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Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning V
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Volume Number: 9782
Date Published: 25 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9782
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Patterning challenges in advanced device architectures: FinFETs to nanowires
Author(s): N. Horiguchi; A. P. Milenin; Z. Tao; H. Hubert; E. Altamirano-Sanchez; A. Veloso; L. Witters; N. Waldron; L.-Å. Ragnarsson; M. S. Kim; Y. Kikuchi; H. Mertens; P. Raghavan; D. Piumi; N. Collaert; K. Barla; A. V.-Y. Thean
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Plasma etch patterning of EUV lithography: balancing roughness and selectivity trade off
Author(s): Vinayak Rastogi; Genevieve Beique; Lei Sun; Hongyun Cottle; Yannick Feurprier; Andrew Metz; Kaushik Kumar; Cathy Labelle; John Arnold; Matthew Colburn; Alok Ranjan
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Plasma etching processes for the integration of InP based compounds on 200mm Si wafer for photonic applications
Author(s): E. Pargon; G. Gay; C. Petit-Etienne; M. Brihoum; M. Bizouerne; P. Burtin; S. Barnola
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Optical metrology for advanced process control: full module metrology solutions
Author(s): Cornel Bozdog; Igor Turovets
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Self-aligned quadruple patterning integration using spacer on spacer pitch splitting at the resist level for sub-32nm pitch applications
Author(s): Angélique Raley; Sophie Thibaut; Nihar Mohanty; Kal Subhadeep; Satoru Nakamura; Akiteru Ko; David O'Meara; Kandabara Tapily; Steve Consiglio; Peter Biolsi
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PMMA removal selectivity to PS using dry etch approach: sub-10nm patterning application
Author(s): A. Sarrazin; N. Posseme; P. Pimenta Barros; S. Barnola; G. Claveau; A. Gharbi; M. Argoud; G. Chamiot-Maitral; R. Tiron; C. Nicolet; C. Navarro; C. Cardinaud
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Evaluation of ALE processes for patterning
Author(s): J. M. Papalia; N. Marchack; R. L. Bruce; H. Miyazoe; S. U. Engelmann; E. A. Joseph
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Edge roughness characterization of advanced patterning processes using power spectral density analysis (PSD)
Author(s): Shimon Levi; Ishai Schwarzband; Roman Kris; Ofer Adan; Elly Shi; Ying Zhang; Kevin Zhou
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Atomic precision etch using a low-electron temperature plasma
Author(s): L. Dorf; J.-C. Wang; S. Rauf; Y. Zhang; A. Agarwal; J. Kenney; K. Ramaswamy; K. Collins
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Interactions between plasma and block copolymers used in directed self-assembly patterning
Author(s): Stephen Sirard; Laurent Azarnouche; Emir Gurer; William Durand; Michael Maher; Kazunori Mori; Gregory Blachut; Dustin Janes; Yusuke Asano; Yasunobu Someya; Diane Hymes; David Graves; Christopher J. Ellison; C. Grant Willson
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450mm etch process development and process chamber evaluation using 193i DSA guided pattern
Author(s): Wenli Collison; Yii-Cheng Lin; Shannon Dunn; Hiroaki Takikawa; James Paris; Lucy Chen; Troy Detrick; Jun Belen; George Stojakovic; Michael Goss; Norman Fish; Minjoon Park; Chih-Ming Sun; Mark Kelling; Pinyen Lin
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Predicting LER and LWR in SAQP with 3D virtual fabrication
Author(s): Jiangjiang (Jimmy) Gu; Dalong Zhao; Vasanth Allampalli; Daniel Faken; Ken Greiner; David M. Fried
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Etch proximity correction through machine-learning-driven etch bias model
Author(s): Seongbo Shim; Youngsoo Shin
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Reactive ion etching challenges for half-pitch sub-10-nm line-and-space pattern fabrication using directed self-assembly lithography
Author(s): Yusuke Kasahara; Yuriko Seino; Hironobu Sato; Hitoshi Kubota; Hideki Kanai; Naoko Kihara; Shinya Minegishi; Ken Miyagi; Toshikatsu Tobana; Masayuki Shiraishi; Katsutoshi Kobayashi; Katsuyoshi Kodera; Hitoshi Yamano; Yoshiaki Kawamonzen; Tsukasa Azuma
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LER improvement for sub-32nm pitch self-aligned quadruple patterning (SAQP) at back end of line (BEOL)
Author(s): Nihar Mohanty; Richard Farrell; Cheryl Periera; Kal Subhadeep; Elliott Franke; Jeffrey Smith; Akiteru Ko; Anton DeVilliers; Peter Biolsi; Lei Sun; Genevieve Beique; Erik Hosler; Erik Verdujn; Wenhui Wang; Cathy Labelle; Ryoung-han Kim
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