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Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies XI
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Volume Number: 9769
Date Published: 29 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9769
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fast and ultrafast all-optical control of light in nematic and smectic-A liquid crystals
Author(s): Igor Muševič; Maruša Vitek; Laura Cattaneo; Matteo Savoini; Alexey Kimel; Theo Rasing
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Plasmonic color tuning
Author(s): Byoungho Lee; Hansik Yun; Seung-Yeol Lee; Hwi Kim
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Calculation of confocal microscope images of cholesteric blue phases
Author(s): Jun-ichi Fukuda; Yasushi Okumura; Hirotsugu Kikuchi
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Photonic crystals, light manipulation, and imaging in complex nematic structures
Author(s): Miha Ravnik; Mitja Štimulak; Urban Mur; Miha Čančula; Simon Čopar; Slobodan Žumer
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Nematic liquid crystals used to control photo-thermal effects in gold nanoparticles
Author(s): Luigia Pezzi; Luciano De Sio; Giovanna Palermo; Alessandro Veltri; Tiziana Placido; Maria Lucia Curri; Nelson Tabiryan; Cesare Umeton
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Nanoscale imaging of defects in layered liquid crystals
Author(s): C. Zhang; O. D. Lavrentovich; A. Jákli
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LC-lens array with light field algorithm for 3D biomedical applications
Author(s): Yi-Pai Huang; Po-Yuan Hsieh; Amir Hassanfiroozi; Manuel Martinez; Bahram Javidi; Chao-Yu Chu; Yun Hsuan; Wen-Chun Chu
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Photoaligning and photopatterning technology: applications in displays and photonics
Author(s): Vladimir Chigrinov
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New architectures of liquid-crystal-based lenticular lenses in index matching approach for display applications
Author(s): Sin-Doo Lee; Jiyoon Kim; Hyungjin Kim; Se-Um Kim; Chiwoo Kim; Chiwoo Kim
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Liquid crystal devices with continuous phase variation based on high-permittivity thin films
Author(s): Oliver Willekens; Kristiaan Neyts; Jeroen Beeckman
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Nanotube networks in liquid crystals
Author(s): Martin Urbanski; Jan Peter Felix Lagerwall; Giusy Scalia
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Solvent effect on columnar formation in solar-cell geometry
Author(s): J. H. Park; L. Sosa-Vargas; Y. Takanishi; K. H. Kim; Y. S. Kim; Y. W. Park; J. Yamamoto; M. Labardi; J. P. F. Lagerwall; Y. Shimizu; G. Scalia
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Transmission polarized optical microscopy of short-pitch cholesteric liquid crystal shells
Author(s): Yong Geng; JungHyun Noh; Jan P. F. Lagerwall
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Liquid crystal light shutters for simultaneous control of haze and transmittance
Author(s): Tae-Hoon Yoon; Joon Heo; Byeong-Hun Yu; Jae-Won Huh
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Liquid crystal alignment on ZnO nanostructure films
Author(s): Yueh-Feng Chung; Mu-Zhe Chen; Sheng-Hsiung Yang; Shie-Chang Jeng
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Hot pen and laser writable photonic polymer films
Author(s): Monali Moirangthem; Jelle E. Stumpel; Baran Alp; Pit Teunissen; Cees W. M. Bastiaansen; Albertus P. H. J. Schenning
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Continuous phase modulation in polymer-stabilized liquid crystals
Author(s): A. Lorenz; L. Braun; V. Kolosova; R. Hyman; T. D. Wilkinson
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Bistable light shutter using dye-doped liquid crystals for a see-through display
Author(s): Jae-Won Huh; Joon Heo; Byeong-Huh Yu; Tae-Hoon Yoon
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Observation of thermally induced movement of a beam deflected by a liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): Santanu Konwar; Bosanta R. Boruah
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Numerical modeling of polarization gratings by rigorous coupled wave analysis
Author(s): Xiao Xiang; Michael J. Escuti
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Dielectrophoretic manipulation of nematic and isotropic droplets
Author(s): Bomi Lee; Jang-Kun Song
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Narrow band pass filter using birefringence film and quarter-wave film
Author(s): Dong-kun Lee; Jang-Kun Song
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