
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A liquid crystal microlens array with aluminum and graphene electrodes for plenoptic imaging
Author(s): Yu Lei; Qing Tong; Jun Luo; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Changsheng Xie
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Surface plasmonic lightening characteristics through liquid crystal microlens arrays controlled electrically
Author(s): Qingle Tang
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A mission-oriented orbit design method of remote sensing satellite for region monitoring mission based on evolutionary algorithm
Author(s): Xin Shen; Jing Zhang; Huang Yao
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Planar micro-nano-coils for electrically driving liquid crystal microlenses based on wireless power transmission
Author(s): Cheng Chen; Wei Hu; Jun Luo; Yu Lei; Qing Tong; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Changsheng Xie
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Surface plasmon polaritons excited over sub-wavelength aluminum structures by terahertz radiation
Author(s): Yaping Zhu; Weijun Li; Jun Luo; Ying Yuan; Yu Lei; Qing Tong; Xinyu Zhang; Changsheng Xie
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An arrayed infrared filter based on liquid crystal Fabry-Perot effect for electrically tunable spectral imaging detection
Author(s): Jiuning Lin; Qing Tong; Jun Luo; Yu Lei; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Changsheng Xie
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Dual-mode liquid crystal microlens arrays
Author(s): Di Fan; Cheng Wang; Wei Hu; Qing Tong; Jun Luo; Yu Lei; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Changsheng Xie
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Graphene-based liquid crystal microlens arrays
Author(s): Wei Hu; Cheng Chen; Yong Wu; Jun Luo; Yu Lei; Qing Tong; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Changsheng Xie
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Simulation of the emission properties of patterned metal-based nanostructures
Author(s): Weijun Li; Jun Luo; Sha Peng; Yaping Zhu; Yu Lei; Qing Tong; Xinyu Zhang; Hongshi Sang; Changsheng Xie
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Double layers liquid-crystal microlens arrays used in optical switches
Author(s): Cheng Wang; Di Fan; Bo Zhang; Qing Tong; Jun Luo; Yu Lei; Xinyu Zhang; Changsheng Xie
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Spectral image reconstruction through the PCA transform
Author(s): Long Ma; Xuewei Qiu; Yangming Cong
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ISAR imaging based on sparse subbands fusion
Author(s): Gang Li; Biao Tian; Shiyou Xu; Zengping Chen
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A method for reducing the sidelobes in superoscillation imaging
Author(s): Yunchuan Liu; Yingdong Huo; Hanben Niu
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A review of image quality assessment methods with application to computational photography
Author(s): Henri Maître
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Specifics of processing SRS lidar signals in GHz frequency range
Author(s): A. S. Grishkanich; V. V. Elizarov; S. V. Kascheev; A. P. Zhevlakov; I. S. Sidorov
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An approach for hyperspectral image classification utilization spatial-spectral combined kernel SVM
Author(s): Hailei Wang; Bingyun Sun; Yuanmiao Gui; Yanping Chen; Dongbo Zhou; Xuelian Wu
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Research on LASIS interferogram processing
Author(s): Fubei Wang; Jinsong Zhou; Juanjuan Jing; Qiongshui Wu; Wang Cheng
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A novel feature point matching method of remote sensing images
Author(s): Yuanquan Xu; Han Wang; Xubing Zhang; ShaoJun Wang
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Image denoising by principal basis analysis
Author(s): Hong Sun; Cheng-Wei Sang; Cheng-Guang Liu
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Blind estimation of affine transformation using 2D cyclostationarity of resampled images
Author(s): Junhai Ou; Jiangqun Ni
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Weak edge enhancement based on contextual modulation of non-classical receptive field
Author(s): Jie Xiao; Chao Cai
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TS-MRF sonar image segmentation based on the levels feature information
Author(s): Tao Wu; Ping Xia; Xiaomei Liu; Bangjun Lei
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A new method for mobile phone image denoising
Author(s): Lianghai Jin; Min Jin; Xiang Li; Xiangyang Xu
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Genetic algorithm based image binarization approach and its quantitative evaluation via pooling
Author(s): Huijun Hu; Ya Liu; Maofu Liu
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Weighted least-squares algorithm for phase unwrapping based on confidence level in frequency domain
Author(s): Shaohua Wang; Jie Yu; Cankun Yang; Shuai Jiao; Jun Fan; Yanyan Wan
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Classification of PolSAR image based on quotient space theory
Author(s): Zhihui An; Jie Yu; Xiaomeng Liu; Limin Liu; Shuai Jiao; Teng Zhu; Shaohua Wang
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Hardware architecture design of a fast global motion estimation method
Author(s): Chaobing Liang; Hongshi Sang; Xubang Shen
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Hologram production and representation for corrected image
Author(s): Gui Chao Jiao; Rui Zhang; Xue Mei Su
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Hidden refresh scheme for dual-port gain cell eDRAM
Author(s): Wen Wang; Hongshi Sang; Xubang Shen
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The design and implementation of signal decomposition system of CL multi-wavelet transform based on DSP builder
Author(s): Yan Huang; Zhihui Wang
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FPGA design and implementation of Gaussian filter
Author(s): Zhihui Yang; Gang Zhou
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Research based on the SoPC platform of feature-based image registration
Author(s): Yue-dong Shi; Zhi-hui Wang
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High capacity image steganography method based on framelet and compressive sensing
Author(s): Moyan Xiao; Zhibiao He
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Object detection in side scan sonar
Author(s): Wenwu Wang; Binbin Cheng; Yao Chen
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Study on classification of pork quality using hyperspectral imaging technique
Author(s): Shan Zeng; Jun Bai; Haibin Wang
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A content-based digital audio watermarking algorithm
Author(s): Liping Zhang; Yi Zhao; Wen Li Xu
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Evaluation of multiple and multiscale morphological profiles on the classification of hyperspectral image
Author(s): XiaoWang Cao; Wenfei Zhao; Leiguang Wang
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Pixel gray value correction for wide angle view image
Author(s): Xiuhua Zhang; Boqi Liu; Feng Zhou
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The application of residential distribution monitoring based on GF-1 images
Author(s): Yan Cui; Suju Li; Wei Wu; He Huang; Ming Liu
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A quasi-rigorous model based on improved ICP algorithm in the application of auto-calibration of airborne LiDAR system
Author(s): Lelin Li; San Jiang
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Video conference quality assessment based on cooperative sensing of video and audio
Author(s): Junxi Wang; Jialin Chen; Xin Tian; Cheng Zhou; Zheng Zhou; Lu Ye
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A case study on the urban impervious surface distribution based on a BCI index
Author(s): Xiaolin Chen; Genyun Sun; Zhenjie Wang
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Multispectral image filtering method based on image fusion
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Wei Chen
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A robust digital watermarking algorithm based on framelet and SVD
Author(s): Moyan Xiao; Zhibiao He; Tingwei Quan
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Research on temporal features of LEMP based on Laplace wavelet in time and frequency domain
Author(s): Qin Li; Jianwei Zhong; Qing Ai; Shihong Gao
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The fractional energy spectrum integral of the fractional Fourier transform of chirp signal
Author(s): Jiangwei Zou; Jinzhen Wang; Shaoying Su; Zengping Chen
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Ambiguity noise analysis of a SAR system
Author(s): Haishan Tian; Wenge Chang; Xiangyang Li
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Automatic human micro-Doppler signature separation by Hough transform
Author(s): Jun Zhang; Tian Jin; Lei Qiu; Zhimin Zhou
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Efficient simulation for fixed-receiver bistatic SAR with time and frequency synchronization errors
Author(s): Feifei Yan; Wenge Chang; Xiangyang Li
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